How to Start a Nitro Car without a Pull Start

Broke the pull start of your RC Nitro car? Saddened that you can’t play with your RC car any longer. Fret not, we’re here to help.

With no other option at hand,  wondering how to start a Nitro Car without a Pull Start?

A Nitro Car can be started without a pull start using a drill. You only need a couple of sockets and socket attachments. Take out the nut-bearing from behind the RC car and put it inside the socket. Then after attaching it to where the pull start was, start the drill. The drill will need to be used in a few second bursts multiple times.

Starting an RC nitro car without a pull start is considered unconventional. It can be done easily. We’ve covered all there is to know about the topic. 

Should You Start a Nitro Car without a Pull Start?

Yes, you can start a nitro car without a pull start. Don’t worry it won’t harm your car and it’s a completely safe process. The process to start a nitro car without a nitro car isn’t that hard. So, if you got a drill lying around why not use it instead. 

Tried to start your nitro car, but it isn’t starting. So, why is your nitro RC car not working?

The most typical reason is that your battery has run out of power. This can occur in either the car or the remote. A common reason is that the link between the car and the remote is broken. As a result, make sure you replace your batteries. Even if changing the batteries doesn’t work, try replacing the remote. Because the remote is most likely defective.

Starting a Nitro Car without a Pull Start: The Foolproof Way

So now you’ve decided to take an attempt at starting your car without a pull start. But how to go about it? Sit back and relax. We have got you covered. 

Components Required

These components will be needed to start the RC nitro car. 

The ingredients can be bought from any hardware store or online easily.

Process 1: Using a drill

Starting the RC nitro car with a drill. You’ll also need a few sockets, an impact extension, and a hex nut.

Step 1: Collect Your Components

First, make sure that you have all the components we’ve mentioned earlier. Because even if one of them is missing the RC car won’t start.

Step 2: Preparing the Tools

Take your 12 mm socket and add a small roll of paper into it. Then put in the Hex Nut bearing inside. The roll of paper was added first to ensure the hex nut isn’t too deep. Then attach the socket to the biggest impact extension for higher reach. Then attach the extension to your drill.

Step 3: Starting the RC Nitro Car

Connect your drill to the flywheel and insert your N3 Glow plugs. When they are both connected use the drill in 3-second bursts 3-4 times. This will allow fuel to enter the engine. After that use the drill until the car starts. Don’t remove the N3 Glow Plugs or the drill at any time until the RC car starts. 

We’ve broken down the process involved in starting a nitro car without a pull-start. The RC will now run in any weather or circumstance without a hitch.

Process 2: Using a Starter Box

Nitro cars can be started using a starter box if the pull-start is broken.

Step 1: Connect the Start Box to the Flywheel

A starter box is placed on top of RC. The engine is then started by connecting it to a flywheel and rotating it. The engine is started by bumping the flywheel against the disc in the starter box. This is known as a bump-start system.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to carry around the starter box and access a power source.

Precautions to Take Before Starting Nitro Car

Before starting the nitro car, some measures must be performed. So you don’t break a part of the engine or the car. If you are cautious, the procedure will go off without a hitch. However, if you are not, be prepared to make mistakes.

Both the processes we’ve mentioned seem complicated. Then how to start the nitro RC car with an electric start?

On the RC, mount the little motor for the electric start system. Ignite the glow plug simultaneously and automatically. This procedure is suited to an electric starter with an onboard style. A non-pull start engine, like the bump start method, requires the transport of more stuff. This includes the electric starter, as well as its batteries and charger. 

Still Stuck? Here’s How to Repair the Pull Start

We’ve mentioned how to start a Car without a Pull Start in the previous paragraphs. If you think that process is a little too much work. Don’t worry, we’ll help you repair your pull start. So, you can again start using the pull start. 

Take out the recoil starter. Begin by unscrewing the four screws that hold it to the engine. Next, take the one-way hub out of the middle. Untie the knot on the string that holds the handle in place. Allow the rope to draw into the housing. Following that, gently disassemble the recoil, taking special care with the recoil spring.

Step 1

Start by putting the spring into the starter lot. Wrap the spring slowly around the interior of the spool, as shown.

Step 2

Place the spool inside the recoil housing. Thread the cord’s end through the opening in the outer casing. Tie a temporary knot at the end of the cord at this point.

Step 3

Grip the spring through the center with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Check that the cord is not being pulled inside the house. Tighten the tension by coiling the spring clockwise. Rotate the spring and insert its end into the middle spring mount.

Step 4

Reattach your handle to the cord. Slide the handle spacer onto the cord, then the handle. To keep the cord from being dragged back in, tie a double knot at the end.

If you’ve followed all the steps we’ve mentioned, the RC car should start to work. 


The article has covered all there is to know about starting Nitro Cars without a Pull Start. But for your benefit, we’ve answered the most common questions we’ve faced.

Why is My Nitro RC Car Not Starting?

If your nitro engine is still not starting. Check that the needle valves on the carb are properly adjusted. If you don’t have much experience with models, make sure to follow the instructions in your engine’s manual.

How Long Do Nitro RC Cars Run for?

Nitro RC cars can run for about 15-20 minutes on a single tank of gas. Even while that may not appear to be a long time. You can refuel the RC vehicle without ever turning off the engine. This allows you to race for hours on end without ever shutting down your RC car.

Why is My RC Car Not Moving?

Cables that are loose or broken can cause a slew of problems. If the steering works but the RC does not, it could be due to a loose wire from the engine. A loose wire to the steering servo could cause a lack of steering. Reattaching loose connections and resoldering wires may resolve the issue.

Which is Faster: Nitro or Electric RC?

Brushless motors can also operate at far higher voltages than brushed motors. Brushless motors with a high voltage supply can assist a newbie RC racer in reaching fast speeds. 

Bottom Line

If you’re curious How to Start a Nitro Car Without a Pull Start?  We have covered everything there is to know about the subject.

Still got any questions? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.