DX6 vs DX9: Which RC Controller is Better? [Explained]

After looking through a ton of controllers you’ve come down to two-the DX6 and DX9. These are the bests in the market. But you’re not sure which one might be the best one for you!

So, which one’s the better one, DX6 vs DX9?

Both these gadgets are of top-notch quality. But the DX9 has 9 channels compared to the 6 channels on DX6. The frequencies of 2.4GHz are the same however, the DX9 has a faster mile range. Moreover, the programming on DX6 is easier compared to the DX9. However, the DX6 can only last 2.5-hours on one charge, while the DX9 lasts 8-hours.

This is basically the rundown of some features. We have many more in the segment. So, check those out!.

DX6 vs DX9: Quick Overview

Both DX6 and DX9 are best in their field of use. As these are different models, they’ve got some slight changes as well. We don’t see this similarity when two simulators of different brands are compared. So, let’s have a short overview of these two controllers’ specifications.

SpecificationsDX6 DX9
BatteriesAA BatteriesLithium-ion Battery
Frequency2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
ProgrammingTelemetry, forward programmingVoice Alerts, forward programming, telemetry, Wireless trainer ink

Now let’s get into some details and compare these two products.

Dx6 vs DX9: The Nerdy Details & Difference

Just an overview of the two controllers won’t give you a clear understanding. So, we’ve gone through all their features in detail. Let’s get into the whole thing!

What are the Unique Programming Features?

The DX6 has 6 channels, 250 memory and can be expanded via an SD card. It also has a basic telemetry system that’ll show you the battery level, signal strength, and airspeed. 

The DX6 has a transmitter and receiver. Along with this receiver, it also is compatible with the AR610 DSMX receiver. Basically, you can use most DSMX and DSM2 receivers. 

You may also ask, does it have forward programming?

Yes, it does have forward programming. This enables you to configure receivers wirelessly and directly from the transmitter reducing downtime. However, you’ll need to do some complex programming to set it up. 

Comparatively, the 9 channel DX9 has all the features of the DX6. But it also includes a voice alert feature. Moreover, the wireless trainer functions let you control another transmitter and 2 models simultaneously. 

So, programming-wise, DX9 takes the lead.

Does it Have Good Build Quality?

DX6 has been built with good ergonomics. A plastic body with a grippy textured hand rest. The control stick gimbals have even weight making them smooth to use. The DX6 also has a transmitter case included. 

So, the chances of your transmitter and receiver problems will reduce. 

However, the battery cover tends to fall off if too much pressure is applied. But apart from that, it’s made to make you feel comfortable while using it.

On the other hand, the ergonomics of the DX9 is praiseworthy. The superb weight distribution makes it feel like a part of your hand. Also, its non-slip rubber grips give you a stronger grip. 

It’s also made from good quality plastic material. The gimbals have quad bearings, making them very comfortable to use. It also has a well-backlit screen and adjustable switch configuration.

The DX6 has a good build, but the DX9 is more improved. 

How Long Can it Last?

The DX6 is powered by 4 AA batteries. These are standard 1.5-volt rechargeable AA batteries included with the package. The batteries would last for about 2.5 hours depending on your use. But you have to carry extras in case they run out.

The DX9 on the other hand is equipped with lithium-ion batteries. You’ll get 8-10 hours of backup with one charge. These 2000 mAh batteries are rechargeable. Li-ion batteries reduce the hassle of having to replace normal batteries from time to time.

So, needless to say, DX9 takes the lead here as well!

How Accurate is the Frequency?

The frequency that’s used in DX6 is very fast and responsive. The controller has a 2.4GHz band and a 1.2-mile range. Thus users can run their RC models farther.

So, how do I range test the DX6?

To test the range, press the trainer button on your controller. Then select the range test option. When the controller is operating on lower wattage, start moving your control sticks. That’s how you can check the functions. 

DX9 also has a 2.4 GHz frequency full range capacity. Moreover, it has a remarkable 1.4-mile range. It gives the controller the power to be used for higher and distant runs. 

Here too the DX9 takes the lead by a 0.2-mile range. 

Can it Run Different Vehicles?

The DX6 can run many different vehicles. Its multi-channel feature and control interface storage allow you to run various models with one controller.

So, how many channels does the Spektrum DX6 have?

The Spektrum DX6 has 6 channels. This controller comes with 250 models of vehicular control preinstalled. This makes it a versatile product for airplanes, helicopters, cars, sailboat models, etc.

It has many programmed features including 7 aircraft wings, 6 tails, and 7 Swashplate controls.

The DX9 also comes with 250 model controls preinstalled. But it has 3 more channels and a better interface. Airplane, sailplane, helicopter, and rotary vehicles can be controlled with this product. This gives the user a simplified and easy approach.

The DX9 gives you versatility beyond imagination, thus once again taking the lead. 

How Much Control Will You Have Over Your RC?

DX6 gives you a versatile experience for a beginner-level controller. It has five types of flight modes. Moreover, this includes 4 wing types, 3 tail types, and many more control options available. This gives you decent control over your RC vehicles.

In the case of DX9, it can do all that a DX6 is capable of but more sophisticatedly. DX9 has a new type of forwarding programming as well as wireless trainer links. This allows it to be used for multiple RC vehicles without changing the transmitter. 

The 11ms response time allows you to control it with just one touch. Hence gives DX9 the upper hand.

How Much Real-Time Information Can You Get? 

The real-time information from the DX6 telemetry can be seen through the display. This gives you a  better knowledge of the surroundings. It features the battery level, radio signal quality, motor or engine temperature, airspeed, altitude, weather, and more.

Now, our DX9 has all the amazing features of the DX6. However, this one also has a unique voice alert feature which makes it much easier to control. It also lets the user not avert their eyes from the RC vehicle. Thus making it more safe and controllable.

You can use the AR6270T 6CH Carbon Fuse Integrated Telemetry RX for better telemetrical information.

Is it Easy to Upgrade and Setup?

The DX6 transmitter setup is very simple and easy to do. Thus it can be done within seconds. The work is only to install the transmitter on the model vehicles. After installing you just simply turn on the controller and transmitter. Then, select your control preset and set it up. 

For the DX9 transmitter setup, there are some intricacies. Its telemetry modules are sold separately. Plus it has some complex programming functions which make it very difficult to set it up. Only after you’ve programmed and set up your DX9, can you pair and use it!

Both DX6 and DX9 are easily upgradable in terms of software firmware. Firstly, you can upgrade the SD cards. This is because the ones that come with the gadget sometimes malfunction. Here are a few recommendations for you to choose from:

These new ones should solve the problems immediately!

Apart from that, you might face some other issues like trouble syncing with propel drones. But that’s natural for all sorts of controllers. So, you can probably fix it with a few steps. And as it’s pretty common for all, there’s no difference between the two in this case. 

Now to keep your software up-to-date on your radio, you need to register it on Spektrum’s website. After that, you can update your firmware that is specific to your controller! 

Just connect your SD card via USB cable to download the update. Then use it to improve the interface and remove any bugs on the programs. 

Which One Shows Better Performance?

In terms of performance, your controller must have a powerful transmitter with supreme range. As well, it should have better battery life and power consumption. Moreover, the interface of the controller also brings better performance and experience for the user. 

Now, both the DX6 and DX9 are equipped with a wide 2.4 GHz transmitter, giving it a great range. So, what is the range of the 2.4 GHz transmitter?

The range of the 2.4 GHz transmitter is 1.2-2 miles. Giving you the best distance control experience.

The DX6 is more user-friendly thus making it perfect for beginners. However, the 4 AA DX6 transmitter battery has limited backup. Hence extensive use might drain the battery very fast. But, you can easily replace them with a Spektrum DX6 transmitter battery pack.

On the other hand, DX9 has a wider and complex interface. It’s an intermediate-level user controller. The features are more advanced. It gives the user more control and influence over the model vehicles. Comparatively, the DX9 transmitter battery pack is lithium-ion. Thus you have more backup and you can even use it while it’s charging.

So, the DX 9 gets the upper hand in terms of performance. Due to its elaborate features and better battery, it’s a better one than the DX6.  

So, Which One is Better?

Comparing the two models, it’s safe to say that this is built for different users. DX6 is built for entry-level users, while the DX9 is for experts. Moreover, the programming and control are quite intricate on the DX9 comparatively. 

Both of these are of top-notch quality and are comfortable to use. But the dx9 transmitter vs dx6 transmitter price here can be a major factor. The DX6 is around $300, whereas the DX9 is around a whopping $500. 

So, is DX9 worth it?

Yes, DX9 is definitely worth it but only if you’re an expert. Because if you’re just buying this as a hobby, this might not be the right investment. But for a serious RC enthusiast, this might be the perfect gadget. 

That’s everything about the comparison between a DX6 and a DX9 RC controller.


How long does the dx9 battery last?

You will get at least 8-10 hours of runtime from a fully charged DX9 battery. But it depends on the weather and a number of maneuvers. Moreover, the distance you let it run also varies with longevity.

Can I operate multiple receivers with one Dx9 transmitter?

Yes. A DX9 has 9 channels. This lets you control and operate multiple receivers. The transmitter installed can operate over 9 channels. Thus, it can work with at most 9 receivers.

What makes the DSM 2.4GHz RF link so strong for DX6 and DX 9?

The radio frequency link is strong because of the technology used on these two controllers. Spektrum has its own unique program and frequency transmitter. This makes the RF link wider and stronger. It in turn gives a reliable signal every time.


That’s everything there is to compare between DX6 vs DX9 controllers. So, compare all their features and you can come to a decision to make your purchase!

A benefit would be to get advice from someone who is an RC model expert. They can give you the best option between these two for your use.

Have a great day!