Quadcopter Throttle Problem: [Reasons and Solutions]

We know none can resist the heart-pumping adrenaline experience of flying a quadcopter. So we understand how frustrating it is when your favorite drone begins to malfunction. And you have no idea why!

 So, what are the reasons for a quadcopter throttle problem?

Basically, there could be numerous similar reasons for a bad throttle. First of all, the build-up of grime can be a reason. Throttle going bad is another one that occurs due to poor maintenance. But these problems can be fixed so there’s nothing to worry about.

Well, that’s not all, we skipped a few details here. But you can find them in the following segments.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going.

How to Know if it is a Quadcopter Throttle Problem?

Before the throttle of your quadcopter goes bad, it shows some specific signs. If you identify the symptoms, there’s a chance to prevent them from going bad. 

Well, let us have a look here to know about the most alarming symptoms.

Symptom 1 Of 3: Disrupted Acceleration

The stream of air into the throttle increases as you fly the quadcopter. For example, there is dirt or coking on the throttle body. As a result, there will be an energy shortage.

This could take the quadcopter longer than the time to begin underway. 

Some people experience this similar kind of problem in Spektrum DX9 at times.

Symptom 2 Of 3: Poor Performance of Quadcopter

To function properly, the engine requires enough air. As a result, the engine not getting enough air is a bad sign. It can also occur because of a damaged throttle body. 

Therefore, the engine would drop, and the operator would suffer poor performance. 

Your automobile might feel like it’s lost half of its power when you accelerate. In that case, a bad throttle body is almost certain to be blamed.

Symptom 3 Of 3: Turn off Suddenly

Bad throttle can cause a sudden tremor while flying. And it gradually increases at a greater speed. As a result, within a couple of seconds, it may stop flying and fall off.

This is also a quite common issue with blade 230s.

What are the Hazards of a Bad throttle?

The throttle is one of the most important parts of your quadcopter indubitably. 

So, a bad throttle can totally get your quadcopter out of order. Let us know about it in detail below-

Hazard 1: Disruptions in Flight

As the throttle controls the airflow, it ensures the flying pattern of the quadcopter. So, if the throttle goes bad, your quadcopter would have disruptions in the flight. 

Hazard 2: Sudden Changes in Directions

Sudden changes in direction might also occur as a result of the late receiving of a signal. These all basically happen for the bad throttle of your quadcopter. 

These effects would surely create disturbance in your actions. But you can easily get into the solutions to resolve the issues.

What are the Reasons for a Quadcopter Throttle Problem?

A throttle may go bad for several issues. However, the reasons can be specified in a few as they are alike. We tried to incorporate the reasons in a number of reasons. 

You might want to take a look here.

Reason 1: Build Up of Grime

A primary reason for the throttle issue is the grime buildup. The collection of dust and filth on the throttle body necessitates cleaning. This results in a hard surface, which disrupts the air circulation. 

It can also prevent the drone to sync as well.

Moreover, it can also reduce the efficiency of your quadcopter. Carbon deposits would create an irregular surface inside the part. This causes a similar problem. 

As a consequence, the throttle goes bad.

Reason 2: Lack of Maintenance

When you’re using a device, proper maintenance is a must that often people overlook. Just like cleaning, proper use is also mandatory. In other words, any rough use of the drone may damage the throttle.

For example, you may suddenly hold and stop the drone. That would have a significant effect on the quadcopter. 

So, this is how the throttle can go bad.

How Do I Fix a Bad Throttle?

Fixing a throttle might not be as easy as you think it is. However, it is not something impossible to do! Have a look here to know about them in detail.

Solution 1: Clean the Throttle

As we all know, a dusty throttle body produces a slew of issues. So, it is required to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. 

If you want to clean the throttle by yourself, you don’t need any exceptional skills. All you need to do is to follow 2 simple steps. 

So, Let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather Supplies 

You won’t have to stress about cleaning materials being too expensive or difficult to obtain. All you’ll need is a piece of paper or a piece of fabric, as well as a spray cleaner. 

After gathering all the supplies, start the cleaning right away.

Step 2: Clean Throttle Body Flap and Flap Valve

To begin, grab the can of throttle body cleaner. It can be any of your choices. Then spray the two sides of the throttle body flap carefully. Allow for a 5-minute rest period. 

After that grab a rag or paper and begin to clean it. 

Now, you might find it confusing to take on the best cleaner for this. Just take a look below.

These are the cleaners that are effective in cleaning!

Remember to clean the flap valve as well as the ends of the throttle body. The most crucial part of the valve flap to clean is the edges.

Finally, you are done with cleaning the throttle of your quadcopter. So, this is the solution to resolving the quadcopter throttle problem.

Solution 2: Giving the Drone a Break

This might not sound real but this can work. All you need to do at times is give the drone a bit of rest. Make sure the drone turns completely normal in temperature.

Proper maintenance is essential for a good working throttle. 

So, this is how you can fix a bad throttle easily.

Tips to Avoid Quadcopter Throttle Problem

We have got here a few tips for you to prevent quadcopter throttle problems. First, you must clean the throttle at least once a week. 

Secondly, you need to dry off the throttle before using it again. Because a partially wet throttle can catch even more dust.

That’s all about throttle-related issues and their fixes that you might face. Then again, prevention is better than cure right! 

However, If you know how to troubleshoot your quadcopter issues, it will be a much easier process for you.


How does drone yaw work?

Drone yaw is the movement of the quadcopter head. It is the fundamental movement for the quadcopter to spin.

Is it okay to fly a quadcopter with a broken throttle?

It is a straight no to fly a quadcopter with a broken throttle. You may be able to start the quadcopter but eventually, it would start flying out of order.

What happens if the throttle is not cleaned for a long time?

An uncleaned throttle simply makes it clogged with dirt. This would make the quadcopter hot, malfunctioning gradually. Eventually, this can start damaging the throttle until being permanently damaged.

The Final Words

Now that you know all about the quadcopter throttle problem! We believe you now steer clear with your concern! 

To add a bonus tip, you can reach out to a professional at any time!

Best of luck with your quadcopter!