EC5 vs XT90: Which is the Better Connector? [Explained]

You’ve come across various LiPo battery connectors for your RC build. At last, depending on its features you’ve come down to two: EC5 or XT90. But you’re not sure which one to buy!

So, which one is the better one, EC5 vs XT90?

Both battery connectors are well built for their jobs. But comparatively the EC5 is compatible and durable. On the other hand, the XT90 is on the larger and cumbersome side. EC5 is safer because of its fireproof plastic build compared to the nylon shroud in XT90. Moreover, because the EC5 is slim and fit, you can use it in tiny spaces.

That’s just some rundowns of the major features. We’ve got a detailed comparison between these two in the segment down below. Let’s check it out!

What Do You Need to Consider First before Selecting Connectors?

Before selecting which connector you’ll use, there are some things you need to consider. Let’s discuss them below.

What Type of RC Vehicle are You Running?

You need to consider your RC vehicle and connectors’ limitations. Moreover, you’ll need to look at the battery size, capacity, and maximum value of their continuous amp. Because these connectors cannot flow more than their limits. Thus you’ll need to use them on the appropriate sized and powered RC vehicle.

What Type of Battery Module Do You Have?

Battery modules have an impact on what type of connectors you can use. Different types of batteries need different types of connectors. Based on the voltage, size, and battery kind, the selection of your connectors is dependent. So, you’ll need to check the specifications and use a battery module that’s compatible.

Quick Comparison

Before diving into the detailed comparison, let’s go through the features and specifications. We’ve given a quick comparison between EC5 and XT90 below:

Dimensions9.5×19.6×33.4 mm1x1x1 inches
MaterialBrass and fireproof plastic insulationGold plated and Nylon insulation 
Capable Continuous Amps100A90A+
Price rangeModerately pricedCheaper comparatively

Now that we have a slight idea about the two connectors, let’s start our detailed comparison.

What’s the Core Difference Between EC5 and XT90?

The EC5 and XT90 are very good quality battery connectors. However, both of these have their advantages and shortcomings. But as these products are battery connectors, there might be a question luring with it. Are EC5 and XT90 the same?

Well, the short answer would be, no. The EC5 is a slim-designed battery connector. It can hold up a continuous load of up to 120A. Whereas the XT90 is a larger connector that can hold up 90A+ continuous load.  

Apart from design and size differences, both of them serve the same purpose. That is, keeping the flow of electricity through the batteries.

Let’s get into the detailed comparison between these two battery connector products.

Build Quality

Any product has to be judged by its build quality. Letting you know what kind of performance and durability can be expected from the product. 


The EC5 is a slim compact 5mm battery connector that is designed well. This is meant to be the longer version of the EC3 connectors. It’s made with brass couplings and insulated with fireproof plastic covers. The larger area of these connectors lets the connection have a better point of contact. 

The EC5 charge lead is the standard 30 cm long. This gives them versatility in installation. Give you the wire length to connect all your motors to the control box directly. As well as the leeway to design your RC cars without any connection restrictions. 

In addition, the EC5 amp rating is quite good. So, how many amps can an EC5 handle?

The EC5 has an amp rating of 120A. That means, it can handle a continuous load of 120A current. This is a very good spec for a ¼ scale RC model. As it gives you more power and wattage to run.  


The XT90 is also a larger and better version of another battery connector model, the XT60. Its design is based on the XT60 connector. A larger-sized connector has a very good build quality. It’s made out of gold-plated metal connectors with a simple nylon casing for protection.

So, what size are the XT90 connectors?

XT90 is a very good 5mm size battery connector. Also with a standard 30 cm charge lead. Hence it’s a very capable connector with a slight size issue. But it works really well.

Now, how many amps can an XT90 handle?

The XT90 can handle a continuous charge of 90A due to the charge rate being 90A. But nowadays, it can also achieve 90A+ continuous power delivery. This is due to the efficient design and materials being used. That makes it a better product than its previous iteration. 

Connector Compatibility

The connectors have to be compatible with other types of connectors. Ensuring a smooth connection and build. Let’s see how these two products are incompatible.


The EC5 connectors have vast compatibility. It’s versatile to connect with many types of connectors through different adapters or changers. IC series, XT series connectors can be connected to EC5. Even other EC connectors are compatible with it. It’s also backward compatible.

So, will EC3 plug into EC5?

Yes, EC3 can be plugged into EC5. They are compatible as they come from the same series. Using a male converter, you can easily connect the EC3 point to the EC5 connector.


The XT90 can be versatile and compatible with various types of connectors. Using an adapter, the XT90 can be connected with other types of battery connectors. IC and EC series connectors are compatible. As well, backward compatibility can be done with the XT90.

Are EC5 and XT90 compatible?

Yes, the EC5 and XT90 are compatible with one another. Using the XT90 male to EC5 female connecting adapter, both of them can be connected. This can maximize the efficiency of the connection layout. As well as, lets you have a cost-effective build. 

Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicular compatibility is something very important for these products to work on. As both connectors are used in RC builds, it’s better if they work on different models.


EC5 connectors are some of the most versatile battery connectors in the market. LiPo battery RC vehicles are more popular. Due to that, EC5 is used in almost every vehicle that’s run by a LiPo battery. So, you can even charge a sky rider drone with this

You can use an EC5 series connector to connect many electrical connections to the battery. Along with its excellent shielding capabilities, it’s safe and reliable to use. 


The XT90 is a bulkier LiPo battery connector. It’s compatible with various types of vehicles, like, buggies, truggies, and more. But there’s always a size issue. The XT90 takes up a good amount of internal space compared to other connectors.

The XT90 can be used with adapters and series connectors to maximize the space used. Having a better ergonomic package in the RC vehicle. But, as it has inadequate shielding capability, use a shrink cover to protect the connectors.

Soldering Capability

Soldering the connectors ensures a permanent electrical connection within the RC vehicle. Let’s get into the details about soldering these products.


Soldering the EC5 connector is a little intricate process. As the size of this connector is small. It has a plastic material as shielding, soldering the connectors needs a steady hand in the work. 

Just keep a careful eye on the plastic covers and connect the points at a 90-degree angle. Then, using a solder machine and some fluxed solder, connect both points. This process should be done within a few minutes. 

But you have to be cautious about not melting the plastic shroud. As well as, not joining the connectors at a bent angle. That’ll ruin the connection. Moreover, to avoid soldering mistakes you should follow some tips


XT90 is easier to solder on. Since it’s a larger size connector and shrouded with nylon material, it’s safer to solder. The connector can be soldered with ease. Usually, the XT90 female connector is soldered onto the wires or connectors.

Using the soldering tool and some flux, connect the female connector. But as the soldering process goes, you’ll have to be careful nonetheless while working on it. The connection has to be perpendicular. Otherwise, the connectors won’t work properly at all. 

Using a good quality solder machine is imperative to have a good solder between connections. Here are some solder kits we would recommend you to buy:

You can use these solder machines to good use. They are reliable and of good quality.

Versatile Adapter

Having the proper adapters lets you connect different models of connectors together. This makes an RC build far economical and less wasteful. Let’s see how both of these connectors bode to.


EC5 adapters are versatile and used in various types of connections. The connector is compatible with almost all types of series connectors. There are many adapters capable of working and ensuring your RC vehicle runs smoothly. From the EC5 to XT90 adapter, you can use anyone!


XT90 battery connectors have versatile adapters as well. The range of the compatibility of this connector lets it be used with ease. As well as it can be used as a charging point, like an EC5 charger.

The XT90 connector adapters have ranged from IC, EC, and previous XT series. The XT90 to EC5 adapter is mostly used due to its popularity in RC vehicles.


The price of these connectors is the final and important criterion. This lets you decide whether the cost is reasonable enough to buy the connectors. Let’s head into the comparison.


The EC5 is a bit costly in terms of a battery connector. They’re sold for around $9-$10 dollars each. But its superior design, function, and safe build make it the most reliable and efficient connector. 

Moreover, the EC5 also can be bought with all types of adapters and connectors included. This also makes the price vary from packages to packages.


The XT90 on the other hand is cheaper to buy. They cost around $5-$6 dollars apiece. The simple and large design of this connector makes it cheaper to manufacture. That’s why it’s less costly. Also, the shroud used on the XT90 is less intricate. 

XT90 also comes with individual connectors or with all the adapters included. It’s varied between brands, packages. That also fluctuates the pricing too.

So, Which One is Better?

Within the deep comparison, from a pricing standpoint, the XT90 is cheaper than the EC5. But the advantages and durability of the EC5 offer value for money.

So, are EC5 connectors good? 

Yes! It’s a no-brainer that the EC5 battery connector is the best one between the two. It’s because the EC5 is ergonomically better and built with superior materials. Thus making it a reliable product to use. 

Whereas the XT90 has a cumbersome large design that creates a spacing issue on your vehicle. Also, its shrouding is less durable. You need to use extra shrouding to protect the connectors. Which brings the cost up.

And that’s all there is to compare between EC5 and XT90 connectors.


Is XT90 compatible with EC5?

Yes. XT90 is compatible with the EC5. The connectors can be used together by attaching them with an adapter. That makes it easy and less hassle to connect the RC models.

What is an XT90 plug?

The XT90 plug is the female joint of the XT90 connector. It lets the connector join and creates an electrical connection. It’s called a plug because it works like one.

Is IC5 the same as EC5?

No. IC5 and EC5 aren’t the same. They are separate types of connector joints. But IC5 and EC5 are compatible with each other.


That’s everything between the comparison of EC5 vs XT90. A pro tip would be to use both of the connectors within a build. EC5 is to be used on the batteries and motor connections. While the XT90 in other minor connections. So you can decide based on this. 

Have a great day!