4 Common Losi XXL 2 Problems & Their Solutions [Explained]

You take your Losi XXL 2 for a ride but it isn’t working. Worried about what can be the reason here? Well, we might know how to help you out!

So, how can you fix the Losi XXL 2 problems

Your Losi XXL 2 might have problems with its antenna or battery. There can also be servo motor damage from overheating. You might have faulty glow plugs and dirty air filters. Moreover, there can be throttling issues. So, you need to check and replace the parts where needed. 

Anyways, that was only a sneak peek of the whole discussion. So, read along to know about the fixes in depth. 

Losi XXL 2 Troubleshooting: 4 Possible Problems & Fixes

Sometimes, the vehicle can malfunction and it can occur due to various reasons. So let’s check out the reason behind your problems and fix them!

Problem 1: Faulty Transmitter & Receiver 

Faulty transmitter and receiver can cause a number of problems, This might include overcharged batteries or malfunctioning servos. Thus this can interrupt the signal.

So, let’s check out how you can fix these!

Issue 1: Overcharged Batteries

Even with full batteries your Losi XXL 2 isn’t moving. So, you might be thinking, why is my Losi XXL 2 not moving? 

Your Losi XXL 2 might not be moving due to overcharged batteries of the transmitter. Check if the body of the LiPo batteries is swollen. This indicates you’re overcharging your batteries. 

Solution: Get a New Pair of Batteries 

Replacing the batteries is the best solution in this case. Otherwise, there’s a chance the LiPo batteries can catch fire and sometimes explode. 

Also, to save you some time, we’ve included some of the best LiPo batteries:

Now, you can choose whichever you like and get your batteries replaced!

For future use, here’s a trick you can use to prevent overcharging.  Always charge 50-60% of the capacity after each RC session. This way, you always avoid overcharging. 

Issue 2: Malfunctioning Antennas

The antennas can also be the root of the problems. It might be because the antennas are twisted or damaged. Hence fails to send a signal between the devices.

Solution: Check the Antennas

Firstly, make sure the antennas are fully extended and straight. After this, ensure that the antenna isn’t touching the ground or any metallic part. Now, try using your vehicle and see if it’s working. Otherwise, you need to fix the antenna. 

So, how do I fix my RC antenna that’s loose? 

To fix the antenna, start by taking off the battery cover and the on/off plate. Then unscrew all the screws that hold two halves of the transmitter together. Detach one-half of the transmitter case. Now, hold the antenna with a plier and tighten the screw underneath with a screwdriver. 

That’s all, it’s super easy and takes like 3-4 minutes.

However, the antennas sometimes get cracked and can’t be fixed. So, you’ll have to replace them as soon as possible. You can use the following antennas – Uxcell Telescopic Antenna, Weelye Short Metal Antenna, or the RuLing Universal Antenna.

Problem 2: Servo Motors Not Working

Just like Traxxas steering runs into servo problems, your Losi XXL 2 can too. The servo motors are quite sensitive and thus can easily run into problems. 

Thus, it won’t be able to receive commands from the speed controller via the receiver. So, you can’t move your vehicle or throttle and steer your vehicle. 

Issue 1: Overheated Servo Motors

The first question you might ask is, why are the servos overheating in my Losi XXL 2? 

The servos might be overheating because of overloading servos. It can also happen due to blockages inside the motor. Then there’s the environmental temperature which can be an issue in some cases. 

Solution: Clean the Servo Motor

Start off by checking the batteries. When using a high-power servo, your RC battery can become overloaded. Determine the source of the servo’s excessive friction. Reduce the load or switch to another servo.

To fix the clogged servo you have to clean it. Open up the servo motor by bending the tabs. The servo motor, some copper wires, and some gears should be exposed by now. You have to now take a picture to know the placement.

Now you have to clean the grease from the disc-looking gear with a potentiometer. Use a paper towel to get rid of it. Don’t forget to clean the grease from copper wires as well. 

When it’s done, apply some clean grease on the disc. It’s a must since the motor wouldn’t function without it. After that position, all the gears like the picture and close the servo. Your vehicle should start functioning now. 

If this cleaning didn’t work, you probably have to replace and repair it. Some of the best servos you can use are -PROTEK “Black Label”, Savox Black Edition, or the Spektrum RC.

Issue 2: Damaged Servo Wire

In a lot of monster trucks, servo wires stay exposed and can get damaged. Hence you might have to fix those. 

Solution: Solder the Wires 

If the damage is not too extensive you can simply solder it. Use a soldering iron and some heat-shrink tubes. Place the tubes on the required part and solder the area. When done, use a heat gun to shrink the tubes. 

But if the wire can’t be repaired, you might need to replace it! You can use Generic Lead Wire Cables, or HONBAY servo extension cord for the repair. 

Problem 3: Losi XXL 2 Won’t Start Properly

Nitro RC cars usually have engine malfunctions which cause a boot failure. That’s why you’ve to check the engine, glow plugs, and air filter regularly.

This might bring you to a question, why is Losi XXL 2 not running full speed? 

Your Losi XXL 2 might not be running at full speed because of dirty filters. There might also be a bad glow plug. On the contrary, it could also be the carburetor gap and ignition failure. 

Issue 1: Faulty Glow Plugs 

These faulty glow plugs are the main reasons behind engine boot failure most of the time. This is why you need to fix this as soon as possible. 

Solution: Check the Glow Plug 

First, get a glow plug igniter to check the glow plug. If the igniter lights up, then it’s a fully functional glow plug. Otherwise, the plug is faulty and must be replaced. Use glow plugs from Boscg, ShareGoo, or Hobbypark as they are the best.

Issue 2: Dirty Air Filter 

A dirty air filter will disrupt the ignition process. Thus, a common reason behind a failed engine boot-up. Nitro RC cars must always be spotless because they have carburetors and air filters.

Solution: Replace the Ar Fillter

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about dirty air filters. You’ll have to replace these entirely. However, they are not costly, so you can easily purchase one.

To replace the air filter, take the old filter out. Then use a paper towel to clean the grease. Gently insert the air filter by pushing it. And you’re done! 

Problem 4: Steering Works but No Throttle

Throttling issues are nothing new. Like steering problems, they can occur very frequently. So, why isn’t my throttle working on Losi XXL 2? 

The throttle might not be working because of transmitter frequency and servo motor failure. If the steering is working but throttling isn’t, it’s a channel issue. It can also be a receiver problem entirely. 

Issue 1:Incorrect Transmitter Channel & Frequency

Transmitters have different channels and a dedicated frequency. The frequency is used to have a continuous connection between a transmitter and a receiver. Thus if you’re in the wrong channel the problem can arise.

Solution: Reset the Transmitter

Losi XXL 2 steering controls no throttle at all. You can always try to alter the channels to check if the channels are dead or not. 

Here’s how to reset it. First, take the transmitter near the receiver and press the reset button for 6-8 seconds. You’ll hear a beep sound when it’s done. Check if the throttling is fixed or not. 

If not, test the transmitter with another vehicle. If the transmitter fails both times, then you probably have to replace your transmitter. 

You may agree that you have a lot of work ahead of you. That’s only if the steering works but the throttle doesn’t.

That’s it. These are some of the issues and solutions to fix your Losi XXL 2. 


Why does my Losi XXL 2 car keep stopping?

It can be a dirty air filter or a bad carburetor. Fuel pump and primer bulb can also be a reason too if your model has it. Be sure to check the glow plugs as well. 

Why is my RC car making a clicking noise?

It happens when there’s an imbalance between gears. If the pinion gear connects with other gears, it will make a clicking noise. Low oil pressure can also cause a clicking noise. 

Can you bind any transmitter to any receiver?

Binding a transmitter is a lengthy task. You’ve to make sure your antenna is compatible with your receiver. This task is hard but not impossible. That’s why it’s better to buy the same transmitter and receiver instead. 

Final Words

We have discussed everything on the Losi XXL 2 problems. From now on you’ll be able to fix the issues of your RC on your own.

You should make a habit of doing a post-race maintenance check. In this way, you can catch the problems ahead of time. 

Best of luck for the next race!