How to Fix Over Voltage Battery? [A Detailed Guide]


An RC device running on overvoltage is quite a dangerous thing to happen. It might happen for various reasons. But almost everyone fails to fix it or gets nervous over it. Some people even don’t know if it is possible to fix overvoltage.

So, how to fix over voltage battery?

Fixing an over voltage battery is simple. To fix an over voltage battery, the solution may vary. However, there are 2 primary solutions that work most of the time. First, try to fix the motor accordingly. And then you may also try to fix the battery. If needed, you may take help from an expert too.

You have got a perfect heads up to the main part! Keep reading to know about the steps in detail with more information.

So, get started right away!

What Causes Over Voltage Battery?

Before you fix the problem, you must know the causes first. A high voltage in the battery might be caused by a number of factors. 

It’s possible that your battery has a bad connection. The electric current is disrupted by loose wires. As a result, the battery may be erroneously charged. 

Your RC won’t be able to detonate the spark plug if it doesn’t have sufficient current. Take a voltmeter out if your RC is having difficulties starting. 


It’s because you’re dealing with a high-voltage issue. High voltage can also be caused by the generator. 

The purpose of a generator is to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. If the alternator fails, the energy transfer would be improperly changed.

Don’t forget that the suspension installation may lead to this issue too. So, you must know how to install the suspension properly.

This may sound weird but it’s actually true.

Common Symptoms of An Over Voltage Battery

There will be some signs if a battery has overvoltage. A faulty connector on an inverter may be the primary sign. Your RC will struggle to turn on and remain on. 

Other signs include difficulty with the flickering speed of your turn signals. It’s possible that the RC won’t stay on. 

Since your volt difficulties have reappeared, that voltmeter must return. Hearing a deep growl emanating from your hood is the most alarming symptom. 

It’s not a problem that can be solved by simple troubleshoots. Rather, you have to follow the proper steps to resolve it.

How to Test If The Battery Has Over Voltage?

When you see the symptoms of an overvoltage battery, inspect it to make sure. Before you start it, keep your RC turned off for about an hour at least. 

Then take a voltmeter which would help you to measure the voltage. Make sure to get a voltmeter that is compatible with the respective battery.

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Now, take off the protective cap from the positive terminal. Switch on the voltmeter and ensure the voltage option is selected. 

The red detector should be connected to the positive terminal, while the black sensor should be connected to the grounded terminal. 

The negative terminal is the grounded terminal. Examine the number to see if it is greater than 12.9 volts. In that situation, the battery’s voltage would be too high. 

The battery voltage should be between 12.6 and 12.8 volts. Any voltage below that creates a whole new set of issues.

If you find that the voltage is high, get down to resolve it in no time. Remember that, if you procrastinate with this, you would just trouble yourself.

Fix The Over Voltage Battery Following These Steps

An overvoltage battery is nothing common to experience nowadays. Thus, you must know its symptoms and solutions. Because you might need to face this anytime.

So, take a look here to know what to do about the over-voltage battery.

Solution 1: Fix The Motor Load

First, make sure the motor’s load isn’t too high. After that, look at the acceleration time. Excessive current may flow if a high inertia load is accelerated too quickly. 

Now it’s time to put the motor and the motor cord to the test. Ascertain that the motor is linked to the proper voltage. Fluctuation of motor voltage is not uncommon.

Take the voltmeter and fix the voltage if it is high. To fix it, disconnect the motor and then connect it again. 

After that, look at the motor’s rotation. Make sure everything is in the right place. If you are not sure about the position, it is okay. 

Because it gets confusing for the amateur when something is technical like motors. You may get the help of an expert right away.

If the motor position is fine but the problem still exists, the motor might be faulty. In that case, you will have to replace the motor.

If you are not sure about the motor, it’s fine too. Because we can help you out with it. Just take a look at our pickups.

Hope this helps!

Solution 2: Fix The Battery

As you already know that overvoltage could be caused by battery terminals at times. That is, misplacing the battery or any issues with the placement can create it.

So, inspect the position of your battery. See, if the battery is placed loose or any issues. Even if it looks okay, remove the battery and put it on again. 


If you still see the problem exists, you may need to replace the battery. At this moment, you may reach out to a professional for any confusion.

Hopefully, the problems will be fixed.

So, these are the two main solutions you may follow to fix an over voltage battery.

What Could Be The Consequences of An Over Voltage Battery?

Your RC will have a variety of issues as a result of the high voltage. It could be because more automobiles are hybrid or electric. 

You can fry your vehicle’s system if your battery voltage rises too high. That is, the RC’s hardware would be harmed. Because the battery might have a direct impact on RC systems. 

The high voltage of the battery causes the RC to charge inconsistently. As a result, the computer system may be harmed. You may see that the transmitter is having issues.

When a test for fault codes is done, the data is obtained straight from the RC. During inspections, a damaged RC will not be able to appropriately notify you of problems.

Other than the RC issues, you would face some common consequences too. One of the primary issues would be over-current. 

Due to over-current, you need to recharge your RC for a longer time. This would increase your electricity bill significantly.

So, these are the consequences of an over voltage battery.


What does over voltage of the battery mean?

A persistent voltage that exceeds usual steady-state parameters is referred to as overvoltage. This is classified as any voltage of more than 15 volts within a 12-volt circuit. A 24-volt battery is typically used to kickstart a 12-volt circuit. The DC power supply is constantly subjected to overvoltages.

Can a device with high voltage be dangerous?

Yes, a device with high voltage running can be really dangerous. This can create a lot of issues either at the very instant or with time. The level of danger depends on how long the appliance runs on high voltage. So, start fixing the issue just at the moment you notice it.

Should I turn off my appliance when I reckon high voltage?

Yes, it is better to turn off your appliance when it is running on high voltage. This would prevent the appliance and other parts from being damaged. If anything gets damaged, it would prevent further problems. So, turn off your appliance whenever you reckon the device voltage is high.

The Final Words

Now you know how to fix over voltage battery! We believe the instructions are simple for you to operate. 

If you are confused with any task, do not try to proceed further. Because having any confusion while working with a battery is dangerous. 

Good luck and have a great time with your RC!