Traxxas ESC Won’t Turn On [Reasons And Solutions]

You own a Traxxas RC but for some reason, the ESC isn’t turning on. Now you don’t know why it happened and what to do. So don’t sweat it as we’ve got you covered on this.

So, why Traxxas ESC won’t turn on?

Traxxas ESC won’t turn on if there are certain problems in your RC. A bad battery, wrong wiring, and ESC compatibility are the reasons for it. These can be solved pretty easily. But other problems like calibration problems, broken switches, and short circuits can also be the reason.

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Quick Fix

Traxxas is one of the most beloved RC car companies. It produces some great RC cars. But like every other thing, it can also run through some problems. And one problem is ESC not turning on. 

There have been several complaints about this ESC problem. But it’s not a major issue. You don’t know how to tell if Traxxas ESC is bad. And it can be solved by following some easy methods. 


Before diving into the main reason we have to check some things. And with that, we can make sure that all the connections are okay and are in the right order. Checking wires, Battery, and ESC compatibility will complete the quick check.

Check Wiring

There is a big chance that your ESC is not turning on for wiring issues. For wrong wiring, the motor might not get power. So you have to check all the cables are plugged in the right slots.

Also, make sure that you know about Traxxas ESC light codes. Many people get confused about this. Because traxxas esc solid red light means something and esc flashing green light means something different. 

Check if the ESC cables are plugged in the right place. ESC servo wires should be placed in the right slots. You can connect this wire with the auxiliary output. After connecting the wires correctly, the ESC should turn on and start beeping.

Check Battery

The battery can be the main reason why your Traxxas ESC isn’t turning on. So check the battery of your Traxxas RC if the WSC isn’t turning on. Do check the charge of the battery and then check if you are using the right type of battery for your Traxxas RC.

You should use the right type of battery for your RC. But using a 4 cell battery should be ideal for your Traxxas RC. You should check the manual for a perfectly matched battery. Also, configure the ESC firmware. 

Make sure to charge your battery timely. But don’t overcharge the battery as it might damage the battery. And it’s also possible to calculate the charge time of the batteries

Here is a list of chosen batteries for your Traxxas RC-

These are precisely picked for you to buy. 

Check ESC Compatibility

You have to use a motor that is compatible with your ESC. So make sure that you are using the compatible one. Else your Traxxas ESC won’t turn on. 

There are various types of motors for various types of ESC. So read the manual to pick the compatible motor for your ESC. 

Also, check if the receiver is working or not. If your traxxas receiver is not working then you better change it with a new one.

3 Reasons Why Your Traxxas ESC Won’t Turn On 

Is your ESC not turning on even after trying the quick fixes? We got you covered with 3 more fixes. These should fix your problem. 

Reason 1: Calibration Problem

Normally after a firmware update, you need to recalibrate your Traxxas ESC. Sometimes after a wrong connection of cables, it needs to be recalibrated. So I’ve written a step-by-step process to calibrate your Traxxas ESC properly. 

Fix: Recalibrate ESC

Now follow this step-by-step process to recalibrate your Traxxas ESC-

Step 1: Connect a fully charged battery pack to the ESC. Now turn on the transmitter making sure that the throttle is at neutral.

Step 2: Press and hold the EZ set button. The LED will turn green and then it will turn red. After turning red, quickly release the EZ set button.

Step 3: When the LED blinks red once, pull the trigger to the full throttle position and hold it. When the LED blinks twice, push the trigger into full reverse and hold it there. When the LED on the ESC blinks, release the trigger. Calibration is complete.

Traxxas xl5 normally has this issue. Traxxas xl5 ESC troubleshooting can also be done following this process.

Reason 2: Broken Switch

Broken switches can be a hidden reason why your ESC is not turning on. Sometimes the top cover of the main ESC board can be damaged. 


And that’s why even after clicking the button it doesn’t reach the main switch. That’s why traxxas esc no light is seen.

Fix: Change the top cover of the ESC

An easy fix to this problem is changing the top cover of the ESC. You can also remove the cover and click the switch and then put the cover on again. 

Normally, users don’t get this problem. So you can open the cover and check if that’s the problem or not.

Reason 3: Short Circuit in ESC

For some reason, your short circuit can cause problems in your Traxxas ESC. If the battery connection is defective or damaged it might create a short circuit. And it can also burn your ESC. 

Fix: Detect and Repair

Before you start repairing, you have to identify where the short circuit has occurred. And to do that, use a multimeter and identify the problem. Check the PDB, ESC, and wires accordingly.

Here are our favorites when it comes to multimeters: 

First, we will check the PDB and the ESC. The battery and the ESC are connected to the PDB. Bad wire can cause a short circuit to the PDB. So check the wirings. 

Now take a multimeter and check the ESC to make sure all connections are good. If the ESC is damaged then change it with a new one.  

Now, check the wires if there is any damaged wire. If you find one then insulate the wire. You can use PVC or steel ducts to insulate the wires. You can also buy a new wire and change it with the previous one.

After this, your ESC should work. And check if your Traxxas ESC is beeping or not. If the ESC isn’t beeping then there is also a solution.


How to check if the ESC is properly calibrated?

All the motors should start at the same time. Also, all the wheels should run at the same speed and should spin in the same way. If they don,t do so, then the ESC is not properly calibrated.

What to do if the ESC is not beeping?

You should check the batteries and wires. Also, calibrate the ESC to start it again. It should solve the beeping issue of ESC.

Why is my Traxxas ESC solid red?

After turning on the ESC, if you see that the ESC is solid red that means that the Low-Voltage Detection is disabled. If it’s activated then the ESC will be solid green.


In this article, I’ve mentioned all the possible reasons and solutions on why Traxxas ESC won’t turn on. Now you can easily fix it.

This article can help you identify the problem and fix them. In most cases, quick fixes should do the job. And for the other 3 reasons follow the solutions properly.

That’s all for now. See you later.