Which One to Choose? 1806 vs 2204: Mega Showdown!

Rc drone has been a trend-setting hobby in the new era. Whether competition or smooth maneuvering, choosing the right motor for a drone is always a hard nut to break. 

It becomes a tougher call when the comparison stops between 1806 and 2204.

Relax! No need to be in insomnia for this. I brought an article on 1806 vs 2204 to ease your pain.

Throughout the article, a full comparison between 1806 and 2204 has been made, based on the main features of the motors. Comparing size, 2204 can produce more energy than 1806. In the case of a stator, 1806 gives much RPM than 2204. Hence, the comparison goes on and on.

So charge your drone and buckle up. It’s time to choose the perfect motor for your drone!

A Quick Sitrep

The best way to start the analysis of brushless 1806 vs 2204 is a head-to-head analysis. Both 1806 and 2204 are promising RC motors and the difference is very slight.

Voila! To make your in-depth analysis smooth and so that you don’t feel lost, I have summarized a quick-start comparison of the motors.

Features to Check1806 2204
Weight20 grams22.4 grams
Height up to the shaft21.5 mm28 mm
Width23 mm27 mm
Diameter of the stator18 mm22 mm
Best for 5-inch props6-inch props
Prop shaftPortableFixed
Highest PowerApprox. 85 Watts228.1 Watts
RPM per Volt2280 kV2300 kV
Mounting Screw size2 mm3 mm

Deep Comparison

Want to win the drone race? Then, you must know how to choose drone motor first

In the search for the best drone motor between 1806 and 2204, it’s time to get into a more in-depth survey.

Size and Dimensions

The first thing that will come to your mind when you look for the motors is the size of the motors.

Generally, 2204 is bigger in size than that of 1806. 

The 1806 motor dimensions are-

  • Height- around 22 mm
  • Width- 23 mm
  • Mass- around 20 grams
  • Diameter of the shaft-  3 mm.

On the other hand, The 2204 motor dimensions consist of-

  • Height- Up to 28 mm
  • Width- 27 mm
  • Mass- Around 22 grams
  • Diameter of the shaft- 5 mm

Phew! In the case of size, it seems 2204 went heavy on 1806 motor spec.

Because of its heavy-weight size, 2204 motors can pull up more power than 1806 motors.

Stator Statistics

Now you are choosing an RC motor and you won’t look out for RPM? Of course, you will!

To understand the RPM, you need to understand the diameter of the stator.

1806 comes off with a stator of a diameter of 18 mm for a thickness of 6 mm. 

About 2204? Well, it comes with a stator that is 4 mm thick and has a diameter of 22 mm.

The stator of 1806 has a stator of small diameter if compared to 2204. Adding to that, 1806 uses less torque to produce high RPM.

If we go for 2204, the diameter of the stator is greater than 1806. So, it generates a slower RPM for a bigger amount of torque.

If you are up for a large prop with a slower RPM, then 2204 is the best count. 

Otherwise, the 1806 motor spec is there for you! If you want to go for a small prop bigger RPM.

What’s The Status of The Prop Shaft

Speaking of RC motors, a Prop shaft can be another criterion of competition. Especially when it comes to 1806 and 2204

How about we start from 2204? 2204 motor comes with a fixed prop shaft of 5 mm in length.

Speaking of 1806, things can be a bit different. The prop shaft of the motor is portable. Moreover, the total length of the prop shaft is 4 mm.

If you like a stable shaft, choose 2204. Other than that, be the man of the 1806 drone motor.

Let’s speak about RPM

One important feature that you must look into is the value of RPM per unit of power supply.

1806 typically comes with a value of 2280 kV. When 1806 is attached to a 3s LiPo battery of 13.6 V, it will spin at approximately 31,000 RPM. 

Here comes the 2204 motor 2300 kV. This motor can spin at a total of 28980 RPM, if you add a lithium battery of 13.6 V.

So, charge your LiPo battery and see for yourself. If you want an 1806 motor 2280 kV or a 2204 motor with 2300 kV? 

Speaking of LiPo batteries, check out these battery connectors

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Fingers Crossed

Whoa! Now that’s very intense competition. 

You are looking for the best drones for beginners? Then you can go for the 1806 drone motor. It’s lightweight, reasonable, and can provide high RPM at a smaller prop.  

If you are up for a heavy-duty sports drone, go for high-power 2204. The RPM might be lower, but have bigger props and high thrust. 

Also, bigger compared to the 1806 motor size.


Can I use a 6-inch propeller on 1806?

Technically, you can use it. However, 1806 is best suitable for 5-inch props. 6-inch props might look a bit unusual.

How can I the perfect drone size?

First, determine the size of the frame of your drone, then select the dimension of the prop. Once it is done, you can choose the perfect drone size.

What are the basic things I should keep an eye out for?

3 basic things you can keep in mind while choosing your drone: Determine the thrust, the amount of energy efficiency you need, and the total mass of your motor. That’s it!

Final Lap

I guess now you are crystal clear about 1806 vs 2204

Try to figure out the type of drone you want to use if you are still confused about the RC motor. Then go for the right motor model.

Until then, keep your drone buzzing and stay safe!