Traxxas Slash No Reverse [4 Reasons and Solutions] 

Pressing the reverse throttle but the Traxxas Slash won’t reverse? We get it. We can help you find the solution to your problem. 

People often do not realize what they’re doing wrong. Hence get really confused regarding what they should do. Worry not, if you’re one of them we got you. 

We’re going to explain exactly what you need in this article. 

So, what actually is Traxxas Slash no reverse problem?

The Traxxas Slash no reverse problem could occur for various reasons. For instance shifting too fast, transmission overload, higher idle speed, and damaged transmission. But before moving on to the main issues we’ve discussed a few things you should consider. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Few Things to Consider

The Traxxas Slash is an RC vehicle. This RC vehicle specializes in short-course racing. Short course racing could get pretty intense. 

One thing you should do before anything is that check if the transmitter and the receiver are working properly.

An important thing to consider: RC has 3 modes. Each mode has a specific percentage of power for throttle and reverse throttle. 


The Race mode doesn’t have the reverse throttle option. 

Here are the Traxxas Slash three modes

Race Mode

Traxxas Slash race mode gives you 100% forward throttle and 100% braking power. But does not give any reverse throttle. This mode is used mostly in racing competitions. 

There are tournaments that disallow reversing reserving the RC vehicle. That’s why the manufacturers add this mode to assist the racers. 

Keep in mind that, in race mode, the top speed does not increase.  

Sports mode

Traxxas Slash sports mode gives you 100% forward throttle, 100% braking power, and 100% reverse throttle. The factory sets this mode as default. This mode is also recommended as the default setting for general use. 

Training Mode

Traxxas SlashTraining mode gives you 50% Forward throttle and 50% reverse throttle. But keeps the braking power to 100%. This mode is recommended to use for the first few times after purchase. 

So, make sure you know which mode you are in. You could have accidentally switched to race mode. This might be the reason you cannot reverse your RC car. 

You should keep in mind the 3 modes and learn how to program the Traxxas ESC. 

Troubleshooting the Traxxas Slash Reverse Mechanism

Let’s say you’re in the right mode. But you still cannot reverse your RC. You can be asking why won’t my Traxxas go in reverse?

Let’s see why. 

Shift Too Fast

Shifting from forwarding throttle to reverse throttle too fast could create malfunctions in the reverse. If you shift the gears too fast and too frequently there is a possibility that the RC will get stuck. It won’t go in reverse. 


This is an easily solvable problem. You should refrain from shifting from forwarding throttle to reverse throttle too fast. 


You should wait at least one second before switching from forwarding throttle to reverse throttle. 

Transmission Overload

If you’ve driven your RC for some time then you’ve most likely got it stuck. At least once by now. It’s quite normal for ac RC to get wedged in or stuck in random objects. 

Most times this doesn’t affect the RC much. But sometimes it creates a heavy load on the transmission. This overloads the transmission. And transmission overload could result in forwarding throttle and reserve throttle malfunction. 


Well, the easy solution is to try to be careful while driving the RC. Try to prevent it from getting stuck. 

Now let’s say you do get it stuck. What do you do? 

Firstly, you should not hit the forward throttle or reverse throttle. You should instantly put the throttle control to neutral. 

Try to free the RC by hand now. Once the car is free set it on the ground. Then you can drive the RC normally. 

Higher Idle Speed

If you set your engine idle speed at a very high level then the RC will not shift to reverse. Hence you should always check the idle speed in your RC. 

When it becomes higher, you should dial it down. 


To fix this problem, you’ll need to know how to lower the idle speed. The idle stop screw can be used to adjust the idling speed.


First, locate the idle screw. It’s usually located right beside the ESC. Once you have located the screw, you need to turn it in. 

Now using a screwdriver, you need to turn the screw anti-clock. Here are our top choices for screwdrivers:

The idle speed can be reduced by turning the screw counterclockwise. Similarly, if you turn the screw clockwise it will increase the speed. 

Make sure the idle speed isn’t too high or too low by adjusting the screw.

Damaged Transmission

RC racing or dashing gets very intense at times. This could cause internal damage to the RC transmission gears. Which could result in damaged reverse throttle in your RC.

You can identify this issue easily. You could test servo with a servo tester. Or if the servo engages reverse drive but does not go in reverse. 


In order to solve this, you need to diagnose the transmission system. 

First, you should remove the transmission system from the RC. Then you should disassemble the transmission to see if any gear is damaged. 

If you find any damaged gear you must replace the gear. After replacing the gear you’ll need to assemble the transmission and then put it back. 

You also need to check if the motor is working as well. If it is not then get some replacement motors for Traxxas Slash. 

Here are our top picks for Traxxas Slash motors:

This should fix the transmission problem. 


How fast can the Traxxas Slash travel?

The Traxxas Slash can up to the speed of 70 mph. But it depends on which you’re using it in. If you are in race mode then it can reach the mentioned speed. But if you are in training mode the forward throttle power is reduced to 50%.  Which means that it will not reach full speed. 

Can the Traxxas Slash be converted from 2wd to 4wd?

Yes, the Traxxas slash 2WD can be converted to 4wd. Traxxas Slash can be converted from 2wd to 4wd using the Traxxas Stampede kit. Traxxas announced this kit specifically to convert the 2wd kit to the 4wd kit.  This Stampede kit come with two options, with electricity, and without electricity.

How can you change modes in Traxxas Slash?

Change modes in Traxxas Slash using the EZ-Start button. Press and hold the EZ-Start button. First, a Red LED will blink followed by a green LED. Keep holding the button. Let go of the button when the Red light blinks once for race mode. Blinks twice for sports mode and thrice for training mode. 


We’ve tried to cover all the possible solutions for your problem. Hopefully, now you can solve your Traxxas Slash no reverse problem. 

Bonus tip for you before you go. Do check the batteries frequently. It could also cause the no reverse problem. 

Thank you for your time. Catch you later.