Why Does Traxxas Slash Steering Works But No Throttle?

If you are using a Traxxas RC, you might be one of the happiest users. But that may not prevent you from a few common issues. If you experience the slash steering working without the throttle working, hold on. It’s not that uncommon.

So why do Traxxas slash steering works but no throttle?

Traxxas throttle problem would arise due to a few factors. First, it might occur due to improper charge of the battery. Secondly, it occurs due to disruption in the receiver. You may also experience this problem if there is a motor issue. Lastly, ESC programming issues can also be responsible too.

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4 Reasons Why Throttle Doesn’t Work But Slash Steering Does!

For a long time, Traxxas users have been facing an unusual issue. However, this is not uncommon now. Because this can be experienced often. So, why does it happen?

Let’s have a look at the reasons and solutions for a throttle problem. We have got the details below-

Reason  1: Battery Overcharged or Not Charged Properly

One of the primary reasons for this problem is the issue of the battery. To be straightforward, you may face this problem if you don’t charge the battery properly.

Source: eurorc.com

If you don’t charge the battery as much as needed, there would be throttle issues. In that case, you need to know a bit more about RC batteries. However, charging properly does not only mean meeting the minimum time. 

You also need to take care of how long you are charging. If you are overcharging the battery anyway, it would affect the throttle. 

Although this may sound unusual to you, this can actually affect the throttle significantly.


We know that where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. So, you can resolve it too! 

To get started, you need to see if the battery terminals are connected properly. Because any misplacement of the battery can affect its charge. 

And as a result, it would affect the throttle. Once you inspect the terminals, you are halfway done.

You just need to make sure that you maintain the time while charging the battery. Don’t let your battery turn hot. If this happens then it would indicate further problems.

In that case, you would require to replace the battery.

But don’t worry about the replacement. Because we got here a couple of suggestions for you. 

Hope this helps!

Reason 2: Receiver Disruption Or Failure

Receiver issues are a common problem of RC vehicles. And it’s nothing exceptional for the Traxxas RC. A receiver disruption can also cause issues with the throttle.

This happens generally due to battery issues and rough usage. A battery with overvoltage is common to have this issue.

Source: walmart.ca

And when you use your RC roughly, it would have throttle issues.

Due to a receiver disruption, you may have difficulties connecting your RC to a mobile.


It’s possible that the batteries aren’t correctly inserted or even have been charged less. It’s possible that the RC receiver isn’t working. 

You’ll need to charge it again in this scenario. Alternatively, you must correctly install your batteries. But a lot of people fail to account for the necessary recharging time. 

Thus, depending on the battery voltage, ensure you determine the exact recharging duration. 

Furthermore, if your device hasn’t been used in a long time, the batteries may be corroded. 

Recharging won’t help at that time. As a result, you’ll need to replace the batteries. You may use it on your RC right now, and this would function perfectly. 

But remember to remove the batteries when you aren’t using them later.  If your RC radio isn’t working after charging the batteries, consider this. 

Begin by completely emptying your battery and then charging it again. This may assist in resetting the device.

We believe this would resolve the problem soon!

Reason 3: Motor Failure

A motor failure can gradually damage the throttle of your Traxxas RC. If you fail to troubleshoot a motor failure quickly, this issue is a must.

In addition to that, a motor failure can disrupt other features too. With time, you would see that your RC is getting slow. 

And eventually, all your RC parts would get damaged. 


For a motor failure, you may consider fixing it if you don’t want to replace it. The first thing you must ensure is to keep the motor cool.

Electric motors must maintain the temperature as cool as possible to prevent overheating. 

You should be able to accomplish it by keeping the operating conditions as cool as feasible. 

You should also take the temperature of the motor on a regular basis. Overcurrent is another term for electrical overload.

However, fixing a motor with issues is not always doable. Because there are a few constraints to it.

Sometimes, you may see that the motor turns completely bad. In that situation, you might not be able to fix it. This generally happens due to overheating and rough usage.

So, this might require the motor to get replaced. In that case, you need to get a new motor for your RC. 

Here are a few replacement motor recommendations:

And your throttle would work again. 

Reason  4: ESC Programming

ESC, an abbreviation for electronic speed control can be vital for a bad throttle. Any issue with ESC can cause a lot of issues external and internal.

A wrong or improper ESC program can put pressure on the motor primarily. With time, this pressure affects the throttle. Gradually, you may see that the RC is running slow.

And this would be because the throttle would be reluctant to operate properly. Sooner or a bit later, the throttle of your RC would go bad.

You may also notice that the ESC program not beeping.


This could be due to a wiring issue. Inspect to see that the ESC servo wires are in the correct slots. 

Alternatively, you might use the supplementary output rather than the primary output. For this case, make sure the cable is properly connected, and the ESC will begin beeping. 

Examine the ESC wire and receiver sequence as well. You can also check whether or not your ESC configuration is operational. 

If the setting is right, inspect it. And if it isn’t, reboot the ESC. To restore your transmitter, turn it on and completely extend the throttle stick. 

When you attach your battery, you’ll hear a beep. After that, remove the battery and reduce the throttle. 

So, these are the problems along with the solutions for your concern.


Why has my RC vehicle stopped suddenly without any visible issue?

This may actually happen for numerous reasons. But it might happen most probably due to internal issues. So, you can try reprogramming the ESC. If this fixes the problem then you are lucky. But if not, then you may need to reach out to an expert. It’s best if you talk to Traxxas for services.

Why does the light of my RC keep on blinking?

The RC light blinking is not anything uncommon. This primarily happens if it rides on a bumpy surface. Moreover, it may also occur due to battery issues. Battery being overcharged or less charged may disrupt the light to operate. If all these are fine, there might be internal issues too.

Is it okay to replace the throttle of my RC?

Replacing the throttle can be really complex depending from situation to situation. However, if it is really required, your mechanic may recommend it. But you obviously can not do it yourself. So, talk to an expert or reach out to Traxxas for further services. However, it is better not to replace the throttle.

The Final Words

Now you know why traxxas slash steering works but no throttle! We suppose that you have not got any more confusion now.

For further queries, get help when needed. You may reach out to Traxxas anytime for any kind of issue. 

Have a great time with your RC.

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