What Bodies Fit Traxxas Stampede? [5 Best Options]

Nothing is more fun than playing with your beautiful monster toy car. Right!

But to be honest the more fun is to mod your toy the way you want. And when it comes to modification, body shell changing is a must. What do you say, guys!

Hey, no worries at all! We are here for you to find out the best body for your traxxas stampede.

I guess that’s why you are searching for what bodies fit traxxas stampede?.

You can find multiple options for the body of your traxxas stampede. In market places there are different kinds like painted, transparent, and paintable body shells available. You can even put different traxxas model bodies on your traxxas stampede. For example, traxxas slash or traxxas rustler.   

So let’s get into the article and find out what you are looking for. 

Can I Get a New Traxxas Stampede Body Shell? 

Yes, you can. Actually, Customization is the most fun part of having a traxxas stampede. You have complete control over how it is customized. A wide variety of body shells are readily accessible.

But of course, you need to make sure of one important thing. That is, the body you’re getting fits the traxxas stampede 4×4 body. Because otherwise, you won’t be able to make any changes. 

And if you’re thinking of changing the motor of your traxxas titan 12t 550. There are some good alternatives as well.

5 Best Bodies that Fit Traxxas Stampede!

Let me guess something first. You love your traxxas stampede and you love to modify it. Or it is a sad story that the body shell of your traxxas stampede is broken. 

In both cases, you need a new body for traxxas stampede 2wd. But no worries! We’ve found the perfect body shell for your monster toy car.

Option 1: Traxxas Slash body for Traxxas Stampede

So, do you want to fit the body of traxxas slash to your traxxas stampede?

Yes, you can do that. But you definitely need some adjustments. Because I’m sure you definitely want to make your stampede look great.

Source: traxxas.com

The slash body may fit the wheelbase and width space of stampede. But you may need to stretch the stampede chassis about 1 or ½ inches. Or you can also modify the slash body for the adjustment. 

Now your slash body is perfectly ready for your stampede.

Option 2: Traxxas Rustler Body for Traxxas Stampede

If you are having confusion about the traxxas rustler body will fit the traxxas stampede or not! Then keep the confusion aside.

Because the traxxas rustler body will comfortably fit the stampede. You can easily change it without any hesitation. All you need to do is get the body out of the rustler. And then put it to stampede. 

Source: traxxas.com

It fits so easily. Because the hustler and the stampede use the same rear stock towers and front.  

Option 3: Clear Bodies for Traxxas Stampede?

Well, you are lucky because you can get multiple choices! There are different companies who make different clear bodies for traxxas stampedes. 

Let me suggest some.

The best part of getting clear bodies is you can show the modifications. If you wanna show off your beauty.

These clear bodies are easily adjustable for your traxxas stampede. You just need to put it on the chassis and they are good to go.

Option 4: Painted Bodies for Traxxas Stampede

Painted bodies are the most popular ones among all the categories. Because it’s simple and enjoyable. The best thing is that they available in a vast range of varieties.

Let me help you to choose a bit. Then you just need to get the one you like.

There are traxxas stampede bigfoot bodies and traxxas stampede orange bodies as well. 

Placing these bodies on your traxxas stampede is so simple. You just have to remove your previous one and place it there. No need for adjustments because they are just made for your traxxas stampede.

Option 5: Post-Painted Bodies for Traxxas Stampede

Now here comes the fun part.I can guess how much you love your traxxas stampede. Because you want to make your toy look so cool.

Let me tell you the coolest way to make your traxxas stampede unique. You can on your own. You can just paint any traxxas stampede body you get in the market. You can just paint it in a simple way.

How to Paint Your Traxxas Stampede Body? 

You only need to cover the sections you don’t want to paint for this. And paint the other parts in a normal painting way. 

There is another type of body. Which is called the prographix body. You can also paint this type of body. These are even cooler than other types of bodies. But the painting process is a bit different than the normal ones.

You just need to follow some basic ways to make your traxxas stampede the coolest. Here’s a video that you can watch on this. 

How to Paint a Traxxas ProGraphix Body | Traxxas Support

Which Body You Should Get for Traxxas Stampede?

Now here comes the main part of this article and your question. We’ve already shown all types of bodies you can get for your traxxas stampede. We have also shown which other models can fit your traxxas stampede.

I think comparison between traxxas rustler and traxxas slash will help a bit. 

We try to demonstrate the process of changing the body sheal. So that, you don’t have to face any difficulties. 

Now, if you want to show up the beautiful chassis of your traxxas stampede. Or want to show off the cool modifications you’ve made! Then you should go for the clear/transparent ones.

Are you a person who doesn’t want any hassle? But you want to make your traxxas stampede cool, then just go for the painted ones.

Then again, you are a creative person who wants to show your creative painting skills. Just get any model you want and paint it the way you want.

Lastly, you can also put traxxas rustlers body on your traxxas stampede. But it needs a little adjustment. You can put traxxas rustlers body on your traxxas stampede. And it doesn’t need any kind of adjustment.

You can also have the traxxas m41. But you have to keep in mind that you can face some problems with traxxas m41.


Will Slash Parts Fit a Stampede?

Yes, slash parts will fit a stampede. If it’s 1/10th scale then it’ll fit easily. Maybe it will need a little adjustment. You can utilize an additional slash body if you have one lying around. And the tweaks are simple to make. So there’s no reason to be concerned.

Is The Traxxas Stampede Discontinued?

No, not all the models of the traxxas stampede are discontinued. But the Stampede 4X4 VXL (6708L) model is no longer being produced. But the other models are commonly available. You can easily find those in online marketplaces. Also in general monster truck shops. 

How to Paint Traxxas Stampedes Body?

This is so easy. You just need to take anybody that fits traxxas stampede. Cover your face with a paint safety mask. Then just paint it with any spray paint. You can also do it with normal paint and brush. But let’s say you’ll paint the pro graphics bodies. Then you need to follow some basic ways to make your traxxas stampede the coolest.


So, we think you’ve already got what bodies fit traxxas stampede! And we think our article will help you to choose the best one for you. 

The most fun part is you can modify your traxxas stampede with funky stickers. Which is more convenient and it will make your toy amazing. 

Wish you a fun time with your traxxas stampede.