RC Car Not Responding to Throttle: Identified & Solved

As fun as it is to drive an RC vehicle, sometimes this could get frustrating. Especially because of all the technical problems that occur in it. 

One such problem is the RC car not responding to throttle.

In short, this problem occurs when the RC is not responding to the transmitter commands. This problem arises mostly because of battery problems, ESC problems, throttle servo issues, and motor problems. In order for the throttle to respond, you must fix these problems. 

In this article, we’ve described some of the major reasons why the throttle does not respond. And we’ve come up with ways to fix this problem. 

If that’s what you’re looking for then you’re at the right place. 

Let’s begin.

Problem and Its Fix

Your RC may face various kinds of problems. For instance, the RC car may not respond to the controller. Another problem could be the RC car stops after a few seconds. Again sometimes another issue arises which is the RC car’s steering not working. 

But the problem has its solution too!

So, let’s not waste any time and dive just right in. 

Problem 1: Damped Out Battery

Worn-out batteries will supply less power to your RC. Besides, it’s also important to ensure that the battery is adequately charged. 

When you have a worn-out battery the RC’s performance declines massively. 

Sometimes it doesn’t respond to the controller. At times it accelerates very slowly. Even sometimes the RC could run by itself. 

How to Fix: Replace the Battery

You should always keep an eye out for your battery. If you see any signs of a damaged battery then you must replace it soon. 

Source: nitrotek.co.uk

You can find a wide range of batteries in the market. Different batteries come with different power outputs. You need to know everything about RC batteries. We suggest you use the 3000 mah or the 5000 mah one. 

Here are some batteries you can look into:

  • For non-rechargeable batteries, look into 4 Cell AA Batteries. They are more on the affordable side. 

You should also check your battery regularly. To make sure it’s not worn out. For this, you can use a multimeter.

Problem 2: Uncalibrated ESC

The ESC regulates the speed and the motion of the RC. Damaged or uncalibrated ESC could result in throttle-less RC. 

The ESC is responsible to recognize maximum breakpoints, full throttle, and neutrality of your RC. Thus, a damaged ESC will disable the functionality of your RC. 

How to Fix: Troubleshoot the ESC

To begin, test the ESC. Use a multimeter to test it. If it’s damaged you need to replace it. It’s even possible that it’s not damaged, it’s just uncalibrated. 

You must recalibrate your ESC if it is out of calibration.

To do so, press and hold the ESC button for a few seconds. Hold the button down until you see a steady light. Afterward, press the transmitter’s trigger for maximum acceleration.

Continue to hold it until you hear a beep. The beep confirms that the throttle is calibrated. 

Once you’re done with your acceleration, then you do the same for your brakes.  Once you hear the confirmation beep you move to neutral gear and do the same. 

Now let’s clear one thing out. ESC problems are quite common for RC. Even good-quality brands such as Arrma and Traxxas face the same issue. Arrma ESC problems and Traxxas ESC problems are in fact quite common.

This should recalibrate your ESC.

Problem 3:  Deteriorated Throttle Servo

Your throttle servo wears out with time. However, other external factors could cause damage to your throttle servo too. For instance, the throttle servo could be damaged during an RC Race. 

Other than that the throttle servo could also simply have loose wiring.  

No matter what the reason is, a deteriorated throttle servo ends up affecting the throttle. Most commonly you’ll find that your throttle controls are not responding. 

Now you might want to know how to identify the problem. It’s simple. 

You’ll find your motor not moving but it’ll generate a chattering sound. Other than that the motor could also produce high-pitched noises. These are caused because of throttle servo problems. 

Now don’t get confused with throttle servo problems with steering servo problems. These are two different things. 

How to Fix: Replace the Throttle Servo or Fix the Damaged Parts

First, you should check if the servo is plugged in properly. Recheck the connections. You could simply have unresponsive throttle because of loose servo connections. In that case, just replugging the servo should do the trick. 

However, if you have a damaged servo you could do two things. One is to replace the servo. And the other is to fix the servo. 

Here are our top picks for tester servo controllers: 

Well, fixing a damaged servo isn’t that difficult. First, you need to open the servo by unscrewing the 4 screws using screwdrivers. Then check if any of the gear is broken. 

If a gear is broken or damaged you just need to replace it. To replace the gear you just need to order a similar component that is damaged. Usually, the components are numbered. So you could order the component with the same number. 

But if the gear is not broken then the problem is electric. And for an electrical problem, you need to replace the servo. 

Problem 4: Damaged Motor

You’ll find your RC motor damaged quite frequently. Because several reasons are responsible for damage to the motor. 

For instance, surpassing the maximum RPM limit, major collisions, overheating, etc. could cause damage to the motor. 

An RC cannot function without its motor. As a result, a damaged motor will not be responsive to the throttle. 

How to Fix: Replace the Motor

Before doing anything you should first clean the motor. A blocked motor could not function properly. 

If the motor is still malfunctioning then you should replace the motor. There are a variety of models available for RC motors. But we suggest you try the 540 or the 550 motors. 

However, you could also open the motor up and check for a solution. If you do open up the motor firstly check the ball bearing. Try moving the bearings manually. If it shows a problem then replacing the bearings should be enough. 

Source: liveabout.com

If that’s not the case then check the magnet. The magnet’s alignment could be misplaced. Or the magnet could be damaged. In that case, it’s recommended to replicate the magnet. 


What makes an RC car move?

Radio signals make the RC car move. When the RC toy detects the radio signals, the motors start up and perform a certain motion. All operating elements, including the motor, receive electricity from the power source. The motors are controlled by radio waves sent from the transmitter to the receiver.

What is the best way to tell if my RC transmitter is working?

To know if the transmitter is working or not you need to try it with another device. Ensure that the wavelengths are the same. Then, check your transmitter by connecting that to the RC. If it’s functioning, the issue is with your RC Vehicle. If it’s not working, the problem is in the transmitter. 

Does bad wiring cause the RC throttle to not respond?

Yes, bad wiring could result in the RC throttle not responding. However, this problem is not that difficult to fix. Simply follow all of the lines from beginning to end. To see if the wiring is loose, softly pull them. Reconnect any cables that have gotten loose. But faulty wires must be replaced.


Hopefully, by now you know how to resolve the issue of RC car not responding to throttle. Make sure to go through all the reasons to diagnose your car’s problems. 

Thank you for staying with us till the end. Catch you next time.