Traxxas Titan 12t 550 Motor Alternative: 5 Substitutes!

Traxxas titan 12t 550 motor is a great motor in the market currently. With all its attributes, this has been one of the leading motors. But that does not stop it from having sudden issues. So, what to do then to get rid of this!

What is the Traxxas titan 12t 550 motor alternative?

First, you may replace the Traxxas titan 12t 550 motor with a Traxxas 540 motor. If you want to go for a different brand, InnovateKing motors are great. Besides, Crazepony and DYS motors can be good too. Lastly, don’t try to give it a try with the Tamiya RC motor.

This is the beginning of what we have covered here. Read along to get all the necessary information about the alternatives.

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What Are The Traxxas Titan 12t 550 Motor Alternatives?

There could be basically a number of alternatives for this. But not all of them might come out in handy. So, we have tried to cover the most effective ones.

Take a look here to know about them in detail with the specifications.

Alternative 1: Traxxas 540 Power System

This is a power system that is produced by Traxxas. The power system can effectively substitute the Traxxas 12t 550 motor. And this can be great if you are replacing shoe goo.

The Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL -3s comes first when we think of the list. It’s a wonderful increase over the Traxxas 1/10 scale vehicles, and this has a lot of power. 

It makes use of solenoids that are based on ultra-high temperatures. It also includes accuracy rotors and high-speed ball valves. 

This provides an ample amount of energy and long life, as well as a lot of efficiencies. This is a low-maintenance option. 


It’s a superb centrepiece because of its unique blue electroplating finish and 3,500 KV centred power. 

Along with all these mechanics, this one is waterproof with a good-looking design. This has got a cooling fan too which balances the temperature.

Now, thinking about buying a 540 motor from home now? Here are a few suggestions.

This could be ideal for your homemade robot or automobile.

So, this is one of our first choices of an alternative.

Alternative 2: InnovateKing Motor

This electric motor is made by Innovateking, a reputable company. It’s a 3650 5200KV brushless motor with a 120A ESC. A coding card is also included in it. 

The InnovateKing 3650 5200KV brushless motor is easily portable as well. Thus, you may count on these for an alternative.

They also manufacture brushed motors too. However, brushless and brushed motors are not exactly the same.

With uniformity, speed, and outstanding start-up capabilities, it is ideal for most 1/10 1:10 RC car trucks. It has a high resistance to current and excellent thermal transfer. 

This motor has a variety of protection measures for your safety. This involves protecting against low voltage cut-off and overheating. 

In addition to that, this has motor blockage prevention and throttle data failure protection too. This one is also waterproof along with a dust prevention feature. 

These two features help the motor to prevent water and dust from getting clogged. So that the motor has long-term durability. 

This motor is great if you want to make an RC snowblower.

Alternative 3: Crazepony Motor

The Crazepony Emax is a set of four 1700 KV 3-6S motors for your RC. These are tough, thanks to 0.9 cm bearings, multi-strand wires, and a cylindrical spindle. 

The motor’s high value is reflected in its creative design statement. Most importantly, it is quite economical because the price is really reasonable. 

The motor is both sturdy and lightweight while keeping its class. This motor is made of aviation aluminum with exceptional accuracy. 

It also features a 9 mm x 4 mm steel hollow shaft that is reinforced. Due to its strand technology, the motor has a good grip over the speed.

The design is quite interesting too with efficiency. So, you should consider this one while thinking of an alternative!

Hope this helps!

Alternative 4: DYS Motor

The next item in the list that we have is a motor by DYS. This item comes in a four-piece set. 

This is designed specifically for multi-copters, RC planes, helicopters, and vehicles. These motors are composed of stainless steel shafts and are extremely robust. 


Its maximum power output is 210 Watts. It’s small, light, and sturdy, and it’s ideal for a 30A ESC. 

This motor is ideal for larger foam board planes as well as tiny RC planes and cars. This engine is small and light, yet it has a great design.

Alternative 5: Tamiya RC Motor

The Tamiya 54611 motor comes now from the list we got. This motor is a high-quality motor imported from Japan.

We all know about the quality of the products that Japan manufactures. And this motor is no other than that!


This is a 10.5T motor that works with 2S batteries. Although the motor has not got a detector wire, it does include a well-built sensor. 

It does have 12 AWG wires which are connected to the motor can’s side. This makes it ideal for quadcopters like the XV-01 TC Pro and other comparable models.

For your ease we have shortlisted some of the Tamiya motors here:

As this motor is highly efficient, this has got a great brand value. In addition to that, it is easy to carry when needed.

So, these are the alternatives for Traxxas titan 12t 55 motor. We hope you find these alternatives helpful!


Is there any difference between 550 and 540 motors?

Yes, there are a few differences between 550 and 540 motors. However, these motors have attributes that are similar to each other. Coming to the differences, they mainly have contrast in the RPM and speed. In addition to that, their torque and usages are also different from each other.

How long is the lifespan of Traxxas motors?

Traxxas motors come in 2 different types. One is brushless and the other is a brushless motor. Generally, the brushless motors are way more long-lasting than the brushed ones. The brushless motors can go for a long time like 5 months or more at least. However, a brushed Traxxas motor has a lifespan starting from around 3 months only. 

Why do Traxxas motors seem to be out of business?

Traxxas motors are not out of business at all. It is just that some of the RC stores do not have these motors. This happens due to the demographic demands However, you can get these motors ordered online at any time. These Traxxas motors have got the quality just like they did in the past.

The Final Words

Now you know what the traxxas titan 12t 550 motor alternative is! We hope you do not face any problem getting the substitute soon.

For any more queries, talk to the company to find out if everything fits alright. As for now, we believe we let your confusion out.

All the best!