Mavic Air 2 Range Problems: 2 Major Reasons And Solutions!

The Mavic Air 2 is one of the most advanced drones available today. Most drone lovers admire this one due to its performance. However, this sometimes gets range issues which is a bit problematic.

So, a drone user must know about the issues and solutions too!

If you know about the reasons behind it, you can prevent this problem. And knowing the proper solutions would help you to resolve the issues!

So, what are the mavic air 2 problems?

Your Mavic air 2 range can occur due to two main reasons. First, it can have range issues due to dust clogged in it. Not only that, but it can also occur because of a throttle issue. However, you can resolve the issues by following a few steps.

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What Leads to Mavic Air 2 Range Problems?

Mavic air 2 can cover significant ranges when it flies. So, any disruption in flying would indicate the issue of its range. 

You must know the reasons in order to deal with them. This can help you to prevent further problems.

So, we got here the reasons along with the solutions. Take a look.

Reason 1: Dust Clog

The Mavic Air 2 moves into airflow when you fly it. And you may wonder, how far can a Mavic air 2 fly? Well, it can fly covering a great distance.

Over time, it might collect dirt throughout the air. These dust particles would clog the propeller and jam it with time. The drone may eventually cease flying and fall off. 

This can be the sign of Mavic air 2 weak signal.

And this is one of the major Mavic air 2 range issues. This issue can also be experienced with the blade 230s

Aside from this problem, the propeller could cease spinning for a variety of causes. It’s possible that the propeller has a mechanical flaw that you’re not conscious of. 

So, this can create disturbance in the Mavic air 2 range. And in that scenario, you must immediately troubleshoot and resolve the issue.


In this case, what you need to do is get it out of dust. First, see if there are any dust clogs in the propellers. Remember that, this can also create Mavic air 2 antenna settings issues.

A lot of people overlook cleaning the propellers thinking these would let go of dust. But this is what primarily disrupts the drone flying range. And it leads to mavic air 2 bad range.

You may want to take off the propellers and clean further. This is a Mavic air 2 range hack. And that is completely fine to do so! If you are anyway confused about what to use to clean this, use a vacuum.

Generally, a camera cleaning vacuum will get the job done just about right. Now, wondering which one to select for this? Well, take a look here to know our pickups.

We hope this helps!

One reminder! If you think you are confused about cleaning your propellers, reach out to a professional. Because any mistake can lead to disruption in propeller synchronization.

Reason 2: Throttle Issue

This might seem unreal but a throttle disruption can be the reason behind range problems. Issues with the throttle can lead to Mavic air 2 low range.

A throttle issue mainly arises when you don’t use the drone properly. This can also happen if you often fly it for a long time without a break. 

This can eventually lead the drone to fly in irregular paths and acceleration. And your drone would go out of range anytime. You must not procrastinate resolving the issue anyway.

Remember that, this problem is quite common if you are flying a drone for the first time.


To resolve this issue, you may try out two things. First, you need to clean the drone. A thorough clean should fix most issues. But if you aren’t fortunate enough, you might need to call for the help of a professional.

You might also need to replace the throttle if the condition deteriorates. So, you must not anyway delay if you find any disruption in the range. If you fail to resolve this, there might be problems with the Mavic air 2 remote range as well.

These are the 2 possible reasons and solutions for Mavic air 2 range problems. 

If you think, these are not the ones matching with yours, talk to your company! But the problems mainly occur due to these problems.


What is the highest distance that Mavic air 2 can cover?

The Mavic Air 2 has a flying capacity of 11.49 miles which is18.5 kilometers. You must never force your drone’s flight capacity to its optimum. Because doing so may lead the drone to collapse or become disoriented.

Why does my drone lose signal suddenly?

This can happen for numerous reasons. The primary reason is the technical glitch of the appliance. If you see the drone losing signal, you must hold it as soon as can. Because this would fall off in no time and can get broken or damaged.

Is there any way my drone can go out of range?

Yes, your drone can fly out of range if it reaches its range limit with a great speed. If the drone goes out of range, it can have accidents. It would most likely fall off in a few seconds or keep moving until it gets hit. So, try to keep it within the range.

Can I increase the drone range?

Yes, you can increase the flying range of your drone. You can do it with the help of routers or power lines. To get this done properly, you can talk to a pro mechanic around you. You can also talk to the company that you bought it from.

Do the drones of force fly more in range?

The forces have drones that are specially modified for their different purposes. These drones generally have more advanced settings and features compared to the general ones. So, these drones can fly more in the range than the normal ones.

Final Words

Now you know about the Mavic air 2 range problems! We hope you have enough knowledge about your concern n

We tried our best to keep the instructions as simple as possible. Don’t forget to check out the other relevant articles from our website!

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