Arrma Talion vs Kraton: Which One Would be Total Fun?

From the Traxxas to the Redcat, monster trucks have been a part of the hobby industry for….forever!

So, we understand how important it is for you to make the perfect choice for a thrilling adventure.

However, in reality, the selection process can be quite confusing.

So, which one would you select between Arrma Talion vs. Kraton?

First of all, Arrma Talion and Kraton aren’t the same. Although they use the same chassis, their structures are quite different. Talion is considered a speed monster truck. On the other hand, Kraton is a basher monster truck. That’s why Kraton comes with wider and heavier tires than Talion.

We know this won’t be enough for you to clear your doubts. So let’s get into the whole issue.

Quick Comparison 

Well, with all the new upgrades, gadgets and vehicles keep changing themselves for better user performance. So, you’ll notice some major differences in the components among different models. Just like you see when you compare fatshark recon V3 and eachine EV8000D.

Hence, we’ve illustrated this quick comparison between these two Arrma RC models: Talion and Kraton.

Let’s have a look-

Features TalionKratonRating
ESCUpdated Firma 150 ESCUpdated Firma 150 ESCTalion: 8.5/10
Kraton: 8.5/10
Servo25 tooth servo23 tooth servoTalion: 9/10
ControllerOlder STX2 ControllerSLT3 controllerTalion: 8/10
Kraton: 9/10
Max Pinion 20 teeth15 teethTalion: 9/10
Kraton: 8/10
Vehicle TypeSpeed monster truck Basher monster truckTalion: 9/10
Kraton: 8/10
WeightAround 9 IbsAround 11 IbsTalion: 9/10
Kraton: 7/10
DurabilityGood in all conditionLess in on-track conditionTalion: 8/10
Kraton: 7/10

So this was a quick glimpse for you. Have you made a choice already? 

If not then no worries! We’ll get into the in-depth discussion now for your better understanding. Stay with us!

Are the Arrma Kraton and Talion the Same?

Well, no! The Kraton is a Basher monster truck. On the other hand, the Talion is a speed monster truck

That’s why you’ll notice the Talion carries smaller tires and it’s nearer to the surface. Therefore, it’ll run better on highways and packed mud but lags a bit on playgrounds and loose mud.

Conversely, the 1/5th Kraton is simply amazing in the grass. Also, the stock tires provide incredible grip. They provide reasonable friction on different types of grounds and don’t seem to outwear too fast.

Speaking of tires, here are some good quality tire recommendations for you.

Hope this list will help you run your monster truck without any tire hassle.

However, you’ll find more differences in the core, the stock pinion gear, rear spoiler, dog bones, etc. Nonetheless, Kraton and Talion share a similar case.

Now, we got an idea that they’re actually not the same. So let’s move to the next section to discover the differences thoroughly.

How is the Build Quality?

Most of the Arrma Talion review says that the tires are pretty well glued and the wheel nuts appear fixed as well. Besides, a lot of users found the shocks sturdy. Even the gear mesh is bang on.

Moreover, in the 2018 edition of the Talion BLX Truggy, the BLX power system is surely no joke. Besides, the low-end power is sufficient and the mid-range power is substantial. Also, it pulls hard on the full end. 

However, with the sensorless motor, it sometimes shows reluctance from a dead stop. Contrarily, its powerband is reasonably steady. 

So, if you want massive brushless power, the Talion will surely be a thrilling experience. Although usually brushless motors aren’t waterproof, Arrma seems to come up with waterproof aluminum-finned engines.

Now, if you look at a Kraton 6S BLX 4WD, it also comes with a brushless power system. Its hefty aluminum and steel case and transmission units carry it all at its pace.

Here comes a surprise! The primed package currently contains a 3-channel Spektrum SLT3 radio and Spektrum SR315 dual-protocol receiver. These are excellent for long periods of exhaustion-free bashing. 

Also, the transmitter’s ergonomic layout plays up a foam steering wheel. It’s very beneficial for reliable fingertip grip and exceptional hand grasp and trigger control.

Winner: Oh, it’s a tie for us! It seems both of the models come with quite a good build quality.

How Fast is it?

Now comes the Kraton 4X4 4S BLX – tinier but quite compelling. It can provide around 50+ mph speed. If you’re thinking to step up from brushed power or simply like a modern Arrma adventure, uncover the Kraton! 

Let me break it more-

The Kraton 4X4 4S BLX is undefeatable on race trails and sludgy routes. Why? 

Because its 2400Kv brushless motor is fitted to an ESC with double EC5 connectors. Therefore, it can use two 2S LiPo batteries. So, it’s up to you now whether you’re using 3000mah or 5000mah batteries

Also, the Kraton 6S BLX 4WD bangs over mud and lawn. Because it comes with flexible oil-compressed shocks that sponge the bumps in all conditions. 

Moreover, you’ll find the shocks are boarded on black-anodized aluminum shafts. Besides, the multi-split-spoke wheels come decked with dBoots copperhead 2 tires. 

Therefore, a massive low-force wing helps maintain the truck balanced. 

In short, all the things in the configuration offer reliable power. Also, a responsive approach at high speeds for off-road performance. But unfortunately, Kraton lags in tracks.

However, Talion on the other hand is faster and has a favorable on-road feat than Kraton. If you specifically noticed the Arrama talion 6s blx Truggy, they run well both on-track and off-track. 

Because it carries a high-power engine that can go at a high pace, e.g. 70+mph. Furthermore, it included waterproof circuits. As a result, it’s really fun to run this Talion model on damp roads or dirt.

Hold on! It doesn’t end here. 

This updated model has a case that renders the configuration for high momentum with durability. Plus, a lot of space for rolling wrenches.

Winner: The Talion model, for both on-road and off-road speed advantage.

Are the Talion and Kraton Compatible?

You see, the more you’ll be able to use parts of one model on another, the more it’ll be useful and efficient for you. 

So, can you run the Kraton 8s on 6s?

Yes, you can run the Kraton 8s on 6s. Actually, it runs just fine on 6s and handles better being lighter. Even it’s not too sloppy on 6s. For better performance, you can turn on the pike settings to level five. 

Also, some compatible parts that you can use for your Kraton models are: 

On the other hand, you can also run your Talion 8s on 6s. It’ll be just fine!  

However, the only downside is, the truck gets overheated on 6s because of different motor kV. Also, it does less back flicking because of the same reason.

Nonetheless, the Talion comes with 25 tooth servo, whereas the Kraton comes with 23 tooth servo. That’s why the Talion is more resistant in different conditions than Kraton. 

Also, it’s easier to swap the servo in Talion because it’s pretty common.

Since we’re talking about servos, we’ve got some news for you!

You can use your 5 wire servo changing to 3 wire servo. How?

Well, in this case, you’ll just need to take out the controller broad from the 3 wire servo. Then attach it to the 5 wire servo. And it’s done!

Furthermore, the Talion 6s blx truggy comes with more compatible accessories. Such as- 

Winner: Talion for having more basic compatible parts than Kraton.

How Durable is it?

In the case of Kraton, bashing is straight up a “shot” even through dirt and hail! All the appreciation goes to Arrma for developing waterproof components. But we would suggest you clean the motor after every use.

Furthermore, Arrma uses a tough anodized aluminum case as the footing. Because for stability it’s required to subsidize strong brushless performance.

You’ll also find the original aluminum core shaft in the Kraton. Besides, crossbred chassis wall pods strengthen it more.

It also comes with the all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals. Additionally, solid steel driveshafts deliver a durable, heavy-duty drivetrain.

On the other hand, the current Talion is even better than the former edition. The broad sweeper configuration of the recent version enables it to bash even better now. 

The truck was initially brought in to run off-road. However, the new modifications supported it to run amazingly on on-road trails. 

Moreover, the current tires are a bit stronger rubber than before. Hence, it expands a little more at a high pace. That gives a relatively nice grasp in the lawn or loamy mud. 

Besides, the battery brace system of the new edition is a little more packed than the former version. Thus, it delivers a tight fit to the batteries. 

Also, the batteries are placed away from the spinning components of the engine with a rubber brooch. It even retains an additional pinion and droop fixing screw in each limb.

So, we think all these upgrades make Talion more durable than ever before. Not only that! We also think we can hope for more favorable features from Talion models with each upgrade in the future.

Winner: Talion as they’re enhancing durability with each upgrade.

So, Which One Made it to Your List?

Here comes the final decision! Which one should you choose?

Well in bashing, Kraton has a bit more satisfactory performance than talion. It’s because of its broad configuration and higher surface acquittance than talion. 

However, if you prefer an across-the-board higher speed model, choose talion. 

But, here’s a turning point! With Talion you would be able to enjoy multi-terrain bashing as well.

So far, we’ve compared both of the models on different grounds. Hope it’ll help!


Will a Kraton body match a Talion?

No, the bodies of Kraton and Talion won’t fit on each other. Because the shock towers are different between the two vehicles. The shock towers in Talion are closer than the Kraton.

What is Arrma Nero?

The Arrma Nero is a 6s BLX monster truck. Its special layout will enable you to hook all three differentials with the spin of a knob. More importantly, it gets operated straight from the transmitter.

When did the Arrma Kraton 6S come out?

The Arrma Kraton 6s was released on 1st November 2021. It comes with a large volume waterproof receiver. Also, includes EXB compatible front brace.

Last Words

This was all on Arrma Talion Vs. Kraton. Hope this comparison will help you to make a practical preference.

Tip of the day! If you want to clean your Arrma RC you can use CRC non-chlorinated brake cleaner. It’ll help to loose the dirt for water cleaning.

Till next time!