FatShark Attitude V3 vs Dominator V3 – Which Goggle is Better?

Are you in a dilemma in choosing between Attitude V3 and Dominator V3? Well, we understand your pain. So, we’re here to help you choose and give you the ultimate FPV experience.

So, which one is better, FatShark Attitude v3 vs Dominator v3?

Both the FatShark models have their individual features. Dominator v3 has a high VGA display, higher mAh batteries, and a built-in DVR. On the other hand, the Attitude v3 has a wider FOV, built-in head tracker, a 5.5GHz. This has many more features included within a competitive price.

These are some of the determining factors that might help you choose.  But there’s more! Explore the in-depth differences down below to know everything you need. Hop on!

FatShark Attitude V3 vs Dominator V3: Quick Overview 

We’ve made a comparative overview between FatShark Attitude v3 specs and Dominator v3 specs. Let’s take a look at their distinctive features:  

FeaturesAttitude V3Dominator v3Winner
FOV32 degree30 degreeAttitude V3
IPD Range59 to 69 mm59 to 69mmTie
Display640 X 480 VGA800×480 WVGADominator v3
Power Consumption2.7W3.6WAttitude V3
Battery1000mAh LiPo 7.4V1800mAh LiPo 7.4VDominator v3
DC7-13V (2S/3S)7-13V (2S/3S)Tie
DVRNot IncludedBuilt-InDominator v3
Head Tracker9DOF 2-axisNot IncludedAttitude V3
Working Range5.8 GHzNone (depends on the VRX)Attitude V3

Now that you’ve got a sneak peek, which one do you like more? 

Well, you might still be confused. Fret not! Follow our detailed discussion on each to explore more.

FatShark Attitude V3 vs Dominator V3: Head to Head Comparison 

It’s completely fine if you couldn’t make up your mind looking at the preview. That’s why we go deeper into the features of each in this section. That’ll definitely help you to come to a decision. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the main features below!

Build Quality

The FatShark Attitude v3 is a low-profile “Slimline” goggle. These dual-screen googles incorporate two LCDs. The built-in heat-sink fan gives you a fog-free vision. The newly added IPD control makes this model more advanced than others in the product line.

Now you might be thinking, how good is the Dominator v3 build quality?

Well, the build quality of Dominator v3 is quite similar to that of Attitude v3. What makes the Dominator V3 stand out, is that it has a DVR. So, you can record your flights for later viewing. It also has an HDMI slot for an SD card. 

Build Quality Winner: FatShark Dominator V3

Field of View

The Attitude v3 has a wider FOV so you get a little bit more immersive experience. Even if you have a lower resolution, the higher FOV can give you the feel of a bigger screen. So, how much can you see with FatShark Attitude v3?

Attitude v3 has a 32-degree FOV display. The aspect ratio is the normal 4:3. Thus, it has the ideal balance of large-screen immersion, wider view, and high-pixel density clarity. 

IPD controls can give you a clear view. It helps you to focus without getting blurry images. Both the FatShark goggles have them. So, what’s the FOV of Dominator v3?

Dominator v3 features an immersive widescreen with 30-degree FOV. Due to the smaller field of view, the screen might feel a bit way off. Hence picking out details can get a little harder.

Winner: FatShark Attitude V3


FatShark Attitude v3’s binocular display has a normal 4:3 aspect ratio. The screen resolution is 640 X 480 VGA. The video quality is pretty good but not the best. So, you might wonder, can I change the display for FatShark Attitude v3?

Yes, you can change the display. The camera is NTSC/PAL selectable. The customer’s go-to picks are the newly updated 700TVL CMOS FPV Cameras. But you can use others that offer higher resolution.  This is applicable for Dominator v3 too.

Comparatively, the FatShark Dominator v3 aspect ratio is wider. Because of the 16:9 screen, the image might feel a little stretched out.  FatShark Dominator v3 resolution 800×480 SVGA is much better than that of Attitude v3.

We have listed the cameras that are compatible with the aspect ratio of Dominator v3 –

Make sure you match the aspect ratio when you make the purchase. Otherwise, along with the stretched-out image, you’ll have poor video quality as well.

Winner: FatShark Attitude v3

Battery & Power Consumption 

The 1000mAh battery of Attitude v3 will roughly last 2 hours. Comparatively, the Dominator v3’s 2S 1800mAh battery lasts for approximately 3 and a half hours. This is when it’s attached to the VFX. 

You might be thinking, how to charge the FatShark Dominator v3 battery?

To charge your v3 connect AV adapters to a battery charger.  Then select the battery type which is 3.7Vand charge.

A cool thing about the battery is that it shows your battery percentage. As a result, you’ll know when it’s time to charge. However, while recharging the batteries your required time may vary based on the mAh of the battery.

Winner: FatShark Dominator V3

Modular Details

FatShark Attitude v3 has a built-in 2 Axis Trinity Head Tracker and Raceband 5.8Ghz Rx module. It has a good VRX  and the Spironet antenna as well.  However, FatShark only gives one antenna. So, you’d have to buy another one.

Both FatShark Attitude v3 audio and FatShark Dominator v3 audio output is the same. So you can use earphones to listen. 

The Dominator v3 has modular bays to support 1G3, 2G4, and 5G8 band receivers. The thing is, you’d have to purchase them separately. 

FatShark Dominator v3 head tracking is not available with the whole package.  You can use 2-Axis or 3-Axis Trinity Head Tracker. Or, try the newly developed FSV2414 Trinity Head Tracker. 

The FatShark Dominator v3 antennas are also missing. But, you can use Ion Pro SMA, VAS BlueBeam Pro, or the VAS SkyHammer SMA one. These are all compatible with the 5.8 GHz module. 

Overall winner: FatShark Attitude v3

Working Range

You should ensure the video transmitter and the receiver are set to the same channel. Only then you’ll be able to establish a reliable video link. You might be thinking, can FatShark Attitude v3 connect to different channels?

Yes, it has access to multiple bands. With the right setting, it can connect to different channels. You will find the working channels and bands for Attitude v3 on the manual. The working frequency of FatShark Attitude v3 is 5.8GHz. 

The same goes for Dominator v3. It can have access to infinite channels. But to have access you’d have to buy the latest receiver modules and antennas. Dominator v3 is only compatible with NexwaveRF or RaceBand modules.

Winner: FatShark Attitude v3

Diverse Accessories 

The Attitude V3 features a modular receiver bay that allows for flexible receiver module input. So you can do unlimited upgrades. If you want you can add an external DVR function that will allow you to record the videos.

FatShark Attitude v3 accessories include Head Tracker Data cables, FSV2003 AV cables. Adjustable earphones and a Diopter lens are also available. For those with less-than-perfect vision, diopter inserts are available for both the FatShark models.  

FatShark Dominator v3 HDMI cable that can connect the goggles to your PC or other devices. 

Essential FatShark Dominator v3 accessories that you can buy are Trinity Head Tracker,  receiver module, and two antennas. Moreover, if you want to track your drone you could add a TinyTelemetry GPS locator.

Winner: FatShark Dominator v3

Comfortability & Experience

Attitude v3 has a fan-equipped faceplate for added comfort. In this model, FatShark has added 3D interlaced support as well! 

FPGA programming fills in frames and lines. And thus, it gives equivalent 2D image quality with an interlaced 3D camera. Making this a race-friendly headset. Moreover, you won’t need an additional receiver.  

Dominator v3 has almost the same build quality. One added assurance is that you won’t lose your recorded video if the battery runs flat. The DVR will auto-save recorded videos and prevent the loss of data. 

Another benefit is that you can locate your drone using a GPS locator. However, the higher aspect ratio can cause images to stretch out and distort it. But overall video quality is good so most of the time it’s used for free-style videography.

Now, your experience with both the devices may drop if there’s something wrong with the vehicle. For example, you might face some issues if your drone has a low charge. Now, if you follow a proper charging method, then this is an easily solvable issue. 

Winner: Tie


Most of the time pricing can be a deciding factor while buying FPV goggles. But, in this case, you won’t see much price difference between the two FatShark models. So, you’d have to decide if the cost is worth the features or not.

Surprisingly, Attitude v3 is much cheaper than a Dominator v3. FatShark Attitude v3 price is around $330. On the other hand, the versatile FatShark Dominator v3 price tag is $380. 

The built-in DVR in Dominator 3 is a much-needed feature. But you’d have to spend some extra dollars for modules and antennas. 

If we add basic modules and antennas to the mix, the price of Dominator v3 will be around $500 at best. If you want high-end modules, then it would cost a lot more.

Winner: FatShark Attitude v3

Which One Should You Go for? 

Attitude v3 offers the best combination of features, price, and not too many compromises. Yes, the battery doesn’t last long but you can always carry an extra one. So you might be thinking if FatShark Attitude v3 is worth the money?

Yes, it is. Almost all the advanced features of Dominator v3 can be customized and upgraded here. And if we compare, the features justify the price. 

The only saving grace for Dominator v3 is its resolution and the in-built DVR. A GPS system can be added too but you’d have to buy the head tracker and receiver module. 

So all in all, it might have a few desirable features. But it is missing some essential parts.  If you ask me the FatShark Dominator v3 is worth it or not, I’d say, no.


How’s the customer service of FatShark?

Fatshark is known for its responsive customer service. If your FAV goggles need repair or replacement, they’ll mail you the part. Or, they have you send it for repair.

Will exposing the goggles to the sun damage them?

Yes, leaving them out in the sun will burn off the LCD color filter.  You’ll see white spots on the lens that can’t be removed. So you’d have to get new lenses.

How long do FatShark’s Li-Po batteries last?

The estimated lifespan is up to 3 years. Most LiPo batteries have a maximum charge cycle life of 300 charge cycles. It depends on how they are used. 


This is all the necessary information on FatShark Attitude v3 vs Dominator v3.  We hope this helped you come up with a decision to choose the better FPV goggle.

Now, if you can’t compromise with the video quality, you should opt for Dominator v3. Otherwise, you should go for FatShark Attitude v3.

Have a good time with your FPV goggles!