Best Steering Servo For 1/8 Scale Buggy: Our Top 6 Picks

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You are in the right place to upgrade or change your steering servo for your buggy. Buggy racing is very popular in the RC world. So, it’s really important to get the best part for your buggy.

Therefore we put together a list after going through several steering servos. And we’re confident that you can pick the best Steering Servo For 1/8 Scale buggy here. 

All of the servos have unique and surprising qualities. But don’t worry; you won’t be confused because we have added some informative points towards the end. These points will help you in your buying decision. 

Let’s not waste any more time here. 

Product Comparison

That might not have been enough for you. Here’s a more visual representation of the comparison. 

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ANNIMOS 20KG Digital Servo

The best servo on our list for your 1/8 scale buggy is ANNIMOS 20KG Digital Servo. And its features helped it secure the top spot on our list. 

We don’t change the servo often, so getting the right servo for your ⅛ buggy is very important. 

Some of the good features of this servo are that it has fast heat dissipation, is highly compatible with 1\8 buggy, and is very responsible and sensitive. The maximum torque you will get from this servo is up to 21kg. 

Its servo is equipped with aluminum gears and strong copper. The aluminum gears will give it ultra protection, and the copper will make it long-lasting. 

As you can see, the servo has solid built quality. So, there is no chance that it will disappoint you. The servo is also very light in weight. 

Now comes the rotation. The servo will provide a very high-quality rotation. It has a 270-degree rotation, and when the power is off, it can rotate 360 degrees. This is perfect for robot joint activities. 

Moreover, the ANNIMOS 20KG Digital Servo is a high-performance digital standard servo. This servo can be used in mechanical arms, robots, remote control toys, and climbing cars. It can be used in various mechanisms. So, you can understand the effectiveness of the servo.

Another great feature is a high-precision metal gear that will hard anodize. The middle shell is made of CNC aluminum. And most importantly, it has waterproof seal screws. Therefore you don’t have to be bothered about rain or any type of water splashes. 

Furthermore, it has advanced linearity, is very stable, and produces very low noise. It has accuracy with precision potentiometers. The technology is very advanced that has been used in the servo. 

If you are interested in developing software for robots parts, then it is the best choice. This servo has so many great features that it’s hard to bring it up to you. 

This servo will last very long, and you can use it as you want. We ensure you will like this product even more after you mount this on the RC. 

Room For Improvement

  • The ANNIMOS 20KG Digital Servo is the best product on the list. This product has solid features for your ⅛ buggy. But if you are looking for more torque, we suggest you go for LJWRC DS3230MG 30KG Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo. 
  • And if you need more torque, you can go for our last product AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo. This one has the highest torque on our list. 

ZOSKAY Servo High Torque Metal Gear Standard Digital Servo

The Second product on the list is ZOSKAY Servo High Torque Metal Gear Standard Digital Servo. This one has many similarities with the previous servo. But it also has its unique features. 

If you ask me, the best feature of this servo is that it will give you a maximum torque of 25kg. The previous servo from ANNIMOS has 21kg of torque. This product has an advantage here. This servo is made of first-grade material. 

This is a digital servo that has an HV high torque. Torque is a strong point of this servo. And of course, for any servo, the first thing we look for is torque. 

So you don’t have to worry about the high torque you will get after mounting this servo.

Moreover, it also has a fast heat dissipation, just like our number one product. It has a CNC aluminum middle shell that will increase heat dissipation. 

Its responsiveness and sensitivity are very fast. So while you drive your RC you get the exact response.

Now the performance of this servo will definitely impress you in the long run. 

We understand as an RC racer, there should be no compromise with the performance. The above feature will give your buggy a boost during a crucial race.

For better accuracy, it has a high metal gear with hard anodizing. Hence the servo has a long service life.  The working frequency of the servo is 50-333Hz.

Lastly, it will perfectly fit a 1/10 or ⅛ buggy. So the servo size will not a problem for you.

Room For Improvement

  • The ZOSKAY Servo High Torque Metal Gear Standard Digital Servo is a very good product. But if you are looking for a servo with more waterproofing quality. 
  • Then you should go for our first product ANNIMOS 20KG Digital Servo. It has a very good waterproofing feature that will be beneficial in the long run. 

Globact 25KG Digital Servo

The third best product on the list is Globact 25KG Digital Servo. This one also has many similarities and dissimilarities from the previous two products.

First, this servo will provide you with a maximum torque of 25kg. This servo is great for 1/8 and 1/10 Scale trucks, crawlers, robots, and buggy. So, if you are looking to mount this on a ⅛ scale buggy, it will fit perfectly. 

It has high torque, like the ZOSKAY Servo with high-precision potentiometers. 

Moreover, it has a high-resolution digital chip. The servo has stable performance. It will also respond fast, and it has a strong anti-interference ability. 

This servo also produces low noise, just like our first product on the list. It also has the middle shell of CNC aluminum. So, it has fast heat dissipation. This servo is also waterproof. 

Furthermore, the controllable angle range is from 0 to 180°. The servo has excellent linearity and ver precious control. 

To reset, you can release the remote control steering wheel, and it will automatically reset.

Like the previous product, it has high precision metal gears with hard anodizing. We assure you this servo works really well.  

Room For Improvement

  • The Globact 25KG Digital Servo will make you impressed by its performance. But if you are looking for something with the best Receiver connector. Then you should go for JX CLS-HV7332MG High Torque 32KG Metal Gear CNC Standard Digital Coreless Servo.

LJWRC DS3230MG 30KG Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo

Our fourth product is from LJWRC. It’s the LJWRC DS3230MG 30KG Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo. This one has special features that will enhance your ⅛ scale buggy performance.

The maximum torque you will get is 35kg. That is the highest torque till now among our previous products. Torque is essential for an RC. This torque you will get from this servo will enhance the ⅛ scale buggy capabilities many times. 

This servo is a great option for students and even university professors who want to develop software for the robot parts. So, it’s not just for buggies. If you are working on other projects, you can buy them without hesitation. 

Moreover, like all of our other products on the list, this one also has high precision metal gear that has hard anodizing. Therefore it will have better accuracy, and it will last long.  

Furthermore, like our first product on the list, it has waterproof rubber seal screws.  The build quality of the product is very high. And, it’s made of first-grade material. 

And for fast heat dissipation, it also has a middle shell with CNC aluminum. If you are an RC hobbyist, then this is the one for you. It will surely give you a different experience. 

So, we would like to suggest you if you are looking for a superior level of torque, go for this one. 

Room For Improvement

  • The LJWRC DS3230MG 30KG Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo has very high torque and also other features like waterproof, metal gears, and more. 
  • Still, if you are looking for something that will give you more torque to cross that finish line a few seconds earlier then you can go for AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo

JX CLS-HV7332MG High Torque 32KG Metal Gear CNC Standard Digital Coreless Servo

The fifth product on the list is JX CLS-HV7332MG High Torque 32KG Metal Gear CNC Standard Digital Coreless Servo. This is a very high-performance programable servo that has a digital coreless motor. 

This servo is complimented with the most receiver connector like Hitec, Futaba, GWS, Sanwa, etc. It is great for your buggy and boats, trucks, helicopters, racing cars, and even planes.

The operating speed for (6V) is 0.12sec/60° and for (7.4V) is 0.09sec/60°. The servo will provide you with a maximum torque of 32.3kg. So, you are getting a huge amount of torque. 

Now comes the dimension of the product, which is 40.5X20.5X36mm. Another best feature of the servo is that it has a coreless motor. 

For high precision, it has Taiwan ade steel gears with hard anodizing. The shell structure has full CNC aluminum. Lastly, it has dual ball bearings. 

Room For Improvement

  • The JX CLS-HV7332MG High Torque 32KG Metal Gear CNC Standard Digital Coreless Servo is an amazing product. But it has a dual ball bearing so if you are looking for three ball bearing, you should go for AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo. 

AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo

The last product on the list is AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo. This last product is not less than any of the previous products. It has its great features some of them are similar, and some of them are dissimilar from the previous products. 

This servo is programmable by the AGF-SPV2 servo programmer. This can change the torque, angle, speed, and more. 

This servo is stable and it produces less noise. There are other solid features like its dustproof and it has advanced linearity and precision accuracy. 

Now comes the best feature of this product. This one has a torque level of 55kg. It is the highest among all other products on the list. 

This servo uses high precision production technology. For that reason, there will be reduced production deviation and also there will be improved product tightness. Hence it will be an ideal choice for a 1/10, ⅛ buggy, RC car, Monster truck, boat, helicopter, plane, and many more. 

Moreover, this servo has three ball bearings and it has a grove surface with full aluminum housing. This will make the fast heat dissipation.  

Room For Improvement

The AGFRC 55KG Digital Steering Servo has the maximum number of torque on the list. But if you want the overall best product and have the budget then you should go for our number one product ANNIMOS 20KG Digital Servo.

Informative Points

The informative points are here to help you grip everything easily. These points will help you know more about servo for your ⅛ scale buggy. 

Choosing The Right Servo

Choosing the right servo is crucial. For that, we have mentioned some points to help you select the best servo for you. 

Size Of The Servo

The mounting dimension of your buggy will determine the servo you will buy. Servos are classified as standard, large, micro, and mini. But as we already know, you are looking for a servo to fit in a ⅛ scale buggy. So all of the above products will perfectly fit the buggy. 

The Torque of The Servo

Torque depends on the size of the model of the buggy. If your buggy is heavier and bigger than you will need more torque. And if you don’t have a heavy model, you can go for low torque.

Speed Matters

The servo should provide the exact speed the model can take. Anything more that it can take will only hamper the buggy and will damage it in the long run. 

Check if It’s Waterproof

Waterproofing is an essential component of a servo. You don’t know when the rain hits your buggy or when a splash of water comes in your direction. So you should look for a waterproof and even dustproof servo. 

We have tried our best to mention everything on the products above to help to make the right decision. 


What exactly does kg on a steering servo mean?

Servo motors are measured in kilograms per centimeter (kg/cm), with many hobbyist servo motors rated at 3 kg/cm, 6 kg/cm, and 12 kg/cm. This rating shows the torque of the motor for a pulley with a radius of 1cm, and it decreases as the radius increases.

Which is larger, 1/8 scale or 1/10 scale?

As a result, the 1/8 scale is larger than the 1/10 size. This is demonstrated effectively by contrasting the 1/10-size Axial Yeti with the “extra-large” Yeti XL, which is a 1/8 scale.

What exactly is a 1/8 scale?

According to the illustrations, the scale is 1/8 inch equals 1 foot. Select the tool’s face with the 1/8 mark in the upper left-hand corner using your architect scale. Place the “0” point at the far left end of this line and read the value at the far right end of the line.

Final Words

That’s it from us. We think you should get the gist by now. Since we checked out the different servos here extensively, we had somewhat of an idea.

So you can trust us to help you choose the best steering servo for a ⅛ scale buggy. 

By now, we hope you have selected the servo that you will need. Read the product description very carefully before you make any decision.