EC3 vs EC5: Which RC Battery Connector Should You Choose?

Different connectors have different positives and negatives. That’s why battery connectors often become a debate and you’ve to be careful when getting one.  

So, which RC battery connector should you choose: EC3 vs EC5

The EC5 connector is a bigger and upgraded version of the EC3 connector. Usually, the EC3 connector is paired with 1S or 3S LiPo batteries. But if you want to use 6S or 8S LiPo, you’ll need EC5 connectors. So, if you’re planning to do some extreme bashing or racing, you should choose the EC5. 

Anyhow, that was only a small fraction of the entire debate. Here, we’ve discussed each of these aspects in detail. So, read along if you want to know more about these two battery connectors. 

EC3 vs EC5: Changing Connectors

Almost all enthusiasts like to upgrade their RC vehicles every once and then. It’s thrilling, exciting, and upgrading something on your own feels really good. We do share the same passion. 

But upgrading does come at a cost and has certain requirements. For example, you don’t need to get IC5 or XT90 connectors for 1S or 2S LiPo batteries. 

So, the question appears, when to upgrade to EC5? 

A bigger battery has more voltage capacity. Higher voltage means more power. So, upgrading the batteries can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance. But it also needs a connector upgrade. Generally, 6S or 8S LiPo batteries are used to upgrade the vehicles. But the EC3 can’t handle anything over 3S LiPo batteries. So, an upgrade to EC5 becomes a necessity. 

But if you’re stepping up in the game and upgrading your vehicles, you should consider EC5. Also, the EC5 connectors are great for hardcore bashing. 

Because most bashers require more power to move through the mud, thus bigger batteries. 

Basic Difference between the EC3 & EC5 Connectors

Going through some key aspects can always make the comparison easier to understand. For instance, to compare 11 different NiMH batteries, you’ve to know some focal information. 

That’s why we’ve made you a small table regarding EC3 vs EC5– 

Dimensions25mm x 17mm x 8mm34mm x 20mm x 10mm
Weight10 grams14 grams
Amps Load90 Amps120 Amps
Pin TypeBullet Bullet 
Battery Compatibility1S, 2S & 3S LiPo6S, 7S & 8S LiPo
Can also be used to pair 2x 3S & 4S LiPo 
Connector CompatibilityEC5, IC3 & XT60 EC3, IC5 & XT90 

After taking a quick sneak peek, which one do you like more? 

EC3 vs EC5 Connectors: Detailed Comparison 

If you haven’t reached a conclusion yet, that’s absolutely fine. Because in this section, we’re going to discuss these aspects in more detail. 

Since the EC5 is just an upgraded version, many aspects will be similar. While comparing EC5 and XT90 you don’t see this type of similarities. So, sit back, relax and go through all the aspects. In time, you’ll find all the questions answered! 

Dimensions & Weight

One of the first things that you need to know is the dimensions. An RC vehicle has limited space. So, you can’t always use a bigger connector for all purposes. 

Space management is key to ensure a great look for your car. Using multiple bigger connectors in a system can easily eat up all the space. 

That’s why you’ve to be tricky when installing connectors. You don’t really want to keep the wires hanging around, do you? 


The EC3 is the basic connector that is mostly used for smaller vehicles. Likewise, it’s also small in size and has a 2 bullet pin system. 

An average EC3 connector is about 25mm long and 17mm wide. Because of this, they can be easily fitted inside small vehicles. They also weigh very less and that’s about 10 grams or so. 

These connectors are great for lighting and other small operations. They save a lot of space and managing them is super easy. 


The EC5 is the bigger version of EC3. It was made to handle big operations like driving bashers or fast racing vehicles. 

The EC5 is around 34mm in length and has a width of 20mm on average. They mostly have a height of 10mm. These can vary from model to model. So, it’s possible to get slightly bigger or smaller ones. 

The EC5 has a net weight of 14 grams. Like dimension, this will vary as well. 

Speaking of EC5 connectors, here’s our favorite pick- 

Now, you can grab whichever you like and get started! This will let you use bigger LiPo batteries right away. 

Also, if you’re using NiMH batteries don’t worry. There isn’t any significant difference between 7.4V LiPo or 9.6V NiMH batteries

Overall Amps Load

Like batteries, connectors also have an amps rating. It means how much current can easily pass through the connector. 

It’s also called amps load and is always mentioned in specifications. 


An average EC3 connector can handle up to 90 Amps like other connectors. Although, most of their operations require only 50 to 60 amps. 

Because of this reason, the EC3 is easier and safer to use in most applications. It’s perfect for casual racing and just roaming around in the neighborhood. Also, it can be used for lighting your vehicles. 


On the other hand, the EC5 connector can handle a continuous current rating of 120 Amps. Thus it has an amp rating of 120 Amps. 

This extra capacity will let you utilize higher voltage and give you an edge against normal RC vehicles. 

That’s why professional bashers and racers prefer EC5 connectors over EC3. 

Battery Compatibility

So far we’ve only compared dimensions and amp loads. But we’ve yet to talk about the battery compatibility of these connectors.

You must be wondering- Why is it a good idea to always have connectors on batteries be female?

Generally, it’s better to have female battery connectors instead of male ones. Female connectors can prevent the shorting as they always have a shell around.

On the contrary, male connectors can be exposed. But it doesn’t always matter. Because models like XT60 have shells for male connectors too. 


Now let’s see how many amps can EC3 handle?

As mentioned before, the EC3 is the smaller connector between the two. So, it works with smaller LiPo batteries. 

The recommended batteries for EC3 are 1S, 2S, and 3S LiPo batteries. Also, just to clear your confusion, these have to be single cells only. 

You can’t just pair two 3S LiPo batteries and just use an EC3 connector. 


You must also know how many amps can EC5 handle? 

Unlike the EC3, the EC5 connector can work with 6S, 7S, or 8S LiPo batteries. And the best news? You can pair multiple 2S or 3S LiPo batteries too. 

The EC5 can be used with multiple batteries easily. The result will be the same as usual. That’s how a lot of enthusiasts upgrade their vehicles. 

Also, you can convert EC3 to EC5 by soldering them with wires. Although, the EC3 and EC5 are a bit harder to solder with than other connectors. 

So, Which One is Better?

Okay, it’s time to decide if you haven’t yet. If you’re still confused, don’t worry too much about it. Here, we’ve summarised everything and gave our own opinion to help you choose! 

Now, to answer the big question- Ec3 vs ec5 which one is better?

The EC3 is great for casual racing and bashing. Because most starter vehicles have 2S and 3S LiPo battery setups. If you’re not looking for anything extreme, the EC3 should be enough.

Also, you can use EC3 in other small operations like lighting and other features. The EC3 outright beats EC3 in versatility when it comes to simpler operations. 

However, if you’re setting up an extreme basher, then you’ll need a lot of 6S or 8S LiPo batteries. Because running through the terrain or mud requires a lot of power. 

On top of that, the EC5 is also a must if you’re up for some high-speed racing. With more power comes greater acceleration. 

Therefore, your vehicle gains a considerable amount of advantage over other vehicles. 


Are EC3 and XT60 compatible?

Normally, you cannot connect EC3 and XT60 together. That’s why most people use soldering to connect them properly. However, times have changed and there are now adapters for almost any connector. So, you just have to find an EC3 to XT60 adapter. 

Are EC3 and EC5 the same?

In a simple answer, yes. Both EC3 and EC5 use a bullet pin system to connect batteries to speed controllers. The EC5 is more like a bigger version of the EC3. Unfortunately, the disadvantages are also the same. Both EC3 and EC5 are hard to solder into the wires. 

Can EC3 connect to EC5?

Yes, the EC3 can be connected to the EC5 connector. Normally, soldering works just fine. But they aren’t always the best solution. To connect an EC3 to an EC5 connector you can use a conversion connector. They are very cheap and easy to get. 

Take Away

That was everything we could come up with in the EC3 vs EC5 debate. Hopefully, you’ve found the answers that you were looking for. 

Finally, good luck on the connectors and happy racing!