How to Charge 2/3 aa Batteries? Find The Answer Here

The primary requirement of a battery is that it requires a charge. But not all the batteries are of the same type. Thus, their charging styles are different as well. So, knowing how to charge a ⅔ AA battery is important. 

So, you need to know how to charge it properly to run the battery!

This is not a critical task to do. However, you just need to know about the processes to charge these batteries. But a misguide can lead to bad consequences!

So, how to charge ⅔ aa batteries?

You can charge your ⅔ aa batteries following two different methods. You can start charging it using electricity. Other than that, you can also try charging the batteries with a normal battery charger. To know more, see the steps.

If you’re worried about the guidelines, we’ve got your back! We can provide you with the information you need.

So, get started right away!

How Can I Charge My ⅔ aa Batteries?

A ⅔ AA battery charger is used for solar lights just like normal batteries. You can charge your ⅔ aa batteries following a few common methods. 

The 2/3 aa rechargeable batteries for solar lights can be easily recharged. Now, you may ask is there a charge for 2/3 aa batteries? We’d get this answer in a while.

People most of the time get confused about which one to choose. Because they don’t have any idea about the right one so that they aren’t confident enough!

But today, we have here the methods described in detail. So, take a look.

Method 1: Charge With The Electricity

You may wonder how to charge batteries without charger! Well, you can find the answer now.

Charging 2/3AA batteries is similar to charging 3000mah and 5000mah batteries. We recommend you to choose this method if you’re alright. 

We divided this method into a few steps so that you understand it properly. Take a look.

Step 1: Connect Your Battery

Link your battery to an adjustable voltage output power supply. In addition, connect an ammeter with it. This would display the current readings flowing through the 2/3 aa battery

Step 2: Keep on Raising The Voltage As Required

Continue to raise the voltage while keeping an eye on the current. Maintain an ongoing capacity of less than 20% of the total battery capacity. In addition to that, monitor the battery’s temperature on a regular basis. 

Step 3: Reduce The Charging Current As Needed

Reduce the charging current if the temperature rises dramatically. The issue is that you have no way of knowing when the battery is completely charged. 

You’ll have to make an educated guess based on the current charge level and duration.

This is how you can simply charge your ⅔ aa batteries with electricity.

Method 2: Charge with A Normal Battery Charger

If you think about how to charge batteries at home, then this is for you. This method is applicable if you have a battery charger with you. Take a look now to know, can you charge solar light batteries in a charger or not.

Step 1: Manage A Charger

For this, you’ll need a multifunctional battery charger. To charge these solar lights, take off their battery. Then look up charging instructions in the battery’s documentation. 

If you don’t have a multifunctional charger, it’s fine. Just get one from a store around you. 

Still confused to choose the one? Well, count on the suggestions that we have.

These are some of the best we could find out there, we hope this helps!

Step 2: Configure The Charger

Configure the charger to the appropriate settings. Choose the sort of battery, the maximum load current, the voltage, and the charging method. 

Sometimes, the charging might be inadequate if the charger settings aren’t right. This could also harm the battery in the long run. So, take that into account while handling the battery as well.

Step 3: Modify The Charger If Required

Various battery chargers perform differently in certain situations. If necessary, you may modify your battery charger. Check to see if the battery charger is on. 

Allow it to fully charge on its own. You now understand how to recharge 2/3 aa solar batteries using a battery charger.

Remember one thing, you can use this battery for RC cars like roller cars.

What Long Can A ⅔ aa Battery Last?

Batteries last depending on how you use them. The primary reason for a battery going bad is no use of it. If you keep a battery without using it for a long time, it’d turn bad.

However, if you use your ⅔ aa battery in a normal way, it can last many years. It can go up to a minimum of 9 years if properly kept.

Remember that your batter can turn bad for many other reasons. A battery can turn bad if you use the appliance roughly. That is, not giving a break using the appliance.

Your battery might also get affected if you don’t charge it properly. You may also wonder, how many times can you recharge batteries? Well, it’s better not to charge it more than once a day.

Charging less or for too long like overcharging is not good. So, try to maintain these things.


Question: Can I get a charger for the ⅔ aa batteries?

Answer: Yes, you may buy a charger for these batteries. You can choose one of them from the market that you find the most convenient. These chargers generally have DC charging mode. This mode helps the battery to have a safe temperature while charging.

Question: How long would it take to charge ⅔ batteries?

Answer: The ⅔ aa batteries take way lesser than that of 3 AA batteries. These ⅔ aa batteries would take up to 5 or 6 hours to recharge fully. However, if the battery is conventional, then it would take longer. It would take around 10 hours to be charged.

Question: How to reckon if the battery is fully charged?

Answer: Use a battery charger designed for the sort of battery you’re using to charge it. Make certain to bill them for the time required. Once your battery is recharged, most battery chargers consist of a green light that illuminates.

Question: Can a ⅔ aa battery go bad?

Answer: Yes, a battery can definitely go bad with time. The most common reason for this is no use of the battery or appliance for a long time. However, the battery can also go bad if you use the appliance roughly without a proper break.

Question: How to understand if the battery turns bad?

Answer: Connect the positive and negative terminals with the probes. Then double-check the result. Any voltage lower than half the battery’s specified voltage indicates problems. The battery is in poor condition and has to be changed.

The Final Words

Now you know how to charge 2/3 aa batteries! We hope you have no confusion about your concern now.

If you still got any confusion, please leave a comment. We’d be glad to help!

All the best!