Best Propellers For Phantom 3: Have A Stable Flight!

You might wonder what on earth have you done wrong to see your drone doing some trick moves in the air. After taking a closer look you found some dents in your stock propellers. 

Well, that’s a bummer. But worry not! There are some propellers in the market to replace the stock ones. However, choosing the best propeller for phantom 3 can be a hard nut to crack.

Whether you need more flight time or stability, you should get yourself a durable set of propellers. The material of your propellers hugely affects the different aspects of your flying experience.

Fret not! We have done some research on this topic so that you don’t have to go through such hassle. All you need to do is to stay with us till the end of this article. So that you can pick your preferable propeller from these lots.

Types of Propellers for Phantom 3

Issues with the propeller can occur in any kind of drone. Not only phantom 3 but also there are some propeller issues with the blade inductrix. That’s why there are so many replacement propellers in the market. 

In general, there are mainly two types of propellers in today’s market. This partition is based on the material it’s made of. One of them is made of plastic and another one is reinforced by carbon fiber. 

These two types of propellers give the user two different dimensions of performance. The plastic one reportedly has better build quality and flight time. On the other hand, carbon fiber propellers will provide you with less noise and vibration. 

There is another minor category to distinguish the propellers. And that’s based on the number of blades. There can be various blades like duals, tri-blades, tetras, and more. 

However, the most used ones are the two blades. You may also want to get a tri-blade one, which can be another option.

Comparison Table

Best Plastic Propellers for Phantom 3

The main specialty of plastic propellers is their durability. The plasticity of these materials lets the props take some bashing here and there. Yet they do not bend or break. They are cheaper as well compared to other propellers in the market.

DJI Original Propeller: More About The Product

These propellers are the ones that come with the drone. And that makes them most compatible when it comes to Phantom 3 props. 

You can check the blades of this propeller. You’ll see the engraved marking of DJI on the blades. This ensures its originality thus making it more reliable.

Now, let’s talk about the quality of these blades. The stability of these propellers is a bar to none on this list. Every blade will vibrate, that’s for sure. However, this set generates the least vibration compared to any of the props on this list.

Another green flag of this product is that the blades are mostly balanced. Also, the material that it’s made of is plastic. That makes the blade strong and very durable.

The flight time is another important issue to mention. These plastic propellers aren’t as good as the carbon fiber ones in terms of flight time. But these sets from DJI perform really well in this category.

The price of these blades is quite reasonable. Unlike other cheap propellers on the market, it won’t make a massive amount of noise as well. Instead, it flies without bothering the people around it.

Room for Improvement

  • The noise reduction of these propellers could be improved slightly. That would have made everyone choose this set of propellers over anything. However, you can check Master Airscrew propellers, which produce the least noise on this list.

O-XOXO Propeller: More About The Product

These propellers from O-XOXO are as close as it comes to becoming the best ones on this list. The props that come with the drone are quite identical to this one. And that’s not only because they are visually similar. 

The performance of these propellers is really close to that of the genuine ones. Its durability is quite something. Brushes against the branches or walls won’t make even a single dent on this one.

This set of propellers will cost the same as the stock ones. So, if you are not willing to take risks by buying a counterfeit, then try our first product.

Now, let’s look at its flight time. As much as it resembles the built-in one, it does not fly as long as that one. It is also quite a bit noisy compared to the DJI Original propellers.

You can ask questions about the stability it provides to the drone. Well, it will not disappoint you at all. These are really well-balanced props that keep your quadcopter steady in the air.

As these propellers are identical to the stock ones, how to distinguish between them? Well, check for the engraved DJI marking on the blades. The packages they come in have the name DJI on them. However, it does not have engraving on the blades like genuine ones.

Room for Improvement

  • The stability of this piece could have been better. As stability is important for taking clips and videos, give the DJI Original propeller a tryout.
  • The noise reduction of this product also needs some major improvement. And if you’re particularly looking for something quieter, check the Master Airscrew plastic propeller with better noise reduction. You can also try out any other carbon fiber reinforced propellers as well.

MyShine Blades: More About The Product

This propeller set is another one that comes close to the stock props, based on performance. These blades are made of plastics and will provide you with more flexibility. So, you can fly your drone with more flare and less concern.

That being said, the stability of this set of props is also good. Meaning it’ll create less vibration while up in the air. Moreover, the 10-inch wingspan produces more thrust to take your phantom 3 up quicker. 

The plastic props are normally cheaper than the carbon fiber ones. However, this one is comparatively cheaper than the rest of the plastic blades on this list.

Now, what about the flight time? The flight time is a positive area for the plastic blades usually. But this one performs poorly on this front compared to other plastic blades. 

The noise it makes is also sometimes really annoying for the bystanders. For quieter blades that are made of plastic, try out the next product.

Room for Improvement

  • These propellers lack a bit of flight time. This aspect of this propeller needs to be addressed and improved. For a higher flight time do check our first two products mentioned here.
  • Another thing which needs to be improved is the reduction of noise. These blades make comparatively more noise than usual plastic blades. However, the next product on this list produces less noise while revolving.

Master Airscrew Propeller: More About The Product

If you’re looking for something quiet, this set of propellers is made for you. Usually, plastic propellers make comparatively more noise than carbon fiber ones while flying. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive any complaints from your neighbors when using these propellers. 

These plastic props from Master Airscrew also provide great stability in the air. The vibration is comparatively low as the blades are almost in sync. 

But, these great perks don’t come for free. These magnificent blades are one of the costliest plastic blades on this list. So, if you don’t mind bleeding your pocket you can try out this one.

The durability of these props is another positive point. This is no surprise that the more flexible blades will provide more durable service. The plasticity helps these blades to come back to their original shape after any kind of bashing.

The flight time of this product is a bit concerning. It becomes a real problem when you need to keep your drone afloat for a longer period. This blade compared to others shows a reduced flight time by almost one minute. 

So, if you are in need of better flight time it’s better not to pick this one.

Room for Improvement

  • The price of these props is a stumbling block for this product. To be considered as a great replacement propeller the price needs to be reduced. In case you need something cheaper, try out the FLYPIG carbon fibre propellers, the least costly product on this list.
  • Another issue these propellers have is the less amount of flying time. This hinders the seamless experience of flying the drone. And always be concerned about whether the quadcopter might come crashing down or not. You can check our first two products for better flight times.

Best Carbon Fibre Propellers for Phantom 3

We have covered the plastic propellers that you can use in your phantom 3. Now we are going to take a look into the reinforced carbon fiber propellers. Their durability can be questioned to some extent but they are the best when it comes to keeping things quiet.

FLYPIG Carbon Fiber Propellers: More About The Product

If you are a bit short on budget, these blades are the perfect ones for you. These are the least costly propellers on the list that we’ve curated here. Usually, carbon fiber propellers can not be found at such a low price.

According to the price, the performance of this product is quite astonishing. Nonetheless, there are some issues with this product’s durability. This is fairly common in propellers that are made from carbon fiber. 

But the stability of these blades is neither amazing nor ignorable. The blades are pretty well balanced and that’s why they produce such low vibration. 

The noise emitted from these blades whirling is quite low as well. Thus making this blade great for low altitude usage. There is a very low pitch noise which is not much bothering.

Like the other carbon fiber propellers, this one also lacks flight time. In case you need some blades with better flight time, do check the plastic ones. But the O’woda propellers have a great flight time in spite of being a carbon fiber propeller.

Room for Improvement

  • There is some scope for improvement in the durability of this product. That would have made this product more dominant in the market. Nonetheless, you can check the first two plastic propellers for improved durability.
  • Another thing that might need some improvement is the flight time. In case you need something with better flight time, try out the seventh product on this list.

DJI Carbon Fiber Propeller: More About The Product

This one is the DJI manufactured carbon fiber reinforced propeller on this list. The specialty of carbon fiber ones is that the stiffness causes less vibration. 

As a result, there will be lesser jello in the clips that you’ll be capturing. The lesser vibration also contributes towards less noise. So, all in all, you’ll experience a stable flight with lesser noise with these props.

However, the brittleness of the blades makes them prone to breakage. It often breaks under less force compared to the plastic propellers mentioned here.

So, if you need something more durable, you should go for the plastic propellers mentioned before.

Carbon fiber reinforced propellers are a bit pricey in comparison to plastic ones. However, if you are short on budget, then try out the fifth product on this list.

They also come balanced directly out of the box. This makes your work less problematic as you don’t have to balance them all again. 

Room for Improvement

  • The only thing that needs to be better in these props is the flight time. Improvement in the flight time would have made the price of these props more justified. However, the FLYPIG propellers have a better flight time than this one.

O’woda Propellers: More About The Product

We have included two products from O’wada in our list. The basic difference between these two is the number of blades. This propeller is a dual-bladed carbon fiber reinforced propeller.

So, you might wonder which one is better? Whether it’s the tri-blade one or the one with dual blades. 

Fear not! We’re explaining it here. This dual blade one is far more superior in performance when compared to the previous one. This one is foldable too but it provides a bit better stability.

You’ll get a longer flight time as well while using this propeller set. The carbon fiber props are usually not suitable for longer flight times. But these props are quite the opposite, giving a fair amount of flight time.

The noise reduction is also quite good for these blades as is expected. But as expected all these perks come in at a hefty price. The price of these blades is quite high compared to other products on this list.

Carbon fiber blades are structurally brittle and these O’wada blades are not different. And that’s why they are not as durable as one would expect. 

Room for Improvement

  • There can be significant improvement made in the stability of these products. That would have made this product one of the most desirable propellers. Nevertheless, if you need less vibration in your drone check out our first product.
  • Durability is another area that needs a bit more improvement. Improvement in this area can make these propellers one of the best in the carbon fiber category. However, the plastic propellers’ specialty lies in their durability.

O’woda Tri-Blades Propellers: More About The Product

In this list, these propellers are the only ones that have three blades. These O’wada blades are totally different from the other blades on this list. As they are specially manufactured and have foldable blades. 

The outlook of this blade is dope. However, there are major questions about its performance. 

You might think that more wings will make the whole thing more balanced. But sorry to break your bubble! These blades are really bad when it comes to reducing vibrations. 

The whole drone becomes wobbly when these propellers are attached to it. This is a big problem if you’re trying to take videos with your drone.

As these blades are reinforced by carbon fiber, the flight time is comparatively reduced. But it does make it up with great noise reduction. These propellers produce less noise than most other propellers in this list.

The price is another fact, which needs to be considered here. This set of propellers is the most expensive one on this list. However, compared to other carbon fiber propellers this one is quite durable. 

The blades are really small which raises some questions about the thrust it produces. Well, you can rest your mind knowing that these propellers will make your drone fly. However, if there are issues with the transmitter or receiver then it might not fly.

But, you can get better props for your drone at a comparatively lower price.

Room for Improvement

  • Stability is one of the major things that need improving in these propellers. These blades need to be in sync to reduce the amount of vibration. However, if you’re searching for better stability, try the one with more balanced wings.
  • Another thing that needs to be tweaked is the price. Or the overall quality of the product needs to be elevated to justify its price. In case you’re on a budget take a look at the FLYPIG Carbon Fiber propeller.


Do Phantom 4 propellers work on Phantom 3?

No, the propellers of Phantom 4 do not work on Phantom 3. Because they are the accessories of these two different drones are not compatible. Also, the Phantom 3 lens is smaller in size than the Phantom 4.

Are Phantom 2 and Phantom 3 propellers the same?

No, they are not the same. However, they will fit on each other but there’s a possibility of the props coming off while flying. The materials they are made of are quite different from one another. 

Does propeller size matter in a drone?

Usually, bigger propellers will help you to carry heavier loads. On the other hand, for sharp control, drones with smaller propellers will serve you better. Another thing to keep in mind is that smaller props mean a higher pitch.


We almost reached the end of our discussion. We did everything to curate all the information that we could on this topic. 

Hopefully, this post will help you out to pick the best propellers for phantom 3. We think by now you have all the resources you need to pick out the best option for yourself. 

Nevertheless, do not forget to do some of your own research. It’s always better to give your own decision the priority when it comes to spending your own money. 

We hope you have fun flying the quadcopter you got. Do thrilling maneuvers and take amazing clips with your Phantom 3! Best of luck! Goodbye.