IC5 Vs EC5: Which One Is Better?

Choosing the right battery connector for your RC can be pretty confusing. Especially if your vehicle needs a higher amp load than regular battery connectors.

Then ec5 or ic5 would be the most popular option out there. Since both serve similar purposes people compare them pretty often.

So which one is better between ic5 vs ec5?

Both ec5 and ic5 can supply up to 90-120 amps. Although both connectors have a similar design, soldering of ec5 is pretty tough to perform. Ic5 on the other hand is pretty easy to handle and has a smarter connection. But they are expensive. Ec5 is comparatively a lot cheaper.

Wanna hear more details about them? Then join us for the rest of our discussion.

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Quick Comparison: IC5 Vs EC5

Is ic5 and ec5 the same? Definitely not. Take a look at the fundamental difference between these two battery connectors.

BrandSpektrumHorizon Hobby
Dimensions 81mm x 53mm x 12.5 mm34mm x 20mm x 10mm
Weight9 grams14 grams
Amps Load120 amps120 amps
Pin TypeBulletBullet
Ease Of UseEasierEasy except soldering
PriceCheck Price Check Price

Now that we know a few facts about these connectors let’s check out this graph: 

Ready for the detailed explanations? Let’s jump in.

Detailed Comparison: IC5 Vs EC5

For an RC vehicle enthusiast choosing a good battery connector is an important task. Because if the battery connector isn’t compatible with your vehicle there’s no point in buying.

A lot of good battery connectors are out on the market at the moment. But if you’re to look for heavy RC vehicles the options aren’t many. 

Surely you may have heard about deans or xt60. But are they compatible with heavy RC vehicles? That’s where the debate on Ic5 or ec5 connectors comes in. 

Because these two connectors are specially made with heavy RCs in mind. Xt60 is also compatible with bigger RCs. But its design is quite different from ec5 or ic5

Source: rcfox.de

So, comes the comparison. Let’s see the detailed difference between these two battery connectors to find their strong points.


Ec5 and ic5 connectors look a lot alike. Their functioning system is also very similar. But the total dimensions of both connectors are pretty different.

Ec5 is rather longer and thinner compared to ic5 battery connectors. Whereas the ic5 connector is a bit on the wider side. The approximate dimensions of the ec5 connector are 1.31 x 0.75 in inches. 

But for the ic5, the dimension is 3.2 x 2.1 x 0.49 in inches. One of the good sides of ic5 is that it’s more lightweight than an ec5. But, ec5’s thinner build also gives it advantages to some lengths.

Winner: The ic5 connector


So, how stiff is the connection point for the ec5 or ic5 connector? It’s pretty good for both products. But if we’re to compare, ec5 probably has a stiffer connection than an ic5.

Once you get the bullet part connected to the other side the connection gets stiff. So you can pretty much expect a safe connection through your ec5 battery connector.

Ic5 may not be as stiff as ec5 but the connection is pretty good. Also, the ic5 and ec5 connector are interchangeable. That means both of these connectors are compatible with each other. 

No need to worry about the ec5 to ic5 adapter. If you have an ic5 as a port you can easily connect ec5 with it. Makes both of the products pretty efficient. 

Winner: The ec5 connector

Ease Of Use

Both ec5 and ic5 connectors are easy to use. But when it comes to soldering ic5 is much easier to handle than an ec5. The ic5 casing is similar to xt60 and xt90

Which makes it easier to solder the connector pins to the case. Ec5 on the other hand can be pretty tricky to solder. This is due to the bullet pin’s shape. 

Although ec5 is reusable, each time you disassemble ec5 connector assembly the casing gets fatigued. Ic5 is better in that regard. Because it’s easier and safer to solder them together.

Also, you can change the pins multiple times as you need. The casing is pretty strong and stiff so it doesn’t get fatigued easily. So the durability of the ic5 connector is pretty good.

The error-free charging system is another flexing point of ic5 connectors.  This surely gives ic5 an upper hand over ec5 battery connectors.

Winner: The ic5 connector


Between an ec5 and ic5 battery connector, ec5 is the cheapest option. They are fairly affordable making them a popular option for RC enthusiasts. The same can’t be said about ic5.

Source: hobbyking.com

Ic5 is fairly popular for RC owners but not for the prices. They are pretty expensive. Owning an ic5 will probably cost you 10 or more dollars compared to an ec5.

But the service it provides is worth the price. They are pretty durable too. 

Winner: The ec5 connector

Final Verdict: IC5 Vs EC5

Ec5 and ic5 battery connectors have a lot more similarities than dissimilarities. Both of the products are pretty popular among RC owners. Here’s a table to give you a quick wrap up: 

If you consider the long run ic5 would win this battle. The ic connector series has become pretty popular recently due to Spektrum’s well branding. Almost all Spektrum vehicles come with ic series connectors now.

Ec5 is lacking behind when it comes to branding. Although it’s compatible with bigger vehicles, ic5 is the safer option to go with. Especially if you own Spektrum RCs.

The only drawback of ic5 is its pricing that’s moderately higher than its competitors. So, if pricing really isn’t an issue go for ic5. You wouldn’t regret it.

Although we are giving our crown to ic5, it doesn’t mean ec5 isn’t worth the money. Ec5 is undoubtedly one of the safer options for heavy RCs. But its biggest drawback is its soldering process.

So, before making your purchase we hope you consider all these aspects carefully. 


Are ec3 and ec5 connectors the same?

EC battery connector series comes in three different sizes. Ec5 is the latest model among these three. Ec3 is the smaller version of ec5. It has an amps load of 60 amps. So you can use ec5 with rather small vehicles. Other than the size and amp rating both are pretty similar but not the same.

What is the battery compatibility for ec5 and ic5?

Ec5 and ic5 battery connectors are compatible with vehicles with bigger energy requirements. Precisely 6s, 7s, 8s lipo batteries that need 90+ amps or higher ampere load. If your vehicle needs more power coverage then ic5 or ec5 would be a better option.

Are ec5 and ic5 compatible with xt60?

Yes, both ec5 and ic5 are compatible with xt60 battery connectors. So you can easily connect xt60 with either of the two connectors. However, be mindful of the amp load. Ec5 and ic5 both can handle up to 120 amps. But xt60 can handle from 30 to 90 amps rating.


With that, we would like to end our today’s discussion on ic5 vs ec5. Hopefully, now you have a perfect idea of the differences between ic5 vs ec5 connectors.

For similar compatibility, you can try the xt connector series as well. 

Happy racing!