Dromida RC problems [4 Easy Solutions to Fix It]

Are you having problems with your dromida RC car? It can be very frustrating if things don’t work out the way you want.

So, how many possible dromida rc problems can you face?

The most common problem with your dromida RC can be faulty batteries. Along with that, you might want to check your charger as well. You can also face an unresponsive steering servo. It is caused by damaged wires as the power is unable to reach the motor. Your ESC is also damaged if it doesn’t beep.

Don’t worry. We have the answer to your dromida RC problems. By following these rules, you can easily fix your dromida RC car.

So, are you ready to find out more about it? Let’s move ahead step-by-step. It won’t take you long!

4  Common Problems With Dromida RC Cars

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Dromida rc wheels are popular among the rc car lovers. But there are also some common problems that you might have to deal with.

Some reasons why dromida rc car not working are discussed here. For example, if the battery doesn’t hold a charge or the steering servo doesn’t work. 

Also, if the ESC doesn’t beep, or the rc transmitter and receiver don’t work.

It’s ok if you don’t get the dromida rc car manual. There’s no need to be concerned. We’ll go over each point in detail. So, you can look forward to the answers if your dromida rc out of business.

Problem 1: Dromida RC Battery is Not Holding Charge

The first explanation is that your batteries are most likely faulty. First thing first, you can check the cell voltage with a voltmeter just to be sure. But for that, you’d need a good-quality voltmeter to get an accurate reading.

Therefore, here are some voltmeter recommendations you can defiantly depend on-

Even if the voltmeter reading is unusual, don’t be concerned. You can always fix your NiMh battery.

So, if your batteries aren’t draining, you’re good to go. The issue could then be with the charger. That’s when the battery’s charging becomes a big issue. 


Keeping dromida rc car battery at a low temperature is an option. This could assist in reducing the energy drain. 

So, it’s possible that you’ll have to rebuild the cell at some point. But you should avoid regulating your model with low transmitter batteries.

If needed, change your t/r batteries with a new sustainable one. For example-

So, this was the solution to the battery problem. Now, let’s move on to the next section. 

Problem 2: The Steering Servo of Your Dromida RC isn’t working

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Your dromida RC car can have a bad cable or winding. This often causes a servo motor to break down. 

Again if there aren’t enough wires or they’re not well-insulated this can happen. Also for having poor quality wires or windings you can face the problem.

So in case, your servo doesn’t work, there could be direct damage to it. The damage might be gear damage or a servo motor that’s been burned up as direct damage.

But it doesn’t have to be the usual case. Because it can happen to your receiver battery or BEC when you have a high-power servo. Hence, this can end up as the servo having issues 


You should check the steering servo in front of the dromida rc buggy. Follow the servo wire to the receiver and make sure it’s plugged in all the way.

If it is and it still doesn’t respond, switch the throttle. Then switch the servo lead on the receiver. After that, turn on the car. 

If the servo doesn’t move at all it’s the servo that’s dead.

In this case, you can get Annimos high torque waterproof servo. And if you’re still unsure how does the servo work then watch the following video-

Problem 3: The Esc of Your Dromida RC isn’t Beeping

The issue with your ESC could be due to the way it is wired. Also, the way it’s set up and charged. In this stage, you need to check to determine whether you have the correct cable.

Still, your ESC doesn’t function? Then you should change it. There could be a short-circuit in your ESC. So you’ll need to fix it.


Source: www.daraz.com

Relax! You can change the way your esc works. 

Let’s start with changing the settings on your ESC. 

So, you need to connect one cable to the receiver’s throttle port. Then, turn on the transmitter. After that, pull the trigger all the way up until it reaches the top.

Then it is time to connect the battery. Afterward, you’ll hear two beeps, and you’re done. Make sure the esc firmware is up to date if it doesn’t work. 

Some up-to-date and super durable ESC firmware are listed below for your convenience-

For the short circuit, find it and fix the broken wires. If you don’t know how to do that watch the following video-

Problem 4: Rc Receiver And Transmitter Doesn’t Work?

Are you still having problems with your dromida rc car not working? Then your transmitter and receiver might have a problem.

You see, the transmitter and the rc receiver need to be at the right frequency for dromida rc car. Because signals pass through the antennas between the RC receiver and transmitter.


First, you need to check if the antenna on your transmitter can be moved. Next, make sure the antenna on your RC is in the right place. It should not be bent or broken. 

If it’s broken then it’s time to replace it with a new telescoping transmitter antenna.

Also, it should avoid touching the metal parts inside the RC.

Then try more extensive repairs and dromida rc car troubleshooting.

Still Not Working?

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Is it still not working? Then you should check the other dromida rc car parts. Most importantly it’s actually time to visit the repair shop for help.


Can I Swap RC Receivers?

Yes, receivers and transmitters can be swapped. You can even use devices from other brands. They’ll go well together. All you have to do is make sure they’re both broadcastings at the same time.

Can I Put a Brushless Motor in My RC Car?

The motor itself cannot be converted from brushed to brushless. Furthermore, brushless motors require a different type of esc. That must be replaced as well.

Can You Reverse A Brushless Motor?

Yes. Brushless motors can be reversed. Some brushless motors have a pin. This pin helps you change direction. Some brushless motors can do this, but not all of them can.


So, we have come to the end of our discussion. Hope you’ve got the answers to your problems. Thus, you won’t be facing any dromida rc problems anymore.

If you are still unclear and having issues with your rc car, go through the parts one by one again. But this time give a little more extra time.

Until next time. Good luck!