Propel Drone Won’t Sync [Troubleshooting 9 Problems]

You’ve been trying to sync your drone, but it’s failing every time. Now you’re frustrated and worried that it might be broken. Well, this is a technical matter so you need to repair it asap. 

So, why propel drones won’t sync?

It comes to many factors. There might be problems with the sync, controller, or battery. So you might need to reset and charge. Moreover, you might run into issues with the phone app. There’s a chance you might’ve paired it with the wrong device as well. Thus you need to pair it again to fix this. 

This was the mere gist of the entire segment. We’ve got an in-depth explanation for you. So let’s have a look, shall we?

Why is Your Propel Drone Not Syncing?

Propel drones are sensitive machines that can run into problems very easily. In fact, some problems are pretty common among RC drones. 

One common issue might be synchronization problems. For example, you try to sync your devices but your star wars propel drone won’t sync.

This problem can be due to battery problems or due to it being paired with another device. Moreover, there might be issues with the controller which is causing the syncing problem. There might also be a bug on your phone app or some compatibility issues on your tablet and app. Or you could run into some electrical interference.

In such a case, you will need to look for technical or battery problems. We’ve detailed all the issues along with their fixes to help you out! So, hop on in!

Troubleshooting the Syncing Issue with the Controller

We’ve seen a glimpse of why your drone won’t sync to the controller in the previous section. Now, don’t get all frustrated about this issue. Many RC devices like the blade 230s face many more annoying problems

So, stay calm and have a look at the solutions. Now, let’s get right to it!

Check if it is Already Paired with Other Drone

Sometimes, if there are many drones in your area, they might pair to the wrong one. In this case, you have to resync your controller with your drone.

Just disconnect the battery from your controller. That by default will unpair your remote from the drone. Then resync your controller to the drone you want to use. If the same thing happens again, then go to another place and try once more. 

After that, your drone synchronization will be complete. 

Try Resyncing 

The simplest solution would be to resync your drone to your controller. So, you might be wondering, how do I sync my remote to my propel drone?

To sync it you basically need to turn off the power of the drone and controller. Wait for a minute and then select the remote control settings and link it. 

Hold the functions button until the light starts flickering. After about 3 seconds the light will turn green and your devices will be synced.

The process does differ in some actions based on the model. If it doesn’t sync, restart the process again.

Reset Controller

The syncing problem might be due to the controller not working properly. Thus you’ll need to reset it. For that, turn off the controller and take the batteries off. Do the same with the drone. 

After a minute, put the batteries back on both devices. Let it sit on a flat surface. Then turn on your controller and it will reset to its default programming. After that, resync it to the drone.

But in case, the sky viper drone won’t sync you’ll have to do a factory reset. Use your computer to erase the previous data and install the settings you need. This will reset the controller’s setting. 

Then resync your controller and drone and it should work fine with your drone.

Drain Out Drone Battery

There’s another thing you can try if your propel atom 1.0 micro drone won’t sync. You can fully drain out the batteries. Basically, turn on the drone and keep it idle or use it continuously. 

After a while, the drone will shut down and you can then recharge and reconfigure it. Once done, your drone should sync normally.

This is a pretty common and easy solution for RC vehicles. For example, you can use this technique to solve problems faced by the losi xxl 2

Charge Up the Controller Battery

Low or drained batteries on your controller can also disrupt the syncing process. In this case, you have to charge your controller batteries and try again. It should work now with a full battery. 

However, if the drone not responding to the controller then check the batteries. 

Here are some top quality batteries you can choose from:

Now use these batteries on your controller and charge it fully. It should be working now. In case you’re using battery packs, you can simply replace them with new ones. Then try syncing the devices and your problem will be solved.

Remove Electrical Interference

Sometimes other gadgets around can disrupt the frequency and cause issues with connectivity. Radio signals, high emf might cause the interference and hence sky rider drone won’t sync.

Actually, this is one of the top mistakes that people make while flying drones. So, don’t feel down about it. 

Here’s the thing-

In this case, you need to locate the interference and turn it off. Otherwise, you need to go to a place in your house with less interference to sync your devices. 

You’ll also need to check every module of your drone. Examine for loose connections as this might create a radio jamming area around the drone. This can lead to synchronization and control issues.

Hence take off and put your receiver chip and battery back on. Then check for faulty wiring and replace if too damaged. Otherwise, simply solder it. 

Re-Install App if You are Using Phone

At this point, you’ve checked your batteries, wiring, and many other parts. But you’re still unable to connect the drone with your phone. So you’re wondering, why is my drone not connecting to my phone?

This might be because of the glitches and bugs in your propel drone app. Hence you have to uninstall the app and clear all the catches. After that reinstall, the app and you should no longer face connectivity issues. 

After reinstalling, pair your device and give it a ride. 

Try to Re-Calibrate Your Drone

Another thing you can try is re-calibrating your drone. Sometimes the calibration can go off and disconnect it from your controller. This loss of connectivity can solve your syncing problems.  For these situations, you should recalibrate your drone. 

So, how do I calibrate my drone? 

To calibrate your drone you should turn on the remote controller and your drone. Wait for the light to flicker. Take your controller and turn the left control stick down and up. You’ll hear a beep sound and the light will stop blinking. Finally, take the right control stick, push it to the bottom right. The LED lights will blink for 2 seconds and stabilize. 

That’s basically how you calibrate your drone. You can now sync your drone with the controller easily. 

Reset Drone Trim

Now if you have exhausted all your options and nothing works, you can try this. Sometimes the level of your drone might be off due to calibration flaws. Hence you need to fix this. 

Well, how do I reset my drone trim?

You can reset your trims using the control buttons on each side of the control stick. Let the drone fly and hover at your eye level. Monitor the leveling process through the display on your controller. Use the trim buttons to adjust. Then wait for the dot to reach the middle of the calibration circle in the display. With this, your trim resetting is complete.

How to Properly Sync Your Drone with the Controller?

Now if you’re new to this stuff, you might ask how do I sync my drone propel?

You can sync your drone following these steps.

  • Power your controller and your drone
  • Set the drone on a flat surface. At this point, the lights will start to flicker on both devices. 
  • Push the left control stick on the controller all the way up and down till it stops. 
  • Wait for it to beep and the lights will stop blinking, indicating it’s synced. 

That’s basically how you can synchronize your propel drone. 

Is Your Drone Not Connecting After a Crash or Recent Repair?

There’s one more thing you need to check. That is if you’ve recently crashed or hit your drone on a tree or something. This is because such accidents can cause hardware or module problems. 

Moreover, if you’ve recently repaired your drone and the problem started from then on. This might also indicate a hardware problem. 

To fix this issue, you might need to take a trip to a mechanic. This is because the repair usually involves working with sensitive chips. Hence it’s better to leave it to a professional.

Well, these are basically how you can fix your propel drone not syncing problem. 


Why my drone doesn’t turn on for the first use?

This can happen due to the batteries of the drone aren’t charged. You should charge your batteries first and then try to turn on your drone. If it doesn’t turn on, then take assistance from a professional.

How do I fix my drone propeller not spinning?

Check the propellers for any visible damages or debris. Clean it with a brush if there’s any. Then check the rotary motors for any defects. If there’s any problem with them, replace the faulty part with a new one.

How much RPM does my drone need to fly?

The typical rotation speed for a propeller of a drone would be from 4000-6000 rpm. While in flight, it stays at 5000 rpm for stable movement and control.


That’s almost everything about what to do when propel drone won’t sync. If you have any further questions or problems, better to seek professional help.

But before you go, here’s a bonus tip for you. If you find your drone with damaged wirings, you have to replace those. Otherwise, this might cause a short circuit.

Have a great day!