5 Most Common Traxxas M41 Problems [With Perfect Solutions!]

As a fellow boat lover, I appreciate your choice of Traxxas m41. But like every other machine, even this best boat can’t escape that reality. Be it your favorite Stampede or m41 Catamaran, nothing is free of technical issues. 

However, I know that you’ve only one thing on your mind.

And that is what are the Traxxas M41 Problems?

You can face quite a few problems with this Traxxas M41. For example, battery issues are the most prominent among users. Altered or bound prop, steering servo problems are also some of the technical issues users encounter.

I bet, you’re probably dying to know in detail. Well, that’s why I have mentioned 5 problems and their fixes just for you in this content.

So, let’s dive in together to learn more about your RC boat’s issues!

5 Major Traxxas M41 Issues & Easy Fixes 

We all know that your favorite electronics are always facing problems, one after another. The sad part is, there’s always very little information on the user manuals about them. 

And they don’t even mention the troubleshooting guides! Isn’t that annoying?

Well, not anymore. Because here you’ll find more on your RC boat’s problems and how to fix them. Here, are my top 5 finds-

Problem 1: Battery Problems

Battery damage is the first thing that comes to mind for any electronic device. Traxxas m41 boat not running, faulty battery percentage display, quick charge loss is also very common. 

Source: traxxas.com

Unable to run the boat can happen due to battery malfunction. Also, the wrong battery percentage display occurs because of faulty calibration. Quick battery drainage is the result of the batteries getting busted.

These are only the problems. Now, let’s get onto the solutions!


The first troubleshooting technique for you is to see if the battery is charging. That should give you an idea about your battery’s condition.

But still, you can use a voltmeter for a hundred percent assurance.

After that, try to inspect your boat’s circuits or motherboard. Because often there are problems with transmitters or transistors. You will know if those have gone bad or not once you get inside.

Lastly, check your battery wiring and its connections to your boat. 

If nothing works, I suggest buying new batteries.

Here are two of such beloved batteries you can pick up-

One last thing to remember about the batteries. Charge them after you have a solid knowledge of how long to charge LiPo batteries.

Problem 2: Propeller Problems

Propeller-related issues consist of inconsistent reduction of power, throbbing noise from fast acceleration. You may encounter such problems every now and then.

The props are what propels your boat forward with extraordinary speed and rotation. However, it can get damaged easily because of such insane rpm and velocity. 

Now that you are aware of the problems, let’s look at the fixes.


Before anything else, check for any algae, debris, or fishing net stuck in the props. Because they are the main culprits of decreasing speed.

Once you’ve checked that, observe the propellers closely. Look for any bending or damage in the props. If you notice any bound prop or broken prop shaft, it’s better to replace it.

Here are some recommendations for replacement prop shaft:

Also, keep in mind that the body is all plastic. So, don’t try to go full throttle every time on rough water. Or else your Traxxas m41 widebody lid can come off!

Problem 3: Water Contamination Problems

Well, it’s quite common for the water level to rise in your RC boat due to many reasons. The reason can be your drain plug or not following proper instructions.

It’s very easy for extra water to enter your boat system. Why? Because you’re constantly running it on water and water level can rise up fast.

If that happens, your boat will wobble and won’t be able to maintain balance.


The protocol is to inspect the drain plug first. Because it’s easy to forget to plug it in, before running your RC boat. 

That’s not the case? Then look for any damage on the drain plug. Notice any crack? If so, buying a new drain plug is better compared to repairing it.

And always remember to run your boat in still & freshwater.

So, always avoid any unsafe waterbodies to run your Traxxas boat. It’s best to know where you can run your RC boat before getting into it.

Problem 4: Engine Problems

Traxxas m41 overheating is a frequently seen issue in the engine. There are also cooling system failures and burst hose problems.

When the engine malfunctions, your boat can heat up within a few minutes! Even your engine can overheat and stop working momentarily. 

Similarly, the cooling system is essential to fight any unwanted heating issue. That’s why if the system is busted, your engine will also get affected.

While they can seem daunting, there are fixes!


All the engine problems start from not having enough water passage in the cooling system. So, see if there is any debris or contamination in the loop.

Source: rchobbytips.com

Before going further, I strongly advise getting a pair of heat-resistant gloves. Because without those, it’s risky to deal with the heat and shock.

Now, look for damages to the cooling system and water jacket. Are they broken? Then it’s good to look for a cooling system or water jacket replacement.

Problem 5: Steering Servo Problems

You are already aware of Traxxas’s steering problems regarding cars. But, boat’s servo problems are different from cars.

Without a perfect steering mechanism, it’s impossible to run your Traxxas boat. So, it’s a very crucial aspect of your mini-vehicle.

In the steering servo department, there are some noticeable issues. Unresponsive ESC, disconnection with the receiver are some of those. 

Faulty ESC either draws too much power or no power at all. Consequently, it affects the transmission network with your radio receiver. 

So, you know the issues already, but what about the solutions?


First and foremost, check the wirings and if they are connected properly. Steering servo wires can come off under extreme pressure.

If that’s not the case, you might want to reconnect the receiver with a different channel. Now check whether your boat is working or not. Only when the receiver is damaged then this fix should work for you.

Do you want to avoid this problem permanently? Then waterproofing your servos will be the best option.


Can Traxxas m41 Go in Saltwater?

If you really want to run it in saltwater, you can. However, Traxxas forbids users to take it into saltwater because of the high probability of corrosion. Also, there is no warranty coverage available for saltwater damage. So, it’s not worth the risk to run your Traxxas boat in saltwater.

Does It Come With a Controller?

Yes, it comes with a powerful TQi 2.4GHz controller, including a transmitter and receiver. You can use the controller to get a max speed of 50 mph and go more than 100 yards without any problem. The radio receiver or controller is designed for versatile usage and good functionalities.

Are There Traxxas M41 Upgrades Available?

There are plenty of aftermarket upgrades available for this model. That includes high-end motors, ESC, waterproof servo, prop shaft kit, and many more. You will find them on both offline and online stores around you. Before making any purchase, make sure the parts support your model.


Well, that was my full disclosure on major Traxxas m41 problems. I hope you found this full-fledged guide insightful. 

One last tip.

There is no point in solving problems if there’s not good maintenance. So, try to maintain your RC boat regularly.

On that note, it’s time to part our ways. Now, go on and run your boat carefree!