Sidewinder 8th vs Mamba Monster 2: The Battle of ESC

Getting the wrong ESC can be disastrous since RC vehicles and models are reliant on this. This device controls the energy, speed, control, and safety of any RC vehicle. Thus choosing the right one for your RC is a crucial decision. 

So, which one is the better product, sidewinder 8th vs mamba monster 2?

Firstly, the sidewinder is waterproof while the mamba monster is water-resistant. However, weightwise, the mamba monster is 4lbs heavier than the sidewinder. Both of these ESCs have built-in cooling fans and programmability features. But the mamba monster has a lower operating voltage. 

Intrigued to know more about the differences in their features in detail? Let’s jump in then!

What is Sidewinder 8th ESC?

Sidewinder 8th is a 1:8 scale ESC combo from Castle Creations. It’s the perfect product for your 1:8 scale buggies, truggies, and on-road vehicles. 


  • Uses ready-to-run 2s-6s LiPo (25.2V) battery
  • Sensorless motor operation
  • Waterproof designed ESC 
  • 30MM splash resistant fan
  • 5.5 volts fixed, 8 amps peak powerful BEC
  • LED error codes for error conditions
  • Smooth sensorless startups
  • Convenient transmitter programming
  • 11lbs weight limit

What is Mamba Monster 2 ESC?

The mamba monster 2 is another 1.8 scale ESC manufactured by Castle Creations. Its powerful motor lets buggies, truggies, and any road vehicles trek through precarious terrains.


  • Runs on 6S LiPo batteries
  • 15lbs weight limit
  • Runs nearly in any environment thanks to its waterproof design
  • With the Castle Link PC programming software, profiles can be customized using the software 
  • Solder posts allow battery wire length and direction to be easily changed
  • Non-sensored

Head ro Head: Sidewinder 8th vs Mamba Monster 2

Well, we’ve viewed some of their features. So now let’s have a head to head comparison between the two ESCs:

FactorsSidewinder 8th ESCMamba Monster 2 ESC
Weight Limit11 lbs.15 lbs.
Operating Voltage7.4-25.2V5-7V
Weather ProtectionWaterproof designWater-resistant design
CoolingBuilt-in cooling fan Built-in cooling fan

That was all from the comparison section, let’s explore these in detail now.

Difference 1: The Programmability Comparison

Programmability is an important function when deciding between ESCs. As it lets us understand and know how to use them for our intended use. 

The Programmability of Sidewinder 8th ESC 

The sidewinder 8th has good programmability features. It lets you design custom profiles for vehicles and adjust the common functions. The software is PC compatible and can be found for both Windows and Mac. 

Using a USB adapter or a Bluetooth connector, you can easily plugin. Then you can adjust the calibration and power delivery for your vehicle.

The Programmability of Mamba Monster 2 ESC

Mamba Monster 2 has features and program options for various uses and movements. Like, it has vehicular function adaptability for different vehicles. Moreover, this ESC has better ergonomics and adjusting capabilities. 

You can use Windows or Mac software to set your ESC inputs to deliver the exact power. As well as, you can put a limiter on energy consumption for different uses. This will make it energy efficient. Moreover, it also has LED lights to indicate its performing conditions.

Which ESC has More Programmability

The mamba monster 2 has more of an edge over the Sidewinder. This is because it comparatively has better features. Moreover, as both the ESCs are sensorless, you should know if you can use these with sensored motors

Difference 2: The Weight Limit Comparison

Now, we should compare the load these two ESCs can carry. This will give us an idea of the ESC’s weight limit. 

Weight Limit of Sidewinder 8th ESC 

The sidewinder 8th ESC with the battery has a combined weight limit of 11lbs. With its 2s-6s LiPo battery, it can run easily for about 45 minutes. However, the capacity can vary if you’re using a smaller battery. 

Weight Limit of Mamba Monster 2 ESC

The mamba monster 2 has a little more weight than the sidewinder. With the 6s LiPo battery, it can carry over 15 lbs. Depending on the battery size, it can carry more or less weight. But with this model, the powerful motor lets you run heavier vehicles.

Which ESC has More Weight Limit?

The comparison indicates mamba monster 2 is better in terms of the weight limit. It makes this a better ESC for large and heavier RC vehicle use. But the sidewinder still has a weight limit that is extraordinary for a 1:8 scale ESC.  

Difference 3: Operating Voltage and Range

ESCs have a certain range of operating voltage. This range lets you use power better and efficiently. This also ensures equal power distribution across the vehicles’ motors.

However, to get the best potential of the higher voltage, you need to setup your esc to run higher voltage

Operating Voltage Of Sidewinder 8th ESC 

The sidewinder 8th has an input voltage range of 7.4V to 25.2V. This voltage range lets the ESC use the right amount of power for any condition. Also, its BEC has a continuous current of 4.5A. Thus giving it a better leeway to maximize the power distribution.

Operating Voltage of Mamba Monster 2 ESC

The mamba monster 2 has a selectable operating voltage range of 5V-7V. Here the default settings let the voltage be constant at 5.5V. 

As the powerful ESC has a limited range, its BEC is adjustable too. Moreover., its selectable option lets you choose the voltage of the ESC to run efficiently.

Which ESC has More Flexible Voltage Input?

In terms of a wider range of flexibility, the sidewinder takes the trophy. It’s got a huge window of voltage option to run. The mamba monster 2 has a range but it’s limited.

A good quality battery on the ESC is necessary to have the optimum operating voltage. Here are some great batteries available on the market:

You can try these on your ESCs and see the difference!

Difference 4: Protection against Weather

No ESC is good to work with unless it’s protected from the weather. Sometimes, the bad weather plays a role in connections. And ultimately, this results in beeping problems of the ESC

Long story short,  this is an important factor that might help you decide between these!

Weather Protection of Sidewinder 8th ESC

The sidewinder 8th has a better weather protection build. All the components used in this ESC are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. This includes the main body, the cooling fans, etc. Therefore you can use this in rough climates and in any terrain,

Weather Protection of Mamba Monster 2 ESC

The mamba monster 2 is made to be water-resistant. Even though it’s advertised as waterproof, it’s sadly not. The ESC and cooling fan aren’t built to be waterproof. It’s also not corrosion resistant. Thus your ESC might break if used in rough climates.

Which ESC is More Protected from Weather?

The sidewinder 8th has better protection from the weather as it’s waterproof. It also is dustproof and corrosion-resistant. On the other hand, the mamba monster 2 is only water-resistant. 

Difference 5: Price Point

After you see all the amazing programs and features, it comes down to the price. So, let’s see which one gives you the best value for your money.

How Much Does the Sidewinder 8th Cost?

The sidewinder 8th costs around $110 to $180. The variation is due to the location and features such as the color of your product. This makes it a very good bargain as it’s waterproof, and has more programmable features.

How Much Does the Mamba Monster 2 Cost?

Mamba monster 2 is priced at around $150 for the ESC only. But the total price along with the motor combo can increase the price to $250. However, the price may vary from time to time due to supply issues.

Which ESC is Better Value for Money?

In the context of value for money, all the arrows face towards the sidewinder 8th. Given the features, it puts up a great fight thus having the upper hand over the mamba monster.

Sidewinder 8th vs Mamba Monster: Which is for Whom?

After comparing the two products, we see that these are great in their own territories. However, it’s a personal preference on which one you should buy. So, let’s see what criteria your preference fits in. 

Go for Sidewinder 8th ESC if- 

  • You’re on a budget
  • You want to have the basic functions with some added features
  • You need a robust waterproof and dustproof device
  • You’re using RC vehicles for the first time or as a part-time hobby

Go for Mamba Monster ESC if- 

  • You require better performance
  • You need a better weight distribution 
  • You’re an RC enthusiast
  • You want unique RC models

These are basically the factors and features you need to consider before choosing your ESC. In the end, both are great products. So, you can choose either one!


Is mamba monster 2 sensored?

No, the mamba monster 2 is a sensorless ESC. It isn’t sensored at all. Nonetheless, it’s one of the powerful sensorless ESCs on the market. Plus it’s capable of 2S to 6s LiPo operation. 

Is Sidewinder 8th ESC sensored?

No. The Sidewinder 8th ESC isn’t sensored. Rather it has a sensorless motor operation. This lets it be more reliable and easier to use. Moreover, you’ll have better control of it in precarious situations.

How to calibrate mamba monster 2 ESC?

To calibrate your ESC, you’ll need to take it out of your RC vehicle. Then, plug it into a PC with a USB adapter or Bluetooth connector. After that, using the software, calibrate your ESC. 

Final Words

That’s our comparison and verdict about sidewinder 8th vs mamba monster 2. Here’s a quick tip for you! Wherever you go to buy, ask your dealer’s input and share your preference as well. In this way, you can be more sure about your decision. 

Have a great adventure!