Dromida Sc4.18 Troubleshooting: 3 Simple Solutions

Dromida sc4.18 is an RC truck that is impressing many users nowadays. With all its useful and cool features, this is one of the best ones currently.

 However, Dromida RC trucks do have sudden issues at times. But you could resolve them too.

So, what is the process of dromida sc4.18 troubleshooting?

You may try 3 troubleshoots. First, troubleshoot your steering servo which is important. Then consider troubleshooting your throttle as it is quite an important thing of your RC. Finally, try troubleshooting your RC truck when it won’t run. You need to follow the steps in order to troubleshoot them.

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How Do I Troubleshoot My Dromida Sc4.18?

While you troubleshoot your Dromida sc4.18, you would come to know about its respective problem. However, there can actually be more than 1 or 2 problems.

Source: hobbytown.com

So, we have got here the details of the common problems and their solutions. Take a look now.

Troubleshoot 1: Steering Servo

A quite common problem with this RC truck can be with the steering. Sometimes, you may wonder why your truck has movements out of order.

You may want to take it to the left but it goes to the right. You may even notice that your RC truck moves without your control.

Your RC may take time to start running when you start it. So, these problems basically occur due to steering servo issues.

Now, don’t think it would be a complex technical fix. It might be intense but not that hard. So, relax and get started with the solution.


To begin, see whether the battery is fully charged or not. If not, then charge it. If the servo gears are broken or the cable is ragged, the servo will not work. 

You’ll have to put forth some more effort. Because you’ll have to purchase new servo gears if they’re stripped. 

You can also take the pieces to a local hobby shop and have them repaired. We do, however, prefer purchasing a replacement servo. 

Because the stripped gear isn’t always fully repaired. As a result, we recommend purchasing a new metal servo as a long-term solution. 

Not sure about which servo to buy for it? Get help here!

Hope this helps!

Then you’ll notice frayed servo wires. There are a few easy ways to repair frayed wires.

Finally, if there are any slack servo links, you should try to secure them. Consider 3M molding tape to accomplish this. You may also use hot glue to hold it in place. 

So, this is how you may fix the steering problem of your Dromida sc4.18.

Troubleshoot 2: A Bad Throttle

While operating your RC truck, you may feel exerting more pressure. This is because your vehicle resists moving due to a few internal issues.

And this happens when there is an issue with the throttle of the RC. In addition to movement issues, a bad throttle can actually create many problems.

RC transmitter issue is one the common ones for this too.

So, fixing the throttle in no time is a must when you detect it. Because it keeps on deteriorating the status of your RC vehicle.


To fix a bad throttle, you need to replace the motor. And if you don’t want to replace it, that’s okay. Because you have a line to fix it. 

The first step is to ensure that the motor is kept cool. To avoid overheating, electric motors must keep their temperatures as low as possible. 

You should be able to do so by keeping the working environment as cool as possible. You should also check the motor’s temperature on a regular basis. 

Source: rtech.net

Electrical overload is also known as overcurrent. However, it is not always possible to repair a motor that has problems. Because there are a few limitations. 

You may notice that the motor becomes fully dysfunctional at times. You might not be able to fix it in that circumstance. 

Overheating and hard use are the most common causes. And if these are the cases, replacing the motor is a must.

Finally, you would also need to attach the glow plug accordingly. But you need to select the appropriate glow plug for this.

In that case, reach out to an expert for this!

So, this is how you can fix the throttle problem of your RC truck!

Troubleshoot 3: Dromida Sc4.18 Won’t Run

A very common and similar problem to the other problems is the RC not running. This problem can be really annoying. And if it is in the middle of anything, it gets even worse.

But hold on! Don’t just take out your anger on your RC vehicle. Rather than throwing off your RC, get the solution. 

And don’t worry about the solution as we have got it for you here.

Your Dromida sc4.18 not being able to run can be for numerous issues. Although you may think it’s all internal, it can be external too.

The primary reasons for this problem are the battery, antenna, or steering arm.


To know what can be the solution, you first need to know the problem. Remember, the problem is either battery or steering arm, or the antenna. 

It’s better to begin with checking your batteries. So, just remove the old batteries and get a pair of new ones. If you see that the RC runs fine, then you’re done fixing the issue.

Here are a few replacement battery options: 

But if not, then fix the steering arm. First, extend the antenna fully. Then see if the antenna is properly set up or not. Then see if there are any scratches or tears. 

Finally, rub off the antenna with a piece of cleaning cloth to get rid of any dust. Remember that dust or debris can affect your antenna.

Hopefully, this would now resolve the antenna issue, if any.

Lastly, if you see that the truck still resists running, it might be the steering. In that case, you have to take help from an expert to fix this.

So, these are the troubleshoots you may try for your Dromida sc4.18.


Why does my RC truck suddenly stop operating without any visible issues?

RC trucks suddenly getting stopped can be experienced at times. This may happen for a couple of reasons. But primarily this happens due to mechanical and internal issues. This might be experienced when there is a transmitter issue too. A receiver or transmitter issue can be responsible for this often.

What makes my car run itself without its operation?

You may think your RC running by itself is something unusual and scary. But the funny thing is, it’s actually due to mechanical issues. The primary reason for this could be a throttle that is out of order. Moreover, this problem might also occur if there are issues with the transmitter or receiver.

How do I understand if there is an issue with the transmitter?

A transmitter issue would have multiple symptoms that you can experience. Your RC car or truck not running properly can be the first one. You may also see other problems like throttle disruption. In addition to that, the steering would have problems too. So, you would basically notice numerous symptoms.

The Final Words

Now you know all about the dromida sc4.18 troubleshooting! We believe you find our instructions insightful and helpful.

For any replacement, we recommend you to take the help of an expert. Because any disruption of mechanical operation would have problems.

We tried letting all your confusion out about this concern.

All the best!