Best RC Drift Motor ESC Combo: Drift Past Everyone

Drifting around the track with your RC car is quite exciting and thrilling. However, choosing the setup often makes or breaks the drifting experience. Whether you want to drift in your garage or burn tires in the race tracks, picking the right setup is important.

Control and speed are two basics to consider while jumping into the drifting world. Also, trying to fix the movement of your vehicle will ruin the experience of drifting. And that’s why choosing the best RC drift motor ESC combo is so crucial.

In the track, everything is happening in the split-seconds. That’s where a better combo will give you the edge over your fellow racers. A better ESC with a compatible motor will let you have control over your RC car. 

This all might seem so confusing to you. That’s why we’ve researched some of the best RC drift motor ESC combos. Stick with us so that you can pick the best-suited combo for yourself personally.

Types of RC Drift Motor ESC Combo

To be honest there are no certain classifications of the combos. There are different types of motors and ESCs alone. However, the division can be done based on the users.

However, there can be two types of users of RC drift cars. One is the tire-burners in the tracks and another one is the casual-drifting enjoyers.

If you’re a casual-drifting enjoyer, the ease of installation and cost is an issue to consider. Another thing that’s important is control over your vehicle. The speed of your vehicle will not be as important as controlling your RC car.

On the other hand, if you are a tire-burner, you might want something totally different. You will specifically need something with heavy power and precise control. You might need to break the bank in such cases.

So, keeping that in mind, you should pick the best RC drift motor ESC combo.

Comparison Table

Hobbywing QUICRUN Fusion ESC and Motor

We are introducing this Hobbywing QuicRun fusion as our first product. Nothing can be better than an integrated ESC with a motor while looking for a combo. The ease of installation makes it one of the best combos out there in the market.

This combo is also perfect for the newcomers in the drift world. Its great control gives your car more balance while turning the sharp edges. The split-second decisions are easier to maneuver with this ESC as well.

However, the RPM is a bit of an issue if you are using this combo in the racetrack. The average RPM helps to keep the overall control of the RC car. But it’ll not provide you with the speed boost that you’ll receive if you use the second product in our list.

This particular ESC and motor combo is also famous for its durability. It takes much less space inside the chassis and weighs much less than other products on this list. 

As we know, it’s a mid-range priced motor-ESC combo that will not bleed your pocket dry. But, in comparison to the next product on this list, it’s quite expensive.

Therefore, if you’re a newbie this can be a great option for you. Another thing is, in drifting control always prevails over power. So, you won’t make any mistake trying this out on the track as well.

You can also consider this combo as one of the best combos to use in RC crawlers.

Things That Need Improvement

  • They could have tried to increase the RPM of the motor a bit. This tweak would have made this the perfect combo for drift racing RC cars. You can check the Visdron Motor with ESC for better RPM in this list.

Visdron Motor with ESC

If you are looking for something really cheap, this combo is the best suited for you. This motor and ESC combo costs much less compared to any other combos in this list.

Its 4370KV RPM is something to be reckoned with. The amount of power this motor generates is barring none in this list. 

RPM means how many times the motor is revolving in one minute. So, if the motor is revolving faster that means it’ll let your car move faster. 

That’s why if you want to blow past all your companions on the race track this is the one to go with.

However, this extra amount of speed gives you some issues with its control. Racers with experience will not find it difficult to control this vehicle. But if you are a newbie then we don’t recommend using this combo.

If you are looking for a balanced power and control unit, then check out the fifth product on this list. And if you’re only looking for great control then the first or sixth product is the way to go. The durability of this piece is also pretty great with a comparatively easier installation process. 

But here’s the thing! There are some questions about the programming card. Sometimes the programming card that comes with the package doesn’t work with the system. This creates huge mishaps and increases costs as you need to get yourself a new one.

Things That Need Improvement

  • The power of this product is enormous. However, it does not offer the control of the previous or the sixth product on this list. The control needs to be improved in order to take the top spot in this list.
  • The programming card issue is a big red flag in this product. Sometimes it’s not working and sometimes it’s not compatible with the ESC. They need to fix this issue of this product so that it can become a fan favorite.

Spektrum Firma ESC and Motor

This ESC and Motor combo is for people who are kind of in the middle. Meaning they are not full-time tire burners or casual drift enjoyers. That said, this combo truly can be of use in both worlds. Whether you are a newbie or a pro this combo can serve you like a pro.

The installation process is quite easy for this ESC and Motor. Moreover, you can get this combo without bleeding your pocket that much as well. However, it’s not as cost-friendly as the second and fourth products in this list.

The 3300KV RPM will give you decent speed with great control over your vehicle. It isn’t that fast that you have to fight with the car to drive it. On the other hand, it’s not that slow to get blown away by your fellow racers as well.

But there are build quality issues with this combo unlike the first product on this list. The shaft of the motor is quite prone to breakage. This makes it less durable compared to other products on this list. 

Another thing is that it’s not waterproof. Which makes it vulnerable to adverse conditions. Thus, you always have to check the track and weather if you wanna run this outside.

Things That Need Improvement

  • The only thing holding back this unit to become the best is its build quality. The build quality needs to be more compact and reliable like our first product. You can also check Jrelecs Kingbox Motor with ESC to get almost the same output if not better.

Hobbywing QuicRun ESC and Motor

Here we have another budget-friendly combo that can be a bargain. This one can be your go-to motor and ESC combo as you think of starting your drifting game. The price is considerably low which makes it a safer option as well.

The power it generates is another remarkable feature of this combo. But as always, more power means less control. This can also be seen in this combo. In that case, it’s quite similar to the second product here.

This package can be used casually as it’s pretty durable under any conditions. The waterproof kit that comes with the package makes it more track-friendly as well. 

However, the installation process isn’t on par with the other products on our list. This combo requires an extra bit of effort when it comes to fitting it inside the vehicle.

To conclude, if you are willing to give a bit of effort try out this combo. You’ll take everyone on the track by storm with this combo for sure.

Things That Need Improvement

  • The control of this product could have been improved a bit. In case you’re looking for something with great control our first and sixth products are the ones to look at.
  • A better installation guide will make things much easier for the users. If you want to install one of these combos with zero effort, then look at the Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion combo. You won’t be disappointed. 

Jrelecs Kingbox Waterproof Brushless Motor with Brushless ESC

This motor and ESC combo is our version of “Jack of All Trades”. If you’re looking for a balanced ESC-motor combo don’t think about anything else. This is the perfect one for you.

The control and the power totally complement each other. At one end using this combo won’t let your companions blow past you. On the other hand, you won’t struggle to keep your car straight on the track.

However, if you are a beginner then don’t start with this combo. You might struggle to cope with the speed it produces.

The other all-in-one product on our list is the third one. However, the Jrelecs Kingbox combo is superior in all categories compared to the Spektrum Firma combo. 

The price of this combo is another thing to notice. It’s dirt cheap, without compromising any valuable aspect of the motor and the ESC. This makes it one of the best combos either for the newbies or the pros.

The durability of this product can also rival all the products mentioned here. They claim their brushless motor is waterproof. However, there are some questions about whether brushless motors are waterproof or not.

Things That Need Improvement

  • A slight improvement in the control and power section will enhance its overall quality. If you require more power check out our second product. And for more control try out the sixth product on this list.

Spektrum Firma ESC with Motor

Drifting is all about control and the expertise of the operator. If you don’t have control over your own vehicle then what’s the point. That’s where the Spektrum Firma motor-ESC combo comes in.

Compared to all other products in this list, this combo has the best control. The split-second decisions to turn the corners are more dynamic. 

The special smart ESC automatically helps you to control the speed of your RC car. This automated system makes it easier for the users to get a grip over the movement of their vehicles.

But wait a minute! As the control is so perfect, what about the power of this unit? Well, as you can guess, you do have to sacrifice a bit of power for superior control. This is never an issue if you are a casual drift RC car enjoyer.

In that case, the issue might be the price. It is one of the most costly combos on this list. So for beginners, there can be some confusion about getting this combo. However, you can check out our first product in that case.

The installation process is also quite easier like the other products here. There aren’t many questions about the durability of this piece. So, if you don’t mind spending big on the motor ESC combo then go for this one.

Things That Need Improvement

  • Power is something that could be better in this combo of motor and ESC. That would have made this more desirable in this price range. So, if you’re looking for something with both power and control try our fifth product.
  • The price is a bit over the top. It makes the whole package not so worth it. So, if you’re looking for something cheaper do look at our second and fifth products. 

Castle Creations ESC with Motor

Castle Creations ESC with Brushless Motor is another ESC-motor combo with balanced power and control. This too brings the best of both worlds to the table. It’s the closest competitor to the fifth product on this list.

The control and power of this unit aren’t the best. But it’s not like you can just overlook its balance. If you’re a track drifter then it’ll give you an extra edge over your rivals. The speed boost it gets without compromising the control is something else. 

Another thing is its durability, which makes this combo something special. Its special waterproof feature gives you independence over the climate. Whether it’s a muddy track or it’s a rainy day, this combo won’t be phased by anything.

However, you do need to go through some aftercare on your waterproof RC car.

Installing this is as easy as the other listed products here. However, it is a bit pricey considering the perks it brings to the table. So, if you’re a bit short on budget, get yourself a Jrelecs Kingbox combo.

Things That Need Improvement

  • The pricing can be a bit better considering the other products in the market. The fifth product in our list gives more in comparatively lesser price.
  • A slight improvement of the power can actually justify the price. But if you want something full of power go for our second product. 
  • The control of this product can also be a bit improved. So, if control is the thing you need, go for the first or the previous product.


Should I go for sensored or sensorless motor for drifting?

Sensored motors are always the answer here. Drifting requires smoother throttle which can be achieved by having a sensor motor. While drifting, proper throttle control and steering will let you keep the drift going. 

Is a brushless motor better than a brushed motor for drifting?

More torque means more wheel control. And brushless motors will give you higher torque. Brushed motors are also significantly less efficient than brushless motors. Brushed motors’ counterparts are also less prone to mechanical wear than brushed ones. 

Can I use a brushless motor with brushed ESC?

The straightforward answer is no, you can not use a brushless motor with brushed ESC. There will be issues with compatibility. You should check your motor’s compatibility with your ESC as per the manufacturer’s manual.


That was everything from our side. Hopefully, this post helps you out with your queries. We hope this will help you to pick out the best RC drift motor ESC combo. 

There’s nothing better than doing your own research before spending your hard-earned money. Even though we curated all the best options here, you should pick the right one by yourself. But this will for sure give you a concrete idea about these products.

Wish you brush past everyone in that circuit. Burn those tires and turn those corners! Have fun drifting. Adios!