What Bodies Fit Arrma Infraction? [Specified for you!]

A car enthusiast like you must love to collect different bodies of your Arrma infractions. If you like collecting it’s normal that you’ll be looking for more. That’s what collectors do! 

So, now the question is what bodies fit arrma infractions?  

There are several bodies that fit Arrma infractions. Such as the Plastik 8507 FC100 and the 8508 Porshe 917. So, there isn’t just one answer to this question. However, they might not always fit after you’ve bought them. Therefore, we’ve given you some tips on how you can make them fit on your own.  

This is just a mere summary of the entire concept. If you wish to know more in detail, read along! Because that way you can figure out which body you need!

Let’s start! 

Top-notch Bodies That Fit Arrma Infraction

Of course, not all body parts are going to fit the Arrma infraction. Just like how not all bodies fit Traxxas stampede. 

It can get a little confusing as to which one will fit. Luckily, we have listed down a number of bodies below. These bodies will surely fit perfectly. So, stay tuned!

Source: arrma-rc.com

You might be looking for a clear body with wings and a window mask. Check out the bodies below. 

Bodies formed with 2mm Lexan

These are formed with 2mm high-quality Lexan. They have a width of 310 mm as well as a wheelbase of 406 mm. These bodies are:

  • Delta Plastik 8507 FC100 body 
  • Delta Plastik 8508 Porsche 917 body 
  • Delta Plastik 8503 CR7 Corvette body
  • Delta Plastik 8504 CR8 Corvette body 
  • 8501 Toyota GT One body

If these are not what you have in mind. Don’t worry we’ve got more choices for you. Check the options below and see if they meet your expectations. 

1/7 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear 


         Length: 27.25″ (892mm)

Width Front: 12.3″ (312mm)

Width Rear: 13.2″ (335mm)

Height: 10.1″ (257mm)

Wheelbase: 7.75″ (196mm)

Source: towerhobbies.com

1/7 Corvette GT2


           Long wheelbase: 15.83″ (402mm)

Width: 11.2″ (284mm)

Material: 1.2mm Polycarbonate

Type: Killerbody

This should provide an elaborate idea of compatible bodies for the Arrma infraction. Hope this helped!

How to Make the Bodies Fit Arrma Infraction?

Even if you research beforehand buying an Arrma infraction body it may not work. The bodies will not always meet your expectations. 

But you don’t have to worry about that. Because it’s normal for a body to not fit. 

A lot of people buy the Arrma bodies before properly checking if it fits. Arrma infraction body price can be quite steep so check the compatibilities beforehand. You can just easily fit your body sitting at home. 

Just go through the steps below:

Step 1: Trim the Body 

Start trimming the body by cutting off the places you do not need. And you don’t have to use anything special to trim. 

You can just use something which you have right at home. And that’s- two pairs of scissors.

Now, you have to keep two scissors in hand. One big and one small scissors. 

Plus you have to ensure these are sharp enough to trim the body properly. Otherwise, you’ll face unnecessary issues. So, on that note, here are our top picks:

Some people use an Exacto knife. Which also works just fine. Both of these tools will give you the perfect cut.

Now, let’s get back to work-

Get rid of the corners so you can bend it out. By getting rid of the corners, it helps to give a cleaner cut. Once the corners are gone, flip the scissors for a curve. 

Next, cut out most of the rear so air cannot get inside it. Try to keep the back as open as possible. After that, put the body on top of the infraction and see if it stays balanced. 

If it isn’t centered, trim the parts of the wheel to center it. Keep trimming until it stays straight on top of the infraction. 

And before trimming remember to mark the places you need to trim on the wheel. Try keeping it on the infraction. This way your trimmings will be accurate and you don’t need to trim multiple times.

Also, always trim before painting. This way you can mark accurately by easily seeing the infraction.

Now for the wheels-

Before trimming the wheels mark with a sharpie where the wheels will be. By this, you’ll know how much to trim at front and back. 

Start trimming the wheels with the big scissors cut up to the turn of the wheel. Cut two straight lines on two sides for the wheels afterward. Remember- the longer the scissors the straighter the cut. 

Then use a smaller scissor to give an arch. Lastly,  finish the curve with a smaller scissor. Make sure to keep space for proper turning radius. 

Step 2: Putting the Body On

Now, put velcro on the side skirts to tuck in the sides of the body. Use shoe goo, mesh tape, or drywall to pin the body down. And if you don’t have these, there are alternatives to shoe goo.

Step 3: Paint the Body

Done with step 2? If so, welcome to the fun part of doing a custom body for Arrma infraction. You can now paint and style it any way you want. However, always remember to cut the body out before painting. 

Now, let’s get started now with this step-

Reinforce the wheel well, front, and rear just in case you overspray. Tape down because the plastic can lift. 

Then apply the pearl. Wait for it to dry. Once it’s dried,  go in with the base coat.

The ratio of the pearl should be one teaspoon per quart of the base. Start doing the base by spraying. The color of the base depends on the pearl. 

After applying color, let it dry. Take the tape off and see the final result. 

Now, there’s one thing to remember and that’s-

You might not always get the exact color you were looking for. This happens when you add pearls and flakes before painting. So you need to master the art of pearl painting

This concludes our guide for buying compatible bodies for the Arrma Infraction. Hopefully, this has provided some insights on which bodies work, and which ones to avoid.


Is it okay to bind any RC transmitter to a receiver?

In a nutshell, yes, it is technically possible to connect any receiver with any transmitter. But it is not recommended to connect a transmitter to a different receiver. There is a slight problem here with using a separate transmitter and receiver together. When transmitting, you’ll need to figure out how to switch between different antennas.

What type of motor is found in the Arrma infraction?

The tires are fitted onto 5-spoke wheels with extra-long-lasting hubs. ARRMA has been fitted with the following for ready-to-run functionality:

  • Brushless Motor
  • Waterproof ESC
  • Metal-geared Servo

How do I make RC cars faster? 

Try changing the tires, consider another pinion gear, and try a different battery pack. You can also get the motor changed, find the right motor timing, change bearings. Additionally, try grease instead of oil, get a different spur gear, purchase an aerodynamic bodyshell. Lastly, check the suspension, and the most important of all is to keep practicing.

Is it okay to put a higher voltage battery in an RC car?

As long as the voltage is well within the acceptable range, you should have no problems. Using a battery with a higher than stated voltage will overburden the ESC. This increases the risk of it being damaged or destroyed. The motor can also be damaged as a result of this. This is because the ESC provides it with an excessive amount of power. 


And with that we’ve reached the end of our discussion. That’s all we have on what bodies fit Arrma infractions. We hope now you can find the desired body you are looking for. 

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Good luck with collecting all the bodies for your infraction!