RC Transmitter and Receiver Not Working? [Question Answered]

Your RC automobile is not transmitting signals. This might be frustrating to know that your receiver and transmitter might be the problem. So, if not fixed immediately, it might lead to several other issues. But don’t worry, we’ve got you the help you need.

So, what to do if RC transmitter and receiver not working?

Well firstly, you should locate if the problem is with your transmitter, receiver, or your RC. After that, check if the batteries are charged, the antenna and frequencies are okay. There might be problems with the servos, so that needs to be fixed. Also, check if the programming is alright, otherwise, you’ll have to rewrite it.

This was basically the rundown of the problems. To know about their solution in detail jump in on this segment. 

Are You Sure Your RC is Good?

Most often when our vehicle fails to operate we tend to blame the transmitter or receiver. But are you sure it’s your RC transmitter not working?

Before we rush to fix the RC, let’s rule out some problems with your receiver and controller.

Test Your Transmitter with Different RC

You have to first make sure if your transmitter is working. So, how to check if RC transmitter is working?

To check if the transmitter is working, try it on a different RC. Make sure the frequencies are identical. After that connect your transmitter to the RC and test it. If it’s working then the problem lies within your RC. 

Otherwise, the issue might be in the main RC receiver. 

Test Your RC with Different Transmitter

Now, you need to check your RC with another transmitter. You can check hubsan x4 transmitter’s compatibility to see if it’ll work with your RC. Again make sure it’s of similar frequencies. Use it similarly as you would. If the RC functions, then the problem is with your transmitter. 

After testing both of these, there are some quick fixes you can try. This might help solve your problem almost instantly. So, let’s check them out

Quick Fix

Now, here comes the quick fixes. These are some common solutions you can attempt to fix the issues. Let’s have a look!

Check Batteries

Sometimes the batteries might not be installed properly or have run out of charge. You might notice that your RC receiver not lighting up. In this case, you need to recharge it. Or you have to put in your batteries correctly. 

However, many people mess up the required recharging time. So, make sure that you calculate the exact recharging time based on your battery voltage.  

Moreover, if you haven’t used your device in a long time, the batteries might be corroded. And at that point, recharging won’t help. Hence, you’ll need to change the batteries.

We suggest you buy rechargeable batteries. To help you with the purchase, here’s a list of the best batteries:

You can use this on your RC and it should work just fine now. However, make sure to take out the batteries next time when you’re not using them. 

After charging your batteries, if you see the RC receiver not working then try this. Start by draining your battery fully and charge again. This might help to restart the device back up. 

Check Frequency & Antenna

If you have a collection of these, sometimes your receivers and transmitters can get mixed up. This mismatch of frequency might cause your device to not work. Hence make sure to check your transmitter and receiver compatibility frequency-wise. 

Find a transmitter and receiver with the same frequency. They should work fine now!

Also, make sure if your antenna is telescopic, then extend it all the way. The antenna has to be straight and not twisted to send and receive signals.

Try Different Channels

Make sure your gadget and your controller are connected to the same channel. Otherwise, this mismatch might lead to the RC receiver not responding

Now, every channel regulates a distinct motor. So one of them, not functioning, can also disrupt the system. 

If you’re unsure about the channels, try using all 6. If none of these work, then you might have to keep digging. 

Try to Reconfigure & Pair

Another thing you can try is to disconnect and re-pair your device. Now you might be wondering, how do I pair my RC transmitter and receiver?

Well, you have to first, bind the RX and the TX by shorting two pins. After that, turn it on. The LED light will start to rapidly blink. Once the connection is established, the light will stabilize and your RX will start responding.

If the problem was with the pairing, it’ll start to respond from now on. Otherwise, we have some other fixes detailed below.

Still Not Working? Check Further into the Hardware!

Well, you’ve tried all the quick fixes, yet your RC car not responding to throttle. You’re wondering what to do now. Well, there can still be problems with your servos, ESC, or wiring as well. So, let’s fix them!

Malfunctioning Servos

One indication that the problem lies within your servos is that your device functions, but partially. That is your RC might only respond to the transmitter and nothing else. 

Fix: Unplug Servos and Plug to a Receiver

To fix this problem you have to unplug the malfunctioned servo from the receiver. After that, plug into a different channel. You can also plug it into an RC that’s working. 

Now, if it’s still not working you might need a repair or replacement. You can replace the servos with the following:

If the servo’s not at fault then it’s the receiver causing the problem. Hence, you might need to take it to a mechanic to have a look. 

Malfunctioning ESC

Sometimes the receiver and the transmitter might malfunction due to programming errors. The frequencies might get incompatible in the RC transmitter and receiver circuit. Thus failing to send signals properly.

The thing is- 

This can happen to all sorts of ESCs. Be it sidewinder 8th or mamba monster, malfunction can happen at any time. 

Fix: Reprogram the Transmitter

Reprogramming the transmitter might fix the problem you’re facing with your ESC. But how do you reprogram a transmitter? Well, we have a step-by-step guide right here! Let’s check it out. 

Step 1: Install the Transmitter Software

Launch into your computer the transmitter program. Plug the USB connector into the transmitter, and your computer’s USB dock.

Step 2: Rewrite the Program

To correct the program you need to assign the correct command. So, open your transmitter program file and import the programs. 

Erase the frequencies previously inscribed. After that, write your required frequencies, and ‘Save’ the command. This will modify the RC transmitter’s software and will solve your ESC problems. 

Step 3: Reset the Receiver 

In this step, you need to grab the jumpers first. You can locate the jumpers next to the BIOS chip or the CMOS battery. Plug them in the two bolts of each “D”, “L”, and “P”. 

Switch on the receiver and pause for the LED to stop blinking. Then turn the receiver off for 5 seconds. Remove all the jumpers. 

Afterward, all the previous programs will be wiped out. Turn on the receiver, pair it with your transmitter and it’ll start working!

Loose or Damaged Wiring

It’s easy to miss the damaged wires because they can be very small. Sometimes the junction points may become loose. 

Fix: Rebind or Weld Damaged Wires

Now, for damaged wirings, you need to rebind or weld them. In this case, perform the soldering method using a decent soldering iron. 

If you’re skeptical about welding cables, take it to a mechanic. However, if your wires are damaged beyond repair, you’re better off replacing them. Moreover, check all three wires of the servo and repair them if needed.

Faulty Transmitter

Sometimes the transmitter doesn’t bind with the receiver properly. Test the receiver with another transmitter and see if they bind. In case they do, then your previous transmitter is at fault. Resetting the transmitter might fix this problem.

Fix: Reset the Faulty Transmitter

Now the question is, how do I reset my RC transmitter?

First, ensure your device is off. Shift the TX or RX button in the opposite direction and switch the tool on. When the device turns on blinking red and blue, switch it off. Push the button back to the initial TX or RX position. The transmitter is restored. It’ll start flickering red and blue showing it’s prepared to be connected. 

This is basically how you can reset your transmitter. And 

If it Still Doesn’t Work, it is Time to Visit the Repair Shop

You’ve exhausted all these options mentioned above, and still, nothing works. In this case, you need to take it to a professional. 

Because the next solutions such as RC transmitter repair are a sort of complex task. Even the repairs of your receiver might be difficult. So it’s recommended to let a professional handle it.

That’s all the solutions we have for you to try on your transmitter and receiver. 


Why is synchronization essential between transmitter and receiver pair?

This is because the receiver detects the video signals. This also helps to prevent any delays between the video packet arrivals. Moreover, it helps to align scanning speed to avoid signal distortion and image deformation. 

Are RC receivers exchangeable?

Yes, absolutely you can interchange receivers and transmitters. You can use these devices from different brands even. These will work perfectly together. However, you only have to make sure they are of the same frequencies. 

Can you connect any transmitter to any receiver?

Yes, you can attach a transmitter with any receiver. However, you have to change the antenna’s way. You can use a relay for this purpose. Once again, maintain the same frequencies throughout your gadgets.


Lastly, we hope you know what to do when your RC transmitter and receiver not working. Make sure you thoroughly check all the parts. 

Now, if your receiver and transmitter are new it’s better to take them back to the shop. Because this is most likely a manufacturing error. So, they’ll replace it with a new one!

That’s all, stay safe!