Best Motor For Arrma Limitless: The Main Powerhouse

The motor that comes with the Arrma Limitless ran out of its juice. And that’s why you might be in search of the next best solution. Why won’t you? Without the right motor, the RC car might not even start.

You also might want your Rc car to give off top-notch performance. That is why it’s necessary to get the best motor for Arrma Limitless. But which one’s the right choice?

Well, you might be searching for this query. So, let us help guide you to the right motor. You see, our researchers have found the top 5 motors that work great on the Arrma motors.

So, you can go through the list and pick the one that you like. Besides, we even added some necessary information that helps you know the fundamentals before buying a motor.

Now that everything is set let’s start the show-

Type of Motor For Arrma Limitless

Before diving in too deep and discussing the type of motor that suits an Arrma Limitless we must first talk about the different types of motor available. You see, there are two types of motor available in the market.

One is brushed and the other one is brushless. But what’s best suited for Arrma Limitless?

Brushed Motors

On one side we have the brushed motors. Now, these are known to be quite affordable. But they don’t produce quite a lot of power. So, the question is will it be able to support a high-power Rc car such as the Arrma Limitless?

Well, the answer is yes. If you do find a compatible brushed motor it will work for a few days on the Rc car. However, they won’t be there in the long run. You see, the Rc car requires so much power that it will simply wear out.

In the long run, brushed motors won’t be an ideal option.

Brushless motors

On the other hand, the brushless motor might seem like a hefty investment. But trust us, it will be great in the long run. It can support the high power that the Arrma Limitless requires.

It also requires less maintenance. This is because there are no brushes present that you might have to clean.

Comparison Table

Spektrum Firma Brushless Motor

First things first we have the one and only Spektrum Firma Brushless Motor. Now, this one is the number one choice if you have an Arrma Limitless RC car. But why is it the best?

Well, the fundamental reason has to be its 6.5 mm gold-plated connectors. Now, gold is an excellent resistor to oxidation.

Meaning that if your motor is ever exposed to any corrosive environment the gold plate will be able to provide protection. This way, the motor won’t get damaged and it will be safe from any corrosion.

Apart from this, it is super-efficient. So, the motor won’t waste any power, rather it will use its power in a more calculative way. Thus, damage to the environment will be less.

On top of these, the motor is made out of alloy steel. This makes the surface resistant to corrosion and renders it to be hard and tough. Thus, it can handle the power needed to support an Arrma Limitless.

Also, the weight of the motor is quite less. It only weighs 0.68 pounds. This is quite less for a motor. So, it won’t make your Arrma Limitless too heavy and it won’t slow it down.

Room For Improvement

It sometimes starts to cog. That doesn’t let the motor run. So, if you want to ensure that the motor doesn’t cog go for the Castle Creations 1/5 Scale Extreme Sensored Motor.

Hobbywing Ezrun MAX 4985 SL Motor

Next, we have the all-time budget-friendly motor. This is the Hobbywing Ezrun MAX 4985 SL Motor. This one does save you some money. But that doesn’t mean it offers anything less.

In fact, this one has a higher kV rating compared to our champion. In fact, this one has a kV rating of 1650 kV. Now, the kV rating indicates the RPM rating per volt.

As this one has a kV rating of 1650 that means it will rotate 1650 for 1 volt of power. Thus, with less power, you will get more rotation of the motor. Hence, it will be much more efficient.

Other than that, it fits all the MAX 6 ESC, 1/6th, 1/7th RC cars. So, if your Arrma Limitless has any scale that falls within this category you can easily take this one as a replacement for the original motor.

Room For Improvement

The shaft can be a bit weak. So, go for the Spektrum Firma Brushless Motor.

ARRMA 2050kV Brushless 6S Motor

Next, we have the ARRMA 2050kV Brushless 6S Motor. Yes, the Arrma brand itself provides replacement motors for the Arrma Limitless. But why should you invest in them?

Well, this one has the highest kV rating which is 2050 kV. Also, it is the most lightweight motor on the list. You see, it only weighs 0.46 pounds.

Now, because of the high kV ratings, the motor will rotate more times with one volt. As a result, they will be more efficient as they won’t require high voltage to rotate as many times as the other.

Plus, its lightweight function makes it a great fit for the Arrma Limitless. This is because it won’t add too much weight to the Rc car. Hence, it will be able to race at high speed.

Room For Improvement

The only downside is that the gears may not connect at times. If that’s the problem then go for Spektrum Firma Brushless Motor. They have excellent connectors.

Castle Creations 1/5 Scale Extreme Sensored Motor

Another great motor for the Arrma Limitless is the Castle Creations 1/5 Scale Extreme Sensored Motor. Now, this one is specially designed for the 1/5 scale models.

So, if your Arrma Limitless’s scale of that size you can definitely go for this product. Also, the motor can survive harsh conditions. This is because it contains top-grade neodymium sintered magnets plus kevlar wrap.

They have high strength and high-temperature resistance capabilities. Also, the motor doesn’t clog up too easily. And that is because it contains oversized NMB bearings and a vibration dampening system.

Furthermore, it doesn’t produce a lot of heat. Hence, the Arrma Limitless will not get hot when the motor starts to run.

Room For Improvement

One of the issues with this motor is that its kV rating is high. So, if you want something with a higher kV rating then go for the ARRMA 2050kV Brushless 6S Motor.

Castle Creations 4 Pole Sensored Motor

Lastly, we have another Castle Creations motor and this is the Castle Creations 4 Pole Sensored Motor. So, is this any different than the previous one?

Why, yes. It is. You see, it is built for the 1/6 scale RC cars. So, if your Arrma Limitless is of scale 1/6 then you can opt for this motor. Now only that, it also works on many ⅛ Rc cars. So, if you want you can use it on other RC cars.

Furthermore, it is designed to be a cool motor. Meaning that the motor won’t get too hot. Hence, the lifetime of the motor will be high.

Plus, the kV rating is quite high. It is 1650 kV. So, it will turn 1650 times for one volt. Hence, you can expect it to be very efficient in nature.

Room For Improvement

It can wear out a bit fast. So, if you want something that will last you quite a long time go for the ARRMA 2050kV Brushless 6S Motor.

Things To Consider Before Buying Motor For Arrma Limitless

Still, having trouble deciding which motor to go for? Well, that may be because of the very basics. Now knowing the fundamental features of a motor can lead to thousands of confusions.

So, we have decided to give you details of the basics. And that’s why we have prepared an entire guide dedicated to this very reason. Here, have a look-

Type of Motor

The number one feature to remember is the type of motor you are installing. You see, in the market, you will find two types of motor for RC cars. One is a brushed motor and one is a brushless motor.

Each of these motors has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the brushed motors cost low. But they don’t provide high power for the RC cars.

Whereas, the brushless motors are easy to maintain and provide high power. However, they are a bit on the costly side.

Now, which motor will be better for the Arrma Limitless?

Well, the Arrma limitless requires a high-power motor. So, brushless motors are a perfect fit for this category. However, a brushed motor can work but it won’t last long.

Hence, you will have to buy the brushed motors quite frequently. Thus, even if they cost less they won’t be much of a cost-saver in the future.

Compatibility of The Motor

Next, you have to see whether the motor is compatible with the Arrma Limitless or not. By compatibility, we mean that you need to see whether the motor’s size fits into the Arrma Limitless Rc car or not.

Now, the RC car is of a 1/7 scale size. So, you will need the motors that fit 1/7 RC cars. Generally, the ones that fit 1/7 scale size RC will work on the Arrma Limitless provided that their diameter and size fit into your car.

However, there are motors out there that are specifically built for Arrma Limitless. And yes, we have suggested all the ones that go right into your RC car.

Material of The Motor

Lastly, focus on the material of the Arrma Limitless’s motor. As discussed before this car requires high power which the motor must generate. And the motor must have the properties to withstand all these high-power outages.

In order to ensure that they don’t melt down due to overheating of the motor, we must pick the right material. So, what are the right materials?

Well, for the Arrma Limitless iron, cobalt, or nickel will be the best of all. This is because they all can withstand the harsh conditions that the Rc car makes the motor go through.


What is the maximum speed an Arrma Limitless motor can reach?

An Arrma Limitless’s motor can reach about 100 mph. In other words, it can go up to 160 km/h.

Can any motor work on Arrma Limitless?

The motors need to be compatible with the Arrma Limitless car. Otherwise, they won’t fit hence they won’t even work.

Do the Arrma Limitless travel at a steady speed?

Yes, the Arrma Limitless do travel at a steady speed. This is all because of their aerodynamic shape. This helps them to attain stability even at high speed.

Where does the motor go in the Arrma Limitless?

The motor tends to go in the middle of the Arrma Limitless. This means it goes somewhere between the rear axle and the driver’s seat.

To Sum Up

That concludes our journey on the best motor for Arrma Limitless. Not gonna lie, it was quite the journey. Who knew a motor could be such a pickle, huh?

Well, one good thing is that you now know more. So, you can make an informed decision. Best of luck with your choice and adios!