Futaba Fasst vs Fhss: The Detailed Comparison You Need

Futaba fasst or fhss, both transmitters are quite competitive with their features to the clients. It is always a heated part when the users compare these two transmitters. However, you must know their differences to make your purchase ideal!

So, which one to choose between futaba fasst vs fhss?

Futaba fasst has better and more precise technology than fhss transmitters. But, in terms of pricing and maintenance costs, fhss are reasonable. But fasst are a bit expensive. On the other hand, the availability of fasst is significant. But fhss are not always that available like the other one.

This is not all that you need. To get to the final decision, keep reading. Because we got here the comparison in detail.

So, get started now!

Futaba Fasst vs Fhss: A Head to Head Battle

A brief about the features of these controllers would give you a heads up. So, take a look here.

FeaturesFutaba fasstFutaba fhss
AvailabilityMore AvailableLess Available
RangeGet Now Get Now 

Hope this helps you to get basic knowledge.

Futaba Fasst vs Fhss: A Detailed Comparison

Once you get a brief about the features, get started with the detailed comparison. So take a look.


Technology plays a significant role when you want to make an RC purchase. Although the technology of fasst and fhss are quite similar, there are a few differences.

Just like the competition between futaka and spektrum, fasst and fhss have it too!


Futaba’s latest 2.4 GHz innovation is fasst. Radio controllers can use 3 distinct channels with fasst. 

There are three of them, 18CH, 14CH, and 12CH. While using 18CH, you could use as to 18 channels. And all monitoring detector units are completely supported. 

Source: bhphotovideo.com

If additional channels require, the 18CH mode is ideal. If a high number of metering devices are employed, this is also beneficial. 

The 14CH fasst mode on the 14CH transmitter support up to 14 channels. This is compatible with all telemetry sensor units. 

Remember, the wrong transmitter with a channel would damage it. In that case, you might have to troubleshoot your transmitter.

Futaba’s 12CH fasst option is advised when response time is more important than channel count or telemetry data. The speed is the fastest with 12CH mode. 


Fhss is a low-cost, high-performance protocol. This provides you with all of fasst’s telemetry info in general. However, this comes in a less expensive form factor. 

Frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology is used by the fhss. This does not only give you precise and consistent control over your car. 

This, on the other hand, provides back a plethora of tracking data. Speed, heat, a power system’s current, and voltage are examples. 

Fhss will come in handy whether you’re driving a vehicle, a sailboat, or a chopper. Because you’ll be able to maintain a reliable control link with your model if you do so. 

This is because fasst has a technology that is more precise than that of fhss. And this is a slight difference just like 4PLS and MT4 have.

Winner: In terms of technology, we choose Fasst over Fhss. Although their technology is really similar, we still choose it. 

Price And Maintenance

Price is another important factor to consider while buying something. This factor is a must to take into account when you buy an RC. 

Now, let’s have a look at their price range and differences.


The Futaba fasst remote controller is actually quite an expensive one in the market. With all its handy features, it comes at a high price. 

If you’re planning to get a Futaba fasst transmitter, get down with a good budget. Because this can cost you up to $400 to get one of these fasst transmitters.

The price may go up or down depending on a few factors though. If you buy it on sale your budget might get down to $300. 

But if you are buying it from a place where it’s not that available, get up! Because you may need to spend even more than $450. 

After you buy it, you may also need to spend significantly on its maintenance. For any damage or replacement, this can cost you a lot too. 

So, along with the pricing, maintenance of fasst can be expensive too.


Coming to fhss transmitter, this is not as expensive as the fasst. Perhaps, it is one of the most reasonable transmitters you could get. 

This fhss transmitter comes in prices that are very affordable for anyone of us. You just need a budget of around $100 to get an fhss. 

Source: bhphotovideo.com

In addition to that, the maintenance is really easy. You would have even no maintenance cost at all. So, you understand how easy it is to use an fhss.

Winner: In terms of pricing and maintenance, fhss transmitter comes first. This is due to the obvious reason that these are quite reasonable.


Availability is something that you should also consider to make a purchase.


When you plan to buy a fasst, you may have many benefits. And one of them is its availability. Because you can get this transmitter almost everywhere.

You already know that fasst might not be that reasonable on maintenance. However, if you ever need any replacements for this, it would be quite easy.

That’s because all the parts and services of this transmitter are quite available. You may get these almost everywhere around your place as this is quite popular.


On the other hand, fhss transmitters are not that available everywhere. This transmitter comes at a reasonable price. But these transmitters are not easy to fix when needed.

Because you can not get the parts and services that easily. So, maintenance and fixation of an fhss might not be that easy. However, the maintenance cost is less.

Winner: In terms of availability, we choose fasst over fhss. Because you can easily expect to fix this transmitter anytime.


Range is not a factor that you can give less importance to. So, let’s see about the range of these transmitters.


These futaba fasst transmitters are quite significant in range. The range that futaba fasst covers, on average, is larger than 35 MHz equipment’s range. 

The distance it can cover is roughly 2 km when it is on the ground. And it could be almost 3 km when flying above. This area can be more than enough for you.


In contrast to that, fhss transmitters do not usually cover that much of the area. However, the area these transmitters cover is not that less either.

You can expect these ones to cover slightly less distance like 1.5 km on land. And during the flight, it could cover around 2.5 km.

Winner: We would like to pick up fasst transmitter in terms of range. Because you cover more area with fasst transmitter.

Which One to Choose?

You might be still having confusion to make the purchase. And it’s completely fine. If you were an expert on this, you would not be here today. 

So, this is the part for you to make up your mind for the purchase. 

Hope this helps!


Are there any significant differences between Fasst and Fhss?

Yes, there are a number of different features in these two remote controllers. The first significant difference is the pricing of these two controllers. Not only that but these have some different features too. Although these controllers have differences, both of these are quite useful.

Is there any Futaba protocol?

Yes, there is a Futaba protocol. It’s a servo regulated serial protocol. There are 16 equivalent lines and 2 digital channels accessible. The protocol is based on the well-known RS232 protocol, which is widely used. The embed can verify stick placements and range in this state without transmitting information to the servos.

Does Futaba supply any other items than remote controllers?

Yes, Futaba has more things they provide their clients with. Their line of business is not limited only to remote controllers. Futaba makes monitoring sensors that measure heat, voltage, and Speed in real time. In addition, these read height, location, and capacity information.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between futaba fasst vs fhss! We believe you get the one that suits you the best according to your requirements.

Don’t rush to make the purchase as it is a significant part. We hope you have got no more confusion now!

All the best!