Spektrum DX9 Problems: 4 Common Reasons and Solutions 

Your Spektrum DX9 transmitter has run into some issues. Now you’re not quite sure where the problem lies. But as you know with gadgets you have to look into it sooner rather than later.

So, what’s causing my Spektrum DX9 problems?

Running into problems is quite common in gadgets. If you’re not able to get control of the controller, look into the battery. Also, make sure the antennas are straight and the frequency aligns with your device. Check for loose connection or wiring. This can also cause your transmitter to not respond. Lastly, check if the throttle is disconnected or loose.

Intrigued by this sneak peek? Well, we have an in-depth discussion about the problems along with the solutions down below. So, take a tour down below!

Are You Really Having Issues with the Controller?

Well when you’re thinking of fixing the issue, you might instantly think it’s the controller. But before you jump right in, you might need to consider checking some other parts. Let’s test the controller and your RC vehicle!

Test the Controller with Different Vehicle

First of all, you need to test if your controller is functioning. To verify this you need to use it in another vehicle. So, if your propel drone is facing syncing problems try the controller with another device. Make sure the frequencies are exact on both devices. 

After that, bind your controller to the other vehicle and test it. If it’s functioning then the issue might exist in the RC you’re using before. 

Test the Failing Vehicle with Different Controller

After the previous one, you now need to test your RC vehicle with a different controller. Similarly, confirm if the frequencies are the same. Sync and operate it as you normally would. If the car functions, then it’s your main controller which is at fault. 

Now if the problem lies within the controller, we have some troubleshoots for you to try.

Let’s Troubleshoot the Problems with Your DX9 

Your Spektrum controller running into some problems is not unlikely. These are quite common with such gadgets. Moreover, the fixes are quite easy.

So, let’s have a look at some Spektrum DX9 issues and their possible fixes. 

Sudden Loss ff Control

One of the very common problems of a DX9 transmitter is, it suddenly loses control. There can be several reasons for this. This might include dying batteries, high-frequency exposure, or broken antenna. 

The thing is, this is a pretty common issue of the rc transmitter and receiver

Moreover, sometimes the problem also lies within the firmware update. So, let’s find some effective solutions for these issues. 

Cause 1: Dying Battery

Sometimes DX9’s battery might not charge properly because of a faulty charger or wiring. As a result, the batteries wear out quickly. 

In some cases, your gadget might display the incorrect charge rate. This can be somewhat misleading.

Fix 1: Remove And Readjust The Battery

Firstly, you need to take out your batteries. Wipe the area with a clean paper towel. Then put the batteries back on. Now, check if the batteries are now charging or not. Use a fluke 106 digital voltmeter to inspect the reading here. 

Fix 2: Calibrate The battery

Another thing you can try out is to calibrate your batteries. To do so, drain them out entirely and then charge them fully. While charging, keep the device turned off. After it’s charged, check if it resolves the problem. Otherwise, move on to the next solution.

Cause 2: Exposure to High Frequency

Your transmitter’s frequency and channel need to be correct and match with your device. Transmitters generally employ 6, 26, and 80 GHz frequencies for level length.

Now, if some surrounding frequency interrupts your device’s frequency, then it’ll lose signal. Thus, in turn, you’ll lose control over your device. 

Fix: Set Controller and Vehicle to The Exact Channel 

To fix this issue, make sure you’re not around any high-frequency devices. This might include an amplifier, microwaves, etc. If you are, then you need to move into a place where there isn’t any interference.

After that, resync your controller to your RC vehicle and give it a go. It should start working now!

Cause 3: Degraded Antenna

The condition of your antenna can also influence the transmission range. If your antenna is broken it won’t deliver signals between the transmitter and receiver correctly.

Fix 1: Replace the Antenna 

Firstly, make sure your antenna is extended all the way. After that, test if it’s working.

Otherwise, Spektrum DX9 antenna replacement is the solution in this case. But make sure you match the antenna feeder to your transmitter. 

Here are some of the best Spektrum antenna recommendations for you. Take a look:

You can choose any one of these to replace your Spektrum DX9’s degraded antenna.

Fix 2: Setting the Long Range Mode

To set this mode, you’ll need 2 things. One is 2X U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA Pigtail antenna wifi cable. The other one is a TP-LINK 2.4GHz 8dBi antenna. 

Step 1: Remove the Antenna Cover

First, you need to remove the screws with a screwdriver from your controller’s back. Then carefully extract the antenna top and remove the old cable.

Step 2: Put the New Wire On

Plug the RP-SMA cable on. Now screw the cable up tightly and put the TP-LINK antenna cover back. This will give you approximately 2 miles range.  

Cause 4: Using the Wrong Battery or High Voltage Surge

Using the wrong batteries can stream ridiculously high voltage to your batteries. Hence the batteries might overcharge and cause an imbalanced pressure and power. This can result in the system failure of your DX9.  

Fix: Put in Batteries with Right Capacity 

For your DX9 you need to make sure you’re using the right batteries. Usually, a 4000mAh 7.4V Spektrum LiPo battery works the best in DX9. 

It’s built-in such a way that when the battery is fully charged it turns off. Hence making it less vulnerable to overcharging. Also, proper voltage flow saves your controller from any damage.

Cause 5: Firmware Update

Your DX9 might not be sending proper signals due to the Spektrum DX9 Firmware Update Issue. In such cases, corrupt or malfunctioning firmware can be responsible for the mess.

Fix: Update the Firmware 

To fix this issue, you’ll have to update it. Now you might be asking, how do I update my DX9?

To update your DX9, you need to register your Spektrum product on its website. Then download the latest update by inputting your device’s serial number. Transfer the update from your PC to the SD card. Power up your TX with the SD card installed.

Your DX9’s firmware would be updated successfully and should fix the problem.

Zero Response 

Sometimes your DX9 may not respond at all. This can be due to a damaged or dead battery, loose circuit or wiring connection, etc. So, let’s see how to fix these!

Cause 1: Dead Battery

Sometimes your Spektrum DX9 battery won’t charge due to bugs. These can drain out your batteries leaving them dead!

Fix: Charge the Dead Battery 

You’ll have to charge the batteries on an actual charger and not on the built-in one. Simply put it on a cycle and let it run about 5 times or so. Check if it’s charging otherwise, you’ll need a battery replacement.

Cause 2: Amplifier Malfunction Due to Electrical Noise, Impact, Faulty Wiring, etc.

Your DX9 TX amplifier might malfunction due to overheating. Moreover, faulty wiring can also cause a loss of connection. Sometimes even electrical noise can distort the signal and disrupt the connection.

Fix: Repair The Damages Or Loose Connection

Firstly, you need to let the amplifier cool down. Then check for loose connections and solder and tighten it if needed. However, in case the damage is too extensive, replace the wires.

If you catch a puffed fuse or transistor in the circuit board, replace these.

Cause 3: Damaged Circuit or Wiring Connection

Spektrum DX9 wiring damage can result in a faulty circuit. Eventually, it can also cause a voltage error to your battery connection. Sometimes the chip in the circuit board of DX9 can also be burned out.

Fix: Repair and Solder the Damaged Wires

Scan for loose wirings and solder them. Track the circuit wiring and gently pull the cord. If it’s wobbly, then it might be disconnected or loose. Thus, solder and fix the cable connections as needed. 

Cause 4: Wrong Transmitter and Frequency

Sometimes you might connect your DX9 to the wrong transmitter. This usually happens if you have a lot of transmitters on at once. Thus, your frequency won’t match and there’ll be no signal.

It can easily be fixed by forward programming. Now you might ask, what is Spektrum forward?

Spektrum forward is a programming technology. It connects the receivers wirelessly straight from the transmitter. It adopts automatic Spektrum AirWare firmware language. Thus it makes the programming process automatic and simple with easy security codes.

Fix: How to Do Forward Programming

To forward program, your DX9, plug your battery and bind your receiver. Then, go to the model, adjust the menu and you’ll find the forward programming option. 

From there you can change your receiver settings to a simple user interface. That is on your transmitter. This is basically the process!

Are You Having Syncing Issues?

Sometimes your Spektrum dx9 will not bind properly due to improper installation of the bind plug. But before you move on to fix this make sure your UMX is not outdated.

It can also happen if the bind plug isn’t inducted accurately in the bind port. Here are the steps you can follow to bind your receiver correctly.

Step 1: Turn off the Transmitter and Insert the Bind Plug

Firstly, turn your transmitter off. After that, move the throttle in the downward direction. Then, position the bind plug into the bind/data port.

Step 2: Press the Bind Button and Turn on the Transmitter 

Now, put the receiver battery into any free port of the receiver. The receiver’s LED will blink when the receiver is prepared to connect. 

You’ll then have to turn on the transmitter while pushing the bind switch. You don’t need to hold the bind switch when the receiver LED isn’t blinking. After the receiver’s LED light is stable it means the receiver has bound. Lastly, unplug the bind cable from the receiver.

Is Your DX9 Sticky Throttle Not Working? 

Your Spektrum DX9 sticky throttle can loosen after some time. Thus it might stop functioning properly. You need to tighten the stick with a screwdriver.

Now, on your transmitter, you’ll notice 3 gaps near each shaft. To secure the sticks, twist the screw in the outward pits clockwise. Hopefully, your throttle will start to work now. 

Still Not Working? Time to Visit the Repair Shop

Gave all the solutions above a try and still no luck? Well, then you might need to pay a visit to the mechanics. You can go to your local RC store or to the store you bought it from. But if some other fixes come to your mind, do give it a try. If it works let us know as well!

That’s all the fixes we have for your Spektrum DX9 problem.


How many channels does the Spektrum DX9 have?

The Spektrum DX9 has 9 channels. They have a 2.4GHz band with a full range. That’s why it’s perhaps the most refined system of its type.

How do I sync my transmitter to my receiver?

To sync, turn on the transmitter and the receiver. Press the ‘bind’ switch until it becomes red before quickly switching off. The receiver LED will then blink one time indicating it has synced.

Does DX9 have forward programming?

Yes, DX9 has forward programming. You can program the recent production of Spektrum elements rapidly through the DX9. It’ll guarantee the DX9 always stays up-to-date.


We hope these solutions fixed your Spektrum DX9 problems. Once you’ve fixed your DX9, run a frequency tuning technique. This will enable a powerful connection between your radio and the receiver.

Best of luck!