Spektrum Dx4s Problems: 5 Problems and Troubleshooting

With every new release, Spektrum radios keep revolutionizing the RC world with consistent innovation.

And as expected, the launch of the Dx4s has stormed the RC community yet again. However, much to everyone’s dismay, this edition of radio still has some major problems.

How to troubleshoot Spektrum DX4S problems?

For connection issues, keep the transmitter and DX4S away from metal objects. Bind the DX4S with the correct model memory and rebind it with the transmitter. You can also replace dead batteries and repair corrupted wiring between the battery and receiver. Simply rebinding the transmitter can work.

Getting nowhere with such little information? How about investing a few minutes to learn about more detailed troubleshooting?

We’ve taken matters into our own hands and prepared this elaborated troubleshoot guide. Look what we got to offer!

5 Common Spektrum DX4S Problems and Troubleshooting

The DX4S has introduced some obvious improvements over the previous entries of the DX series. Having the extra 4th channels makes it a really versatile radio. It also got rid of the folding antenna as well.

Apart from all the new inclusions, the DX4S covers all the basic Spektrum radio features.

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Unfortunately, despite all advancements, Spektrum still failed to fix some common issues with DX4S. Even the issues with Spektrum DX9 have been minor compared to the DX4S. So it’s really disappointing to see some common problems still persisting in this edition.

With that in mind, we decided to help you with our own DX4S troubleshoot guide. What’s interesting is that there’s not much difference between DX4S and DX4C. The DX4S has telemetry, which the DX4C doesn’t have.

So you can basically use this guide to troubleshoot Spektrum DX4C too!

Here are all the possible Spektrum DX4S problems along with their solutions. Take a look.

Problem 1: Connection Issue

Spektrum DX4S underwent some changes with the signal transmission with the omission of foldable antennas. Instead, the antenna is replaced with an integrated antenna, providing more range.

And yet, after all the enhancements, you might find it difficult to connect the system. 

You might be wondering:

Why is my Spectrum DS4X not binding?

Well, this issue can be attributed to several reasons.

Firstly, placing the transmitter and receiver too near to each other can make transmission difficult. Being too close to each other interrupts the signal transmission.

Any large metal objects nearby can obstruct the transmission signal between the transmitter and receiver. Or maybe the Spektrum DS4X model is not bound with the transmitter at all. Not being bound means that no connection is established.

Another thing that can keep you from connecting can be your transmitter. If you’ve accidentally set your transmitter in bind mode, the receiver won’t bind anymore.


You should set the transmitter at least 2.5-3.5m away from the receiver. That way, your receiver will be able to catch the transmission signal properly. 

Make sure to keep any metal object away from the transmitter and receiver. Also, be careful about selecting the correct model memory before binding. Be sure to establish connections with Spektrum DX4S compatible receivers.

If the receiver is not bound properly, try rebinding again. That should fix the spektrum receiver binding problems.

Problem 2: Automatically Triggering Failsafe Mode

Before jumping on to the issue, let’s clarify something:

What does failsafe mean?

The failsafe mode is an internal mechanism that automatically triggers itself to avoid malfunctioning. Similarly, the failsafe mode automatically reverts the receiver into safe settings.

No doubt, it’s a really handy feature to have in an RC radio system. However, the feature can get bothersome real fast if it happens more frequently. 

You might find out that your DX4S receiver gets into failsafe mode quite often. In fact, it actually happens when the receiver gets a little away from the transmitter.

When that happens, there’s usually something wrong with the antenna.


Check if the antenna is in the antenna tube. If not, the receiver will consider it as malfunctioning in the system. It’ll activate the failsafe mode as an automatic response, as a result. 

Reposition the antenna inside the antenna tube and position it above the RC. If the problem still persists, replacing the antenna might help.

Problem 3: Abrupt Disconnection

You can blame two things for this certain problem-

  • Very low battery voltage
  • A damaged connection between the receiver and the battery.

Either way, your receiver will stop responding to the transmission in the middle of an operation. Spektrum DX4S might struggle operating when running low on batteries. The same can be true when the connection between the receiver and battery is corrupted.

Avoid taking off the batteries when the DX4S is powered on. Doing so can damage the battery terminal.


Just recharge the batteries completely before operating to avoid such issues. If the batteries are draining too quickly, perhaps it’s time to replace them.

The DX4S uses Li-Po batteries, which provide exceptional performance for RC vehicles. 

Struggling to choose the right Spektrum DX4S Li-Po battery? Try our recommended picks-

Hope this helps!

The manufacturer advises not to let the battery voltage drop below 6.4V. Letting that happen can significantly decrease the lifetime of the battery. So try to avoid your batteries from reaching such low voltage.

Similarly, don’t try to overcharge batteries as it’s hard to fix overvoltage batteries.

Still having issues with connection?

Maybe you have to take a look inside the receiver. Perform a thorough checking of the wires and connectors between the receiver and the battery. Repair any damaged wire/connectors.

For wires that are beyond repair, you’ve to replace them with new ones. Be sure to turn off the DX4S before committing to the operation.

Problem 4: Receiver Loses Bind

Oftentimes, you might end up accidentally setting up the transmitter in bind mode. Due to this, the receiver will lose its bind with the transmitter, severing the connection.


Fixing the issue is actually quite easy. All you have to do is just troubleshoot the transmitter and receiver by binding them. That’s pretty much it!

Problem 5: Delayed Linking

Many of you might have noticed a delay while linking the receiver with the transmitter. If that’s the case, you’re probably trying to operate on a marine model.

Source: shpock.com

Thanks to DX4S’s DSMR technology, you can link it with almost all available vehicles. And that also includes marine receivers alongside DSM and DSM2. But unlike the other modes, marine mode takes longer to link with the transmitter. 


On such occasions, the best you can do is wait. 

There’s not really any fix for this problem. Your DX4S will take its time linking with the transmitter. So you better hold your patience and let the receiver work at its own pace.

And that wraps up all the DX4S problems along with their troubleshooting. If you’re looking for more insight on this topic, try reading the Spektrum DX4S manual.

Don’t shy away from contacting Spektrum for further troubleshooting tips if you need them. If the DX4S displays any problems beyond your capability, contact their product support team.


Is Spektrum DX4S better than DX5C?

Compared to the DX5C, the DX4S feels more comfortable to operate with. This is mostly due to the DX4S being more simplistic. However, if you want more channels to use, DX5C is the better option for you.

Is Spektrum DX4S compatible with DSM?

Yes! Not only that, but DX4S is also compatible with DSMR, DSM2, and marine receivers as well! This offers you a lot of spectrum modulations to choose from.

Is Spektrum’s DSM2 technology superior to DSM?

Yes, the DSM2 is the 2nd generation of DSM technology of spectrum. The DSM2 uses the same DSSS wideband every other Spektrum technology is based upon. It provides a much more efficient and faster response compared to the DSM.

The Bottom Line

That should take care of all the Spektrum DX4S problems. 

Most of the problems that surface with Spektrum radios are mostly due to technical reasons. Small tweaks here and there can resolve most of the problems. 

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Good luck!