What Tablets are Compatible with DJI Fly App: Our Recommendations

The DJI Fly app is a pretty high-maintenance app. It has a lot of features after all. This means it’s probably not compatible with a lot of devices. So you may want to know which tablets are actually compatible.

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What tablets are compatible with DJI fly app? 

The best tablets are 64-bit and their software is always up to date. You should look out for the screen size, brightness, and compatibility of the tablets. The newest tablets of Apple and Samsung are among some of the best ones. From Apple, it’s the iPad Pro and from Samsung, it’s the Galaxy Tab S7. 

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The 5 Best Tablets Compatible with the DJI Fly App

Sometimes, the phone causes syncing issues. For instance, in the case of flying a propel drone. You’ll find a lot of tablets that are in the compatible range. But do they all provide the same service? 

Obviously not. So, here’s a list of some of the best tablets compatible with the DJI fly app-

Apple iPad Pro: More About Product

Apple has always been consistent in bringing next-gen technology. Bringing in new features with every new release and update. 

Moreover, the large screen is a huge turn-on without even mentioning the display. The display is a liquid Retina XDR one. 

And the brightness of the tablet is astonishing. It has 1600 nits. So you can guess how bright the screen can be. Not to mention, the tab also comes with the M1 chip! And it makes the processor extremely strong. You can fly heavy-duty drones with this tablet. 

Apple iPad Air Tablet: More About Product

The iPad Air is smaller than Apple’s 2021 iPad. But the features aren’t too different. 

The display size of this tab is around 10 inches. It’s a Retina Display that comes with True tone tech. 

It also has the p3 wide color technology. You’ll be able to edit the photos and videos you take in vibrant colors. Moreover, the processor is pretty fine too. It uses the A14 Bionic chip which makes the tablet pretty smooth. 

You’ll even be able to edit 4k videos if you want. 

Also, connecting with different Apple products like smart keyboards and pens is pretty easy. You can increase your efficiency of editing with them. 

Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro: More About Product

Well, this is a pretty versatile tablet. You can turn this tablet into a laptop any time you want. And it’s great for doing graphics work and editing pictures. 

Likewise, the resolution is outstanding, which is 1920×1200, and with the FHD display. It has 5.0 Bluetooth and 5G-enabled WiFi. It also has USB C. Which makes it easy to connect. In addition, you can also use its USB cable for charging a drone battery.

But wait, there’s more! The processor has 8 functional cores along with a dual-core GPU. It’s a pretty device affordable compared to most devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: More About Product

Most people use it as a laptop instead of a tab. That’s basically how good this tab is. It’s great for editing videos. It also has a stylus. 

Moreover, it comes with an internal storage of 128 GB. But you can increase it any time you want by inserting an SD card. And you can increase the size up to 1 TB. 

Not only this, but it also has an octa-core processor. You’ll be able to get smooth work out of it. It only weighs 1 pound. And the size is also slightly smaller compared to others. It makes the tablet very portable. 

Lenovo Tablet Smart M10 Plus: More About Product

Lenovo should be your choice if you want High RAM at an affordable price. The M10 plus is a great tablet you can get at an affordable price. 

It has the same resolution as expensive Samsung tablets, which is 1920×1200. It comes with 4 GB RAM along with 64 GB of storage. 

The Bluetooth version is 5.0 and it has a 5 GHz Dual-band. So the connectivity is pretty superior. 

Well, it auto connects with Alexa. You can also use it to control different appliances in your home. You can turn your home and office around with this tablet. 

After considering everything, this is the best tablet you can get at the price range. 

These five are the best tablets you can find. But here’s a list of some of the best phones which you can get for flying- 

You now know the best tablets you can use for using the DJI Fly app. Do you already have a different tab? No worries. We’ll be going over the compatibility in the next section. 

How to Know if Your Tablet is Compatible or Not

There are a lot of easy ways of checking the compatibility of your tablet. One of those ways is checking the list provided by the app. But there are other ways of checking your device’s compatibility. 

Let’s go over them one by one now- 

Runs a 64-bit Android OS

Checking if your tablet runs 64-bit is quite easy. Your tablet must run a 64-bit Android OS. Or else you won’t be able to run the app. 

The first way is using the 64-bit checker. Using the 64-bit checker is the easiest way possible. All you have to do is just open the checker. And it’ll tell you whether you have a 64-bit or not. 

The next way you can check is using the AnTuTu benchmark app. You’ll have to install the app first for this. Go to the Play Store and install the app if you haven’t already. 

Open the app and go to ‘My Device’. There you’ll find all the information about your device. You’ll find the name of the device along with the model number. If you look around you can find the version of your android. It should be where it’s written ‘Android’. 

Meeting System Requirements

If your tablet doesn’t meet the system requirement, you won’t be able to run the app. 

The minimum requirement for iOS devices is iOS 11 and above. If your device is unable to update to iOS 11 then that’s a different story. 

You can still use the app if your device is on iOS 10. They have an iOS 10 version of the app. 

In terms of Android, the system needs to be Android 6.0 or above. If your device is below that then it can’t be helped.


Do drones use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? 

Bluetooth is a popular technology for connecting to drones and controlling them via an app. Because of its range, this type of communication is often found in toy drones. 

What are the best accessories for drone tablets?

A sunshade is first on the list. It’ll help you see even at low brightness. A tablet mount is a pretty good investment. You can even get Lanyards. They’re pretty helpful. 

Can a drone fly without WiFi? 

Drones can be flown easily without cellular service or wifi. They can also be flown manually without even a GPS signal. 


We hope you now know what tablets are compatible with dji fly app. You’ll be able to put all this information to pretty good use. Anyways, try to get a tablet that has an OS of your preference. 

Let us know in the comments about what tablet you get for yourself. 

Good Luck with buying the perfect tablet!