Traxxas Steering Servo Problems: 3 Common Problems

It’s wonderful when you take your Traxxas out and everything works smoothly! But if suddenly the car isn’t steering properly, it can be a great bummer. Hence, it’s best to know what’s causing the problem as soon as possible. 

So, why are you facing Traxxas steering servo problems?

Firstly, even if the throttle works fine, the steering might not work. This happens because of stripped servo gears, frayed servo wires, or loose servo connectors. The steering can also turn in one way. For this, the servo horn and loose links are at fault. Lastly, the tires might turn left/right automatically mostly because of loose link connections at one side.

Sounds about right? Then let’s dive into the depths of this matter. 

How to Identify if the Traxxas Steering Servo is Faulty?

Steering servo problems are very common. But how do we know if it’s actually the steering servo? Few consequences are described below which would help you understand if the servo has issues.

Check the Linking of Steering to the Servo

Every car kit includes connections to connect the servo to the steering rack and the steering rack to the wheels. Even if the radio and servo are working properly, the car will not move if the connections are too short or badly fitted. 

Check your links once you’ve made sure your servo and servo horn is working. Ensure that no obstructions exist between the servo and the steering rack. 

Check between the servo and the tires as well. They should all react quickly and smoothly.

Check the Adjustment of the End Point of the Radio

Endpoint adjustment (EPA) on your radio allows your servo and steering rack to recognize the finer motions of your steering.

Your automobile must be at drive height on the ground before the EPA can be set. When establishing endpoints, make sure the wheels are firmly locked to the left and right. To ensure that your car is at true driving height, you may need to press it into its shock mounts a few times.

Check for Poor Connection between the Radio and Servo

Sometimes, even if the radio and the rest of the servo are working, the servo’s transmitter may stop receiving signals from your radio. 

Switching the servo and throttle connectors is an easy way to make sure the servo transmitter is operating. If the radio’s control switches on, you’ll understand everything is functioning properly.

Now, by checking these few things, you can make sure that whether or not the steering servo is bad. By the way, to test the RC servo, you can also use some good servo testers. This should make your inspecting process easier and smoother. 

3 Common Problems of Traxxas Steering Servo

Now, if you’re sure that the steering servo is indeed bad. Then you’ll come across some common steering issues. What are these?

Well, let’s dissect and troubleshoot the 3 most typical RC steering issues-

Throttle is Functioning But Steering isn’t

Let’s see your automobile starts and lights up well, but the steering is completely broken?

Well, first of all, check if the servo gears are stripped. Because servo gears can get stripped as they get jammed with dust. Then the battery pack might not be fully charged as well. So, if that’s the case, do charge the battery. 

The servo connector might be loose as well. Last but not the least, the links might not be properly connected to the steering servo


Now, the solution to this issue is similar to turning a 5 servo wire into 3. Hence, relax! You can solve this problem without much effort.

So, firstly, if the battery isn’t charged enough, proceed to charge it. However, if the servo gears are stripped or the servo wire is frayed-

You have to make a little more effort than that. Because for stripped servo gears, you have to buy new gears. Or you can take the parts to a nearby hobby shop and get them fixed. 

However, we recommend getting a new servo. Because sometimes the stripped gear won’t be completely fixed. Therefore, for a long-lasting option, we suggest buying a new metal servo-

These should help you solve the stripped gear problem. Then you see frayed servo wires, you can patch them up with liquid tape. But you can also use electrical tape to repair frayed wires. But if the wires are frayed everywhere, it’s best to ask for help from a professional! 

Lastly, in the case of loose servo connectors, you have to try securing them. To do that, use 3M molding tape. Or you can even hot glue them to keep them in place. Well, this way you can fix the steering issue.

Tires Only Turn One Way

So, your car can turn left and right, but it leans far more in one direction than the other. 

Alternatively, it has no trouble rotating but has trouble staying straight or centered. This is most likely due to a problem with the servo horn or the location of the servo trim. 


The solution for this is really easy. All you have to do this- make sure your servo horn and all links are in working order. If you see something unusual, it’s best to go to a nearby hobby shop to fix it. 

Tires Turn to Left/Right Automatically

Now, in this case when you turn on your car or drive it for a few minutes-

There’s a possibility the tires immediately turn strongly to the left or right. This can happen because of a faulty servo horn and the servo trim setting. 


To fix this issue, firstly check the servo horn and the setting of the servo trim. Then make sure the EPA is properly reset. If none of that works, some of your servo gears can be stripped, or the linkages on one side of the car may be loose.

So, check those to be sure. For stripped gears, take the advice already mentioned. However, you might have to visit the local RC shop for the latter problem if you aren’t experienced enough.  

You might finally be free of any Traxxas steering servo issues after this. In case, they don’t go away, immediately take your precious RC vehicle to a professional.


What does a Traxxas servo do?

Traxxas servo is the power to perform. Traxxas High-Torque servos are the perfect upgrade for high-demand applications like Unlimited Desert Racer, Slash, Stamped, etc.

What actually is the purpose of steering servo?

A servo is required for every RC device to transform radio impulses into movement. A servo is located somewhere in the body of every helicopter, train, or car. Your servo, in the case of RC car kits, determines how quickly your car drives. It also determines all aspects of steering quality.

What causes my RC servo to jitter?

Jitters are a symptom that the servo isn’t getting enough power. As a result, it’s understandable that your servo works fine when moving freely. But it fails when loaded. The first thing to do is upgrade to a more powerful power supply. When the arm is attached to a mechanical load, the servo becomes somewhat unstable.


See? There’s still hope for you and your broken car! Traxxas steering servo problems are nothing serious. 

To summarize, RC car steering issues are nearly always resolved by first troubleshooting these issues.

Hope you’ll be able to use your Traxxas properly now!