Hubsan X4 Transmitter Compatibility: How Well Does it Work?

RC enthusiasts like you often buy new drones. But you might not always buy new transmitters when you already have one. And when you have a Husban X4 transmitter, you wonder about its compatibility with others. So, you might question yourself-

How is the Husban X4 transmitter compatibility

The Hubsan X4 transmitter is a pretty compatible transmitter. You’ll be able to fly almost any drone using this transmitter. The X4 has this mode called ‘Expert Mode’. It increases the sensitivity letting you take sharper turns.  But when it comes to camera quality, it’s bad. 

This is just a briefing about the compatibility of the transmitter. We’ll be going further into the details in the article. 

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Compatibility of Hubsan X4 Transmitter 

You can use the Hubsan X4 transmitter with drones that aren’t from Hubsan. But just because you can use something it doesn’t mean they’re compatible. 

And since this article is about the transmitter’s compatibility, we’ll be going over it. We’ll not only go over its compatibility with Hubsan drones. We’ll also be going over its compatibility with drones made by other brands. 

Let’s not wait any longer and get right into it-

Compatibility with Hubsan Drones

If you fly the Hubsan you’ll probably feel like you haven’t flown something like that before. The Hubsan drones are pretty good. The transmitter makes the experience even better. 

It’s not because of the shape of the transmitter that makes the experience better. It’s the things that you can do with it. 

If you go to the settings of your transmitter, you’ll find the sensitivity set at 50. This is the normal mode. There’s a mode called Expert mode. In that mode, the sensitivity can go up to 100. The minimum sensitivity in Expert mode is 90 though. 

You’ll be able to maneuver much much better in that mode. We don’t have to mention that it’s perfectly compatible. 

You can fly any Hubsan drone in that mode. They are all perfectly compatible. 

There were some occasional complaints about the camera quality though. One customer said the camera quality looks like the security cameras from Silent Hill. Yes, the quality is that bad. 

But overall its compatibility with their own drones is pretty good. So, if the new drone you get is a Hubsan, then you have nothing to worry about. 

Compatibility with Other Brand Drones

We’d normally say that it’s fine. That you should be able to fly almost any drone with the Hubsan X4 transmitter. But, it’s not like that, you actually can’t fly drones made by other brands. 

You see, Hubsan has a protection system to stop you from pairing to other drones. It’s called the Proprietary TX Protocol. This protocol prevents the X4 transmitter from pairing with drones from anything other than Hubsan. 

But, there is a piece of good news though. You’ll still be able to pair the transmitter with just about any drone. What you need to do is follow the method of ProtoX Reversing Project.

Their reverse engineering method lets you fly almost any drone out there with the Hubsan X4. You should be able to maneuver them as easily you maneuver any Hubsan drone with the X4.

This also means that you’ll face the same problem you face with the camera. The camera quality isn’t so good. 

Here’s a list of some of the most compatible drones with the Hubsan X4, in case you need one-

Overall, the Hubsan X4 is pretty compatible with non-Hubsan drones. So it doesn’t matter if you get a Hubsan drone or a non-Hubsan drone. You don’t have to worry about any connectivity issues or anything. 

Calibrating the Hubsan X4

No matter what drone you use, the calibrating method is the same almost always. We’ll be showing a step-by-step process of calibrating the Hubsan X4 with your drone. You’ll be able to use this method with all types of drones. 

Let’s not waste any time and get right into it-

Step 1: Calibrating the Transmitter

Make sure the battery of your drone is unplugged. Don’t turn on your transmitter just yet though. Push both sticks to the upper left corner and hold them there. 

Now you can turn on the transmitter. You’ll see that the light in the middle is blinking red and green. If the lights don’t work then you can assume the transmitter or the receiver isn’t working

Since you’re calibrating the controller here, you need to do something. You can move the sticks in certain directions. 

Let’s say that you move one stick in the clockwise direction. Then you can move the other in the anticlockwise direction. Hold down on the lower trim button and the light will start flashing red. This means that your transmitter is calibrated now. 

Step 2: Calibrating the Drone

It’s time to calibrate your drone now. Connect the battery of the drone. When the lights start blinking it means that it’s ready to calibrate. 

Turn on the transmitter and the drone will connect itself. You need to keep the drone on a flat surface. Or else you’re going to calibrate at an off level. 

Now, hold down the left joystick at the bottom right corner. Then wiggle the right joystick left and right for some time. The lights on the drone will start blinking and that’s when it’ll be calibrated.

After the process of calibrating both the transmitter and drone, you are good to go. 

As sensitive as these RCs are, you might face problems like propeller synchronization, but adjusting the compatibility between a drone and controller is pretty easy! 

So this was all about Husban X4 transmitter compatibility. We hope you’re now clear about it’s compatibility.


For how long do I need to charge the Hubsan X4?

It’s said that you need to charge your Hubsan X4 for at least 40 minutes. The Hubsan X features a USB charging connection. You’ll be able to charge by plugging it into a PC or a charger. Whichever you desire. You’ll be able to get a flight time of 7 minutes once it’s fully charged.

How do I turn on the Expert mode on the Hubsan X4 transmitter? What does it do?

To enter Expert mode, you have to do that by going to the Setting Status. Hold down on the Elevator stick to enter Setting Status. Then go to Set Sensitivity and change the setting from Normal Mode to Expert Mode. In this mode, the sensitivity goes up to 100. 

How do I recalibrate my Hubsan drone?

Turn on your transmitter first and then turn on your drone. Put your transmitter in expert mode. Then pull down on the throttle stick hard and push to the farthest right. Then flick the right stick left and right constantly. Keep it up until the lights flash on the front side of the model. Your drone has been recalibrated now. 


This is all we have on the hubsan x4 transmitter compatibility. You should be able to get a clear idea after reading our article. If you have enough confidence in yourself, we suggest you try the Expert Mode.

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Good Luck!