Which is the Better One? – Futaba vs Spektrum [Explained]

The debate between Futaba and Spektrum is incredibly heated in the RC realm. Both Futaba and Spektrum operators will attempt to uphold their transmitters anyhow. 

So, which one should you go for Futaba vs Spektrum?  

Firstly, Futaba and Spektrum wield two unique protocols, that is, the FHSS and DSSS. Presently, Futaba retains a reasonable S-FHSS and T-FHSS technology. Whereas, the Spektrum has DSM2, DSMX & DSMR series. They both have a strong comfortable grip. Compared to Futaba, Spektrum products are budget-friendly.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t wrap everything up on this issue. We have more details in the next segment. Stay with us and read all about it! 

Futaba vs Spektrum: Primary Differences 

Both Futaba and Spektrum are well-known brands. Each of them brings in a wide variety of models you can explore from.

So, let’s have a quick look at their features to know their basic differences. 

Software Complex to program Easy to program Spektrum- 8/10Futaba-4/10
Bind and Fly SetupNot bind-n-fly but can regulate larger DJI quads YesSpektrum- 9/10Futaba-7/10
Telemetry Supports aircraft telemetry Safe telemetry receiver Spektrum- 8/10Futaba- 8/10
Performance Multiple techniques Finite techniques Spektrum- 4/10Futaba- 7/10
Compatibility More Compatible Some limitations Spektrum- 4/10Futaba- 6/10
Price RangeExpensive Reasonable Spektrum- 9/10Futaba- 6/10
Availability Available in any local RC storesAvailable in every RC shopSpektrum- 8/10Futaba- 8/10

Now, we’re going to demonstrate some in-depth insights about Futaba and Spektrum products.

Futaba vs Spektrum: Head-to-Head Trial

We understand you still have plenty of doubts. So we have a full-on head-to-head comparison below for your better understanding.

Product Comparison

Both of these products are on-demand in the market. But there are some clear distinctions between them. So, let’s check it out!


A radio with better technology goes a long way. Let’s compare Futaba vs Spektrum transmitters to find out the one with better tech.


When we compare a product, the first question that pops up is- are Futaba radios good?

Yes, definitely one of the best! They follow the S-BUS protocol and carry different models of their product. You should check out their 2.4 GHz feat FASST series and inexpensive S-FHSS series. From there, you can definitely find yourself a model that fits your needs. 

For surface levels, they use the FHSS systems. Now for higher performance and the high range you should go for the FASST system. 

Futaba radio models have airplane telemetry which gives real-time experience. This includes the voltage points, RPM, temperature, RF signal strength, etc.


Spektrum delivers a smooth, user-friendly program. Their responsive bind-n-fly layout makes it compatible with numerous Horizon RC copters. Moreover, this system operates radio crystals that omit backchat or radio disruption. 

Now, to understand their system better, let’s check out what protocol does Spektrum use?

Spektrum uses the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum or DSSS protocol. DSM2 and DSMX are broadly accepted radio programs for 2.4GHz Spektrum RC. That is for receivers and transmitters. This program helps Spektrum to be compatible with other receivers as well.

Spektrum now uses a telemetry network as well in its DSMR technology. Also, with the newer models you’ll no longer be facing glitching, interference, or browning out.


Both of these brands offer some noticeable cutting-edge configurations in their products. Let’s get to know about these variations.


Futaba 3pv is an amazing radio between Futaba 3pv vs Spektrum dx5c. The 3PV is a much faster gadget and has additional elements than a regular RTR component.

Futaba modified their gadgets by connecting modern graphic layouts for VFD. They also have customized programming for display capacity and transmission. Moreover, you have options to use different dialects as well. 

Futaba uses several linking circuits and protocol layouts, such as parallel, RS232C, USB, etc. It contains the integral power module for a basic energy stream in the process. They provide an onboard structure with the main switch, pointer, additional fringe circuits, and elements. 

Now, as for chargers, they have the HBC-3B Wall Charger from Futaba. This is manufactured for 2.4GHz transmitters and receivers. For instance, the 12K, 14SG, and 16SZ transmitters.


Now, between Futaba 4 PM vs Spektrum DX5C, people tend to prefer Spektrum. The DX5C model has a limited SimpleScroll interface and fine-tuned AVC receiver. It’s also manufactured around deluxe Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMR technology.

The durable, rubberized clutches of Spektrum ix12 enable you to maintain a strong grip. This will help you to operate the boat and gimbal with flexibility. 

Moreover, Spektrum has mouthpieces and voice alerts that guide you during aviation. The telemetry too helps with the assist. The integral memory can also help to supervise many wagons. This might include over 250 models.

In the case of chargers, Spektrum offers a 150mAh wall charger with a transmitter adaptor. It functions with all Spektrum transmitters obtaining 4 AA rechargeable batteries.


Both Futaba 7px vs Spektrum DX6R offer various appliances in the market. However, Futaba offers a wider range of servos. Let’s see how much more these brands have to offer.


Futaba delivers a variety of transmitter accessories. They have from 18*Z, 16SZ,14SG heavy-duty gimbal spring to a 2CR replacement antenna. Also, as mentioned earlier, a variety of servos. 

Moreover, they also carry a foam steering wheel cover and a two-position short solder-on switch. Plus, they have a 4PX/4PV/7PX angle plate adjustment adapter. And they have the 4PX/7PX brake triggers, and so on.


The battle between Futaba vs Spektrum surface radios isn’t easy. Because Spektrum also carries a large number of surface radio models and accessories.  

Spektrum 30A power supply and BC100 smart battery checker are some of their significant additions. They also added a servo driver, S0100 AC charger, and SPMA9571 DSMX/DSMR telemetry temperature sensors. 

They’ve also added a 150mAh dual output charger, a 4.3″ FPV video monitor with DVR, and a headset. Not to mention their Nylon Standoffs/Hdwe set for drone racing (180 pc) and many more accessories.


Transmitters are quite a major concern as it’s an electronic compound. Troubleshooting transmitter or receiver can make your fine morning worse. However, Futaba and Spektrum are both top-notch controllers, so you might have an advantage.

If you compare Futaba 16sz vs Spektrum ix12, 16sz is very promising. Check out these two brands’ product compatibility below. 


 The Futaba 16SZ is a 2.4GHz mode 2 transmitter. It’s compatible with all the latest models such as FASSTest, FASST, S-FHSS, and T-FHSS. 

For Futaba FHSS, you need the same brand receiver for your transmitter. Their S-FHSS and T-FHSS comparatively can support all radios and receivers. As for the FASST system, you can try the FrSky receivers. 

Here are some recommendations of FrSky receivers if you’re looking to purchase one.

Check out these products. We can assure you that these won’t disappoint!


Now, coming on to Spektrum, you might wonder how compatible Spektrum products are?

DSM2 transmitters are compatible with DSMX and all the latest receivers. Plus can use the DSMR radio for the DSM2 as well. DSM2, DSMR, and DSMX both maintain a similar protocol that is the DSSS core. 


Availability and accessibility matter when you’re choosing a product. Otherwise, you might’ve chosen a model but can’t find it anywhere. So, you might want to know which brands’ products are more accessible. 


Between Futaba 6K vs Spektrum DX6, DX6 is more accessible and easy to purchase. But Futaba 6k is more responsive to the transmitter command than Spektrum DX9.

Futaba is a widely known brand and is held up by numerous hobby stores. They’re moreover obtainable through 300+ vendors across America. 


Contrarily, Spektrum’s merchandise is ventured and assisted by over 2000 autonomous dealers. These are based in the U.S. and throughout the globe.

Spektrum is delivered by the largest regional and online hobby stores. So locating them is relatively reasonable and they’re available for customer service as well.

Brand Comparison 

Both Futaba and Spektrum are quite established. Have a quick glimpse at these brands in terms of the price range, warranty, services, etc.  

Price Range

Everything comes down to price and affordability. That’s why for better understanding, we have broken the price range three-way. 

BudgetFutaba Receivers Compatible radios (Futaba)Spektrum Receivers Compatible radios (Spektrum)
Low Budget ($100-200) S-FHSS
All radios
DSM2Still endorsed
Medium Budget ($200-300) T-FHSS & T-FHSS SRAll radios except Futaba 3PRKADSMR
All radios
High Budget ($300$+)FASST
High-end Futaba models
DSMXHigh-end Spektrum models

This table will help you to choose a name according to your budget.

Comparatively, the S-FHSS is much better than DSM2 because of its powerful transmitter signal. That’s why Futaba will be decent to get in the low price range.

Still, why is Futaba so expensive?

The brand name plays a big role here. Their high product quality also justifies the price to some extent. Moreover, importing parts from overseas also adds to the cost price.
People tend to choose Spektrum iX20 compared to Futaba 32MZ vs Spektrum iX20. Because the Spektrum iX20 is a smart radio which is most effective and explicit. 

The iX20 has a 20-channel air transmitter, exclusive designs, and modifications. This radio comes at only $1699, contrary to 18-channel Futaba 32MZ at around $2999.

Warranty and Service 

The Futaba Service Center provides security and service for a period of 1 year. They guarantee their Futaba Digital Proportional RC System in case of any deformities. But the warranty doesn’t work if you misuse or don’t maintain it properly.
They too, like the Futaba corporation, provide a warranty for 1 year. The period starts from the time of the original purchase. Spektrum warranty only covers their manufacturing faults and not others.

Our Recommendation

Both the brands are of top-notch quality. They will give you a smoother experience with everything you need in their product. However, a decision has to be made. So let’s see!

Futaba products’ quality is outstanding. Airtronics MT4 competes Futaba 4PLS in terms of top-notch quality. However, Futaba’s are on the expensive side. Conversely, Spektrum delivers a ton of choices at a reasonable cost. Moreover, compatibility-wise, Futaba might be the best. However, they might be hard to program.

So, which is better, Futaba or Spektrum? 

Now, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, easy-to-program gadget, go for Spektrum. But if you’re using this for your profession you can invest in the high range Futaba’s. Or you can also choose the high-end Spektrum.

That’s everything you need to consider thoroughly before making your decision. 


Can you combine various company’s transmitters and receivers?

No. A Futaba transmitter can solely communicate to a Futaba receiver. This is also similar to the case of Spektrum and Sanwa. Hence you can’t use these interchangeably.

What is the difference between FHSS and DSSS? 

FHSS can initiate 3 channels instantly and jump around to avert disruption. Conversely, DSSS maintains 22 MHz bandwidth. It was initially modified for military usage and ran multi-mode waves to avoid cramming.

Is Futaba compatible with Spektrum?

No, they won’t function concurrently. Futaba Receivers regulate on a different program than Spektrum transmitters. Spektrum radios follow the DSSS protocol while the Futaba uses the S-BUS protocol.

Final Words

This was all. We hope these insights about Futaba vs Spektrum were helpful. You can now make a decision based on these features.

Here’s a bonus tip before you go. In case you need servicing, always go to the brand name store. Otherwise, if your local mechanic breaks something, the brand’s warranty might not cover it.

We hope you’ve come to a decision. Enjoy your gadgets!