Traxxas EZ Start Won’t Turn Engine Over [Solved]

The Traxxas EZ-Start faces quite a lot of difficulties. For instance, sometimes the Traxxas EZ Start won’t turn the engine over. 

To summarize, there could be various reasons why the engine will not turn over. Such as flooded engine, engine stuck at TDC, damaged bearing, etc. Besides some other factors such as loose wiring, worn-out battery, and damaged EZ-starter motor also weighs into this problem. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to identify the problem you’re facing. As well as know a way to fix it. 

So, stick with us till the end. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

Let’s begin. 

Troubleshooting Traxxas EZ-Start to Turn the Engine over

The Traxxas EZ start could be damaged in various ways. Which results in the engine not turning over. 

Let’s say your Traxxas T-Maxx is not starting.  Or your Traxxas 3.3 won’t start. It’s primarily because your EZ-Start is unable to turn the engine over. 

The question is how to fix Traxxas EZ-Start? 

Let’s have a look at the major issues

Problem 1: Flooded Engine

The engine could get flooded because of excess fuel. 

The EZ-Starter will not be able to crank the engine if it is flooded. And it will become locked. 


To clear a flooded engine, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove the Blue Glow Wire

Firstly, you need to locate the blue glow wire. Then it needs to be removed from the circuit with a nut driver. When it comes to nut drivers, here are our favorites: 

  • The Ares Magnetic Nut Driver has been subjected to a lot of hype recently. Well, all the excitement around it has been proven to be valid.
  • Klein Tools Nut Driver has made a household name for itself. These tools are quite effective.

Now, you just have to flip the RC upside down and connect the EZ-Start. 

Step 2: Drain the Surplus Oil and Reconnect the Blue Glow Wire

Then you need to empty the surplus oil from the combustion chamber. In order to do that press the EZ-Start switch for a few seconds. 

After that, you need to flip the RC over. 

Then Replace the glow plug with a gasket. Later the blue glow plug wire should be reconnected.

Step 3: Disconnect EZ-Start Motor’s Cable

In this step, you need to disconnect one of the EZ-Start motor’s motor cables.

Then press and hold the EZ-Start switch for a few seconds. This turns on the glow plug and extinguishes any leftover fuel.

Then finally you need to press the EZ-Start switch after reconnecting the EZ-Start motor. This should be enough to start the engine.

Problem 2: Engine Stuck at Top Dead Center (TDC) 

The nitro engine could be stuck at TDC.  The engine could stop spinning because the piston could be stuck at the top of the stroke. This stops the engine from turning over. 

You can solve the problem in the following steps.

Step 1: Charge the Battery

First, you need to make sure that the battery is adequately charged. Moving the engine up the small space between the piston and sleeve at TDC is hard. It’s even harder with a low battery. 

Again the EZ-Start system could check out but the engine still won’t run. Then the piston must be physically loosened by twisting the flywheel counter-clockwise 

Step 2:Turn the Flywheel

After that, you can turn the flywheel with the use of a flat blade screwdriver. Rotate the flywheel by inserting the tip of the screwdriver through one of the grooves.

In some models, the flywheel can be rotated using the gap in the frame as leverage.

Step 3: Start the Engine

Then Continue to rotate the flywheel in little amounts until it’s simple to move. After that, you can start the engine. 

Problem 3: Damaged One Way Bearing

Another reason why the EZ-Start won’t turn the engine over is because of the damaged bearings. 

Castor oil and other lubricants can work their way through the starting shaft bearing. And then through the one-way bearing. Which results in clogging the bearing. 

This makes the one-way bearing on the starting shaft slide. Which prevents the engine from starting. 

The bearing could become stuck on the starting shaft. In this case, the shaft and bearing must be changed.

The following steps show you how to maintain a one-way bearing: 

Step 1: Take Out and Clean the Bearing

First, you need to remove the EZ-Start and take out the one-way bearing. 

Then clean the engine’s starter shaft. Ensure that all oil deposits on the shaft and the EZ-Start rear plate are removed. Ensure that the starter shaft is in good shape. If the shaft has any cracks or scratches, this should be changed. 

Step 2: Clean, Lubricate, and Reattach the One Way Bearing

After cleaning the shaft you need to clean the bearing. You can use alcohol to clean the bearing. 

Then dry the bearing and lubricate it. Use 5W-30 synthetic motor oil to lubricate it. After lubricating, reattach it with the starter shaft. Then you can reattach the EZ-Start. And finally, you’re good to go. 

Problem 4: Loose or Disconnected Wiring

Another reason for the engine to not start over is because of loose or disconnected wires. There is a yellow EZ-start wire that is connected to the engine motor. This is the glow plug’s grounding wire. If that wire is disconnected then the engine will not turn over. 


Make sure it’s not harmed and is firmly attached to the engine mount.

The engine could also refrain from turning because of loose or damaged blue glow wire. Make sure the plug wire is securely connected by sealing the connector on it. If the wire is damaged then you need to replace it or repair it. 

You should know by now that different nitro engines use different glow wires.

Problem 5: Worn-out EZ Start Battery

For optimal operation, you should completely recharge the  EZ-Start battery. If the batteries are poor The EZ-Start might seem to be rotating the engine quickly. 

However, there will be insufficient electricity to ignite the glow plug. Which will result in the Traxxas glow plug not lighting. 

The engine will either won’t turn over or start slowly as a result of this. To address the problem, completely charge your EZ-Start batteries or use a different glow plug igniter. Using a  freshly charged EZ start will improve the performance.

Problem 6: Damaged EZ-Start Motor

Over time, the EZ-Start motor could start to wear out. Or the motor could stop working altogether. Different motors have different specifications. 

The most commonly used motors are 540 motors and 550 motors

The RC cannot function without the EZ-Start motor. Hence, to solve this problem the motor must be replaced. Here are some of your options for motors: 

 Newer motors will keep the RC running smoothly. 


How long does it take to charge a Traxxas EZ Start battery?

It takes roughly 45 minutes to charge a Traxxas EZ battery. These batteries are charged using a Traxxas charger. A 3000mAh  NiMH battery with an output voltage of 8.4V  takes about 45 minutes to charge. You should also check the battery’s warmth while charging. Remove the charger if it gets too hot.

How do you adjust a Traxxas carburettor?

To raise idle, turn clockwise, and to reduce idle, turn left counter-clockwise. A 0.7mm-1.0mm spacing is a suitable place to start for the sliding valve to remain idle. The carburettor is pre-programmed for the break-in at the manufacturer. In this way, you can adjust the Traxxas carburettor.

Can you overcharge a Traxxas battery?

No, you can not overcharge a Traxxas battery. A LiPo battery can be damaged or destroyed if it is overcharged, discharged, or charged incorrectly. When charging LiPo batteries, do use a LiPo-specific adapter and select the appropriate settings. Otherwise, the battery will get damaged.


Hoping this was enough to resolve your problem. Now you know why Traxxas EZ-Start won’t turn the engine over. And also how to solve this problem.

Another additional tip for you is, you can replace the starter unit if it becomes damaged. 

This will be all. Hope to catch you later.