Best Antenna For DJI FPV Goggles: The Communicator Device

Sending signals back and forth might not seem like a tedious task but it does require a lot of precision. From the video quality to the user experience of a DJI FPV goggle everything rides on this one antenna.

However, you might be in search of the best antenna for DJI FPV goggles. And we know that they are hard to find. But don’t give up your hopes yet. Because we have a list of the 5 top-notch items in the market that just might be what you’re looking for.

In fact, we also have a buying guide to help you along the way. So, if you don’t know where to start from then have a quick look at our buying guide first.

Anyway, if you know what you are looking for then let;’s dive right into the reviews.

Types of Antenna For DJI FPV Goggles

Typically there are 2 types of antennas out there. One is the omnidirectional antenna and the other one is the directional antenna. They are different from each other in respect to their coverage, size, and even range.

And each of them has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Omnidirectional Antenna

The best thing about omnidirectional antennas is that they have good coverage. You see, they can cover up to 360 degrees. Well, not all the time but some of them do have such high coverage.

However, their weakness lies with the penetration power and range. Typically the omnidirectional antennas have a lower range and lower penetration power compared to the other antennas.

Directional Antenna

On the other hand, we have directional antennas. These antennas tend to be bigger in size compared to omnidirectional antenna. In fact, they provide more gain in a smaller beam.

Comparison Table

iFlight HD Patch LHCP Directional Antennas

The number one product on our list is the one and only iFlight HD Patch LHCP Directional Antennas. It is the first choice for a DJI FPV goggle. But why so?

Well, it won our hearts through its high dBi rating. You see, it has a dBi rating of 9 dBi. What this means is that the antenna has quite a strong signal.

However, the only drawback is that the signal gets narrow when it travels pretty far away. But that is a small price to pay. Besides, due to the strong signal, you get to enjoy a reliable video source on your DJI FPV goggles.

Moreover, this antenna is a directional antenna. Thus, the reception of this antenna is quite strong.

Plus, the beam of this antenna is super wide. In fact, it can cover up to horizontal 105 degrees and vertical 75 degrees.

Thus, you will get a pretty solid view of where your drones are traveling to so you will have better control over it.

Room For Recommendations

The range of this antenna isn’t better than the original DJI FPV antennas. So,  it’s not much of an improvement. So, if you want a better range go for DJI FPV Part 12 – Goggles Antenna.

iFlight LHCP RP SMA Short Omni Antennas

Second on the list is the iFlight LHCP RP SMA Short Omni Antennas. Now, this antenna has got to be the most stylish one on the list. They add a sense of color to the goggles.

So, if you are a fan of aesthetics then this one might be the one for you. Besides, its performance is also a phenomenon. You see, it is an omnidirectional antenna, unlike the previous antenna that we saw.

Thus, its coverage range is close to 360 degrees. Hence, you will have a full view of the surroundings.

Plus, it is quite durable in nature. In fact, they will last quite a while so you don’t have to worry about buying a replacement for it that early on.

Room For Recommendations

Doesn’t have quite a high range. Instead, you can go for the DJI FPV Part 12 – Goggles Antenna.

iFlight LHCP RP SMA Short Omni Antennas

Are you looking for an economic antenna for the DJI FPV goggles? Well then give your wallet a rest by buying the iFlight LHCP RP SMA Short Omni Antennas. Although it might be a little less pricey it does provide excellent services.

For instance, it can receive excellent quality video. You will be able to see the surroundings of the drone pretty easily with the help of these DJI FPV goggles.

Moreover, they are small and quite lightweight so they won’t even be visible from afar. In fact, they look pretty cute because of their round button-like size.

However, the dBi rating is quiet on the lower side. In fact, it has a dBi rating of 3. While this might be enough to give a decent signal it is lower compared to others on the list. But they are still functional.

Room For Recommendations

It is prone to quite a number of interferences. For instance, trees and buildings may cause the antenna to stop receiving signals. Now, if you don’t want that to happen you can try iFlight HD Patch LHCP Directional Antennas.

DJI FPV Part 12 – Goggles Antenna

Moving on, we have the DJI FPV Part 12 – Goggles Antenna. Now, these are the original DJI FPV antenna that comes with the goggle. So, if you liked how the original antenna performs then take these ones.

These antennas are omnidirectional in nature. Thus, they will have good coverage. Hence, you will be able to see almost the entire surrounding with the help of this antenna.

Moreover, they also allow long-distance transmission. So, even if you are far away you will be able to get the signal from the drone that you might be flying.

Furthermore, this antenna also ensures that nothing interferes with the signal. Hence, the recipient can receive all the signals without any hindrance or issue.

Room For Recommendations

It can be a bit pricey compared to the others of the same kind on this list. So, if budget is an issue you can go for the iFlight LHCP RP SMA Short Omni Antennas.

iFlight HD Patch LHCP Directional Antennas

Last but not least, we have the iFlight HD Patch LHCP Directional Antennas. Now, if you haven’t found your perfect fit for the DJI FPV antenna then this might be the one.

Well, this antenna is great because of its dBi rating., You see, it has a dBi rating which is among the highest ones on the list. This means that the antenna will have a strong penetration signal.

In other words, it will still send the receiver its signal even if there are trees and buildings along its way. Moreover, the range of this antenna is also quite high.

That indicates that this antenna can receive signals even if the drone is miles away.

Room For Recommendations

However, it doesn’t cover 360 degrees. Thus, if you want greater coverage you can go for the iFlight LHCP RP SMA Short Omni Antennas.

Things To Look For When Buying DJI FPV’s Antennas

We all know that an antenna is a kind of mandatory for DJI FPV goggles. But will any antenna work on your goggles?

Sadly, no. You need the right configuration plus a high-quality antenna for the DJI FPV goggles. And without knowing what features to look for in these antennas you might be headed in for a blind decision.

Just to ensure that you make a sound and informed decision we have made a list of all the important features that you must be aware of. Check them out

Correct Frequency Levels

One of the fundamental things about an antenna is its frequency level. You see, no matter what an antenna is meant for it will have a certain operating frequency.

And this frequency must match with the device that you are using. As for DJI FPV, the frequency level has to be 5.8 GHz. Now, if the antenna doesn’t have this frequency setting that antenna won’t work on the goggles at all.

Besides, with this frequency, the antenna will be able to receive data from up to 500 meters. This is quite a long distance for the antenna to receive data.

However, if you do use an antenna with a lower frequency band then the video and audio quality will drop. And you won’t be able to enjoy 100% of the goggles.


Next, you have to ensure that the antenna is compatible with the DJI FPV goggles or not. This means you have to ensure that you can mount them on the goggles at the right place.

Now, if you don’t know whether the antenna will work for you or not then it’s always a safe idea to go with a stock antenna. Most of them do pair up with the DJI FPV goggles.

Other than that, every single one of the antennas on our list does work with DJI FPV goggles. So, you can choose any one of them and you will be good to go.

High-Efficiency Levels

Next, you want an antenna that is highly efficient. You see, without an efficient antenna, you will not be able to receive the information you need properly. Hence, there will be a disruption in the video images.

And who wants to deal with that, right? Thus get an antenna that will be able to receive signals quite efficiently. However, there isn’t anyone with an antenna that can be 10% efficient.

So, don’t get your hopes high. But do try to get one that is as close to perfection as possible.

High-Quality Signal Reception Ability

Last but not least, make sure that the antenna provides high-quality videos. You see, as you will be enjoying visual effects from the DJI FPV goggles you want the video to be of high quality.

And one of the main things responsible for such high-quality images is the antenna. So, you might want the antenna to be of high quality.


Can you use an antenna for DJI FPV?

No, any antenna will not work for the DJI FPV antenna. They need specific antennas that will have the right configurations to work on a DJI FPV goggle.

Are lightweight antennas better for the DJI FPV goggles?

The lightweight and smaller-sized antennas are better for DJI FPV goggles because they don’t make the goggles too heavy. However, they still give outstanding performance.

Can DJI FPV antennas be upgraded?

The DJI FPV does come with an omnidirectional antenna that can be upgraded if need be. There are many great upgrades available in the market so you can choose any out of them.

To Sum Up

Well, that is the end of our journey about the best antenna for DJI FPV goggles. We hope by now you found the antenna that will work great with your DJI FPV goggles.

Have fun seeing the flight of your drone with the help of your new antennas. Anyway, that concludes our journey for now. Hope we see you again in another article. Till then stay safe. Adios!