What is a Glitch Buster? – A Detailed Breakdown!

Do you think you know all about your RC car’s ins and outs? You might get surprised by the fact that there is still a lot to know. For example, a glitch buster! 

Now, you might be wondering, what is a glitch buster?

The simple answer is that a glitch buster is a tiny capacitor for RC cars. It is also known as a power compensator. Sometimes, your car’s BEC gets overheated or overwhelmed due to overcharge or too much power. In such cases, a glitch buster acts as a capacitor to solve the power imbalance.

That was only a sneak peek of this useful component. There is a lot more to learn about this bad boy!

So, let’s start and see you at the finish line.

How Does a Glitch Buster Work?

The name glitch buster might seem very odd at first. Because it’s not exactly the technical term. Power compensator or capacitor is the scientific naming of this little piece of equipment.

So, why is it named glitch buster? Well, the explanation for that question will also enlighten you about its mechanism.

Your RC car’s BEC or ESC has a very limited capability while drawing power to run. So, there are times when your system can get overpowered by the extra voltage supply

Whenever the system encounters such cases, it hesitates and disables the running mechanism. This phenomenon is generally known as a glitch. 

Now, you might be assuming that glitch buster probably solves the glitches. You’re right!

The glitch buster can store energy and channel it to the circuit board when needed. So, when the power supply gets disrupted, it quickly transfers the energy and starts the car. 

And the best part is that it does not require any external input. 

After the glitch buster is installed, you can just forget about it! That’s why car enthusiasts install it beforehand whether they need it or not. 

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What are the Components of a Glitch Buster?

As glitch buster is a capacitor, it’s mostly made of metals such as Aluminum, Silver, etc. But there are some unique characteristics of glitch busters that differentiate them from other electronic components.

On the inside, a power compensator has two electric conducting sheets. Those are separated by a dielectric element like plastic, glass, and so on. 

Now, those two metal sheets hold energy between them by maintaining a potential difference. That way, they can transfer the stored energy when there’s a power gap.

Source: amainhobbies.com

That’s all about its build and mechanism. It’s time for the features.

A glitch buster can level the inconsistent voltage. By doing so, it can work as a modulator for DSM receivers. Other than that, it can go into any free channel slot in your RC car. So, you don’t need to make room for this device to plug in.

With its very small size, you won’t even notice its presence. But it will work wonders to keep your beloved car or truck glitch-free!

What is the Importance of Glitch Buster?

There are many important parts of an RC car. For example, Vbat, BEC, glitch buster, and many more. But here, the main focus of the discussion will be about glitch busters.

You might wonder whether a glitch buster is a necessity for you as an RC enthusiast. Let me explain why it’s extremely crucial for you.

Almost every RC car faces an issue called brownout. It occurs when you put too much pedal to the medal or throttle excessively. If you have a premium-quality external BEC, you won’t have any issue with power choking. 

However, if you don’t have that, chances are you’ll encounter temporary glitches. Here comes the importance of glitch busters! They store power and send it to the ESC when the power supply drops down severely.

So, when you have a glitch buster in your car system, you will rarely see any glitches. Your car driving experience will become more fluid. Last and not least, your RC car’s longevity will also increase.

After knowing all of that, don’t you think a power compensator is quite essential?

Compatible Devices

Compatibility is a prerequisite for any electronic to work. That rule applies to your glitch buster as well. Therefore, it’s better to know about the supported devices or RCs for glitch busters.

Well, there’s nothing much to worry about a glitch buster’s compatibility. Why is that? Because most RCs support glitch busters out of the box. However, RC cars use glitch busters more often than RC planes.

Whether it’s your favorite Traxxas or HPI racing, a glitch buster will fit effortlessly. Even the famous RC airplane brands have channels to plug in the glitch busters.

So, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility with your RC car too much.

How to Install a Glitch Buster?

Just like servo saver protects the servos, glitch busters shield the ESC. And you would love to see your main circuit board stay protected right?

But you’re puzzled about the installation process. Don’t be so tense, my friend! I have just the thing you want. This guide will take you through the whole process seamlessly.

It’s pretty simple to plug the buster in your car. First, take off the hood and unscrew to get access.

Then, plug your glitch buster into an empty slot or channel on your receiver. Don’t worry if your ports are full. Use a Y-harness as an extension. It will connect with the servos without any issue.

Lastly, tie up the glitch buster so that it does not affect any other electronic component.

Wasn’t that pretty easy? These instructions should give you a guideline to do it yourself. 

In case you don’t want to buy glitch busters, there’s an easy hack for you. You can make your own glitch buster!


Should I Use Glitch Buster or Not?

It totally depends on your preference, RC car model, and internal components. Most of the stock servos can’t utilize the full potential of the throttle. Also, they often draw too much power from the ESC. That’s why it’s always better to use glitch busters to avoid any glitches or complications.

Does Capacitor Size Matter for Glitch Buster?

Yes, it does because glitch busters can be very different depending on their capacitor size. Many manufacturers make glitch busters. And their products are different. They support specific power output ranges as well as batteries. So, try to know which one will be the best for you before purchasing.

Glitch buster vs BEC – Is There Any Difference?

First of all, they are completely different things. BEC is a battery eliminator circuit that channels power to a car’s receiver. On the other hand, glitch buster is not made for providing power. It balances the voltage level to eliminate the glitches. So, there is a huge difference between them.


That’s all you’ll ever need to know about what is a glitch buster

One last tip before you go. You might think using a single glitch buster will be enough for you. However, if you realize that your RC car needs more, you can use two or three simultaneously!

So, go on and have fun with your ride!