How to Break in A Brushless Motor? [2 Methods]

One of the most common problems an RC device can have is with motors. There are two kinds of motors; brushed and brushless. 

Breaking in a brushless motor can be very tricky. Doing it improperly might end up damaging it.

So, you might be thinking; how to break in a brushless motor

Well, there are 2 methods to break in a brushless motor. For the 1st method, provide power to the motor. Fire the motor up at maximum speed on the dusty ground. Clean the dust afterward. For the 2nd method, apply lubricant to the motor and run it. Heating it constantly will break in the motor.

You have only learned about the basics till now. You’ll have to keep reading to know the detailed methods for a successful break-in.

Got some spare minutes? Let’s get right into it!

What Is A Brushless Motor?

You should know about the element you’re trying to break in beforehand. Let’s discuss what a brushless motor is.

There are a lot of different types of RC motors. Among them, you can categorize the motors into two main types; brushed and brushless. 


The main difference between these two motors is the brushes. The brushed motor uses brushes to convert electricity inside the motor. There is the brushless AC motor along with the brushless DC motor.

And how do brushless motors work? Brushless motors don’t have brushes, nor do they need them! Brushless motors can convert electricity without brushes. 

That is why brushless motors also require less maintenance. Even though brushless motors are a bit costly, they do provide longevity and more speed. 

Brushless motors also add more control. It enhances the performance of the suspensions (if your device has one).

Now, what are the reasons behind breaking-in brushless motors?

Why Break in A Brushless Motor?

It is important to engines and motors. This goes for breaking in a brushed motor. Similarly, there could be multiple reasons for you to break in a brushless motor as well.

For starters, it can increase performance. Wondering how to make a brushed motor faster? Break-in is the answer!

You can avoid many problems doing this. For example, the Traxxas M41 has problems despite having a brushless motor. A proper break-in can lessen the problems for sure.

Putting a new brushless motor right on duty can be risky. You can run it separately to perform a break-in and be tension free. 

Also, RC motor break in is particularly popular. Brushless motor break-in can essentially help you check all the other components too. For instance, bearings, ECS, receivers, etc.

Not to mention, brushless motor break in will familiarize you with this motor. It’ll help you troubleshoot it in the future.

There are some things you have to check before doing the break-in. Let’s have a look.

Things to Check Before The Procedure

Check the stability of the power source. If you’re using a power bank or a portable power source, check the voltage. If the voltage is too high, fix the overvoltage battery. If it is the main power source of the house, don’t worry about it.


Check the environment you’re doing the break-in is safe for the motor. For example, you shouldn’t have any type of liquids lying around. Spilling any liquid on the motor will damage it critically as the brushless motors are not waterproof.

Additionally, make sure you have the necessary tools. Handy tools will help you perform the procedure flawlessly.

I think you’re ready for the methods now. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to properly break in a brushless motor.

2 Methods to Break in A Brushless Motor

There are two methods to break in a brushless motor. You can follow any of these two methods according to your preferences.

Method 1: Use Dusty Track

This method is applicable when you are using the motor on dusty tracks. You will need to take the brushless motor apart for this method. 

First, connect the motor to a power source. It is important to have a stable power source as mentioned earlier. 

Then, run the motor at full speed on the dusty ground. It is very important to keep track of the temperature. It should be capped at 155-160 Fahrenheit. If it goes beyond that, cut the power source.

Finally, clean the dust from inside the motor. Leaving dust inside the brushless motor can cause problems in the future. 

Here are some of the things you will be needing to clean the motor:

Method 2: Heating The Brushless Motor 

You will have to warm up the motor for this method. The maximum temperature capacity of the motor should be 180-200 Farhenheit for this method. 

First, put a few drops of motor lubricant on the bearing to ensure smooth rotation. If you don’t have it lying around, you can use a micro lube. 

For your help, here are some good quality lubes for motors-

Use any of these lubricants since lubrication is important for engines and motors. In fact, it is essential for any type of rotating equipment.

After that, flip the motor upwards and run it. Running it will increase the temperature gradually and also test the motor. Heating is good for engines and motors in general. 

Proceed till the temperature reaches 180+ and then stop. 

Do these steps 2-3 times. This will ensure a good break-in for the brushless motor.

You can follow either of the two methods from this brushless motor break-in guide for the break-in.

Additional Tips & Tricks

The methods mentioned above can be a bit tricky to execute. You might get stuck or confused at some point. Well, here’s the good news for you. I have mentioned some simple tips and tricks for your help!

So without wasting any time, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You may get a type of burnt smell when running the brushless motor for a long period of time. Don’t worry! Your motor is not burning. The smell develops from the long runtime of the motor. The burnt should go away soon.
  • If you’re applying lubricant to the bearings, don’t apply too much of it. It might seep through and damage the components of the motor.
  • Always keep track of the temperature. Not exceeding the maximum capacity mentioned is the safest way to go.

Remember these tips to keep a cool head!


What makes an RC motor fast?

Brushless motors can definitely boost the speed of RC motors. In general, brushless motors have fewer revolutions per revolution than normal brushed motors. This enables them to run considerably more quickly. This is why brushless motors are known for their energy efficiency and power. 

Why do brushless motors have three wires?

Brushless motors have increased pulling power due to the three wires. The stepper motors are a good example of this. The brushed DC motor has two wires which have two functions; forward and backward. On the other hand, the brushless motor has three wires and three functionalities. 

How do Brushless RC motors work?

In a brushless DC motor, the rotor spins 360-degrees with help of the rotors. Brushless DC motors are flipped invertedly. That way, the brushes aren’t needed to flip the electromagnetic field. There are permanent magnets on the rotor while electromagnets are on the stator in brushless DC motors. 

Final Words

You have reached the end of this article. I hope now you know how to break in a brushless motor easily!

Sometimes, these steps could be beyond your expertise. If you’re confused or unfamiliar with any instructions, try to take help from a professional.

Good luck fixing the motor!