Traxxas GTR Shocks vs Big Bore: Which One Should You Get?

Both Traxxas GTR and Traxxas Big Bores are famous shocks and recommended by many people. However, they aren’t without pluses and minuses. That’s why anyone can easily get confused while trying to choose between them! 

So, which one is better for you: Traxxas GTR shocks vs Big Bore

Traxxas GTR shocks are a lot thicker than Big Bore. But they are usually more expensive but offer great tunability. On the contrary, Traxxas Big Bore is cheaper and super durable. Also, unlike GTR shocks, Traxxas Big Bore comes with progressive springs.

However, this was only a short preview of the entire comparison. Read along and you may find the information you’re looking for!

Traxxas GTR Shocks Vs Big Bore: Quick Difference

Knowing key differences makes the comparison easier to understand. You can easily spot the advantages and disadvantages this way. 

That’s why we’ve listed Traxxas GTR shock specs with Big Bore’s spec side by side. 

Let’s take a look at the chart below – 

AspectsTraxxas GTRTraxxas Big Bore
Length3.54 inches6.63 inches
Width0.54 inches1.38 inches
Height4.16 inches8.13 inches
BodyAnodized AluminumHard-anodized Aluminum
Weight7.2 oz5.6 oz
Shock Oil Weight 30W30W
Shock Springs LinearProgressive
Shock TunabilityMoreLess

Now that you’ve got a sneak peek, which one do you like more? 

Traxxas GTR Shocks vs Big Bore: Head To Head Comparison

If you haven’t decided yet, that’s totally fine. It’ll be easier to decide once we head into a detailed comparison.

Let’s take a look at some of these features below – 

Shock Dimension

A crawler’s suspension is mostly dependent on its shocks. So, a shock’s dimension and weight significantly affect a vehicle’s stability. 

Shorter shock absorbers are inefficient and will destabilize the vehicle in extreme bumpy areas. Also, shock width offers more stability.

Lastly, shock height balances stability while providing more ground clearance. 

Usually, a Traxxas GTR shock length is around 3.54 inches. It also has a width and height of 0.54 and 4.16 inches respectively. However, a Traxxas GTR long shock length is 5.8 inches. 

On the other hand, how long are Traxxas big bore shocks?

Traxxas Big Bore shocks length is roughly 6.63 inches. It’s also much wider and has a width of 1.38 inches. On top of that, Big Bore shocks have a height of 8.13 inches which provides excellent ground clearance.  

So, Traxxas Big Bore is a clear winner here. Also, you can stiffen or soften shocks to adjust the suspension

Shock Body 

The shock body determines how many bumps it can absorb without getting bent. The sturdier a shock body is, the longer it’s going to last! 

By now you’ve seen it already; Traxxas GTR shock body is made of anodized aluminum. Standard anodization is sturdy enough but not as sturdy as hard anodization. 

It’s still a great option for bashing, though. 

But with Traxxas Slash Big Bore shocks, you can get the hard-anodized aluminum and reap its benefits. This will absorb the worst of the bumps and keep your basher safe and sound. 

So, body-wise, Big Bore has a lead against Traxxas GTR. 

Shock Springs 

A shock spring allows the vehicle to stay undisturbed in bumpy areas. A high sprung shock spring offers a better ride and balance. Shock springs usually have two spring rates. 

So, what are the Traxxas GTR shocks spring rates?

In most cases, Traxxas GTR front shock springs are linear springs. Its spring rate is consistent and will always provide the same compression in every area. 

On the contrary, Traxxas Big Bore comes with progressive springs. Its spring rate constantly changes based on bumps offering smoother rides in the process. 

But at the end of the day, you won’t feel that much difference between the two. But progressive springs are objectively better. 

Speaking of springs, here are some of our top picks –

This will save you time and will help you get started! 

Shock springs must be applied with shock oils in all situations. It increases dampening and reduces the wearing. 

Simply put, proper RC shock oil weight can lengthen your shock’s lifespan! 


Although Traxxas Big Bore has better features at stock options, it’s not good for tuning. That’s where GTR shocks come in! 

Traxxas GTR shock tuning lets you tune your crawler for terrains or tracks. This can be super fun if you’re into modding. 

On top of that, a GTR shock will perform better than Traxxas Big Bore if tuned properly! 

So, if you’re into tuning, Traxxas GTR is the way to go!

Price and Maintenance Cost 

When upgrading shocks or just getting new ones, pricing can be a deciding factor.

Surprisingly, Traxxas Big Bore is much cheaper than a Traxxas GTR. This is great especially if you’re new to bashing.

On the other hand, Traxxas GTR has versatility and can be tuned. If you’re into tuning and more modding, you may want to spend some extra dollars. 

Traxxas GTR Shocks vs Big Bore: What we Think

So, have these factors helped you decide? If you still haven’t, that’s fine! 

As you can see, Traxxas GTR may be slightly worse than Big Bore. However, it can be upgraded or tuned to endure rougher situations. 

So, a tuned Traxxas GTR will perform better than a stock Traxxas Big Bore.

However, in case you might be asking yourself, are Traxxas Big Bore shocks worth it?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Traxxas Big Bore is a great starting option if you’re new to bashing. So, if you have no plans to tune your shocks, then just get the Traxxas Big Bore. Also, it’s way cheaper than Traxxas GTR shocks! 

It’ll satisfy all your needs and provide you with a good bashing experience! 


What weight oil comes with Traxxas GTR shocks?

All Traxxas shocks come with 30 weight or SAE-30 oil. However, 40 or 50 weight oil can be used if you’re gonna do hardcore bashing! 

How do you make shocks stiffer?

Using thicker oil can make shocks stiffer. Also, using shocks filled with gas can reduce the stiffer as well. 

Will new shocks make the ride smoother?

Technically yes. Your car will be more stable when accelerating or decelerating. On top of that, you’ll realize that your car is turning corners like it’s brand new! 


And that ends our discussion on Traxxas GTR shocks vs Big Bore. Hopefully, you have a better idea of both of these shocks. 

So, have you decided which shocks you’re getting? Use the comment box below and share your reasoning! 

Finally, good luck!