What Goggles Work with Mavic Air 2: 3 Favorite Picks!

DJI Mavic Air 2 is an extraordinary drone to own. If you are one of those proud owners, then kudos to you. The flying experience with this drone is truly unbelievable. But it can get better.

How? With adding VR goggles to your drone system. Now, you might be thinking-

What goggles work with Mavic Air 2?

Mavic Air 2 supports some top-quality VR goggles and headsets. For example, DJI goggles and DJI goggle Racing Edition are fully compatible with air 2. Other than those two official goggles, there are third-party options as well. However, it requires other accessories that will increase the cost.

But these are only the goggles options. Don’t you think there’s a lot more to know?

If you are eager to learn more about them, don’t stop here. Read through and know the tiniest of detail. So, let’s start!

3 Best VR Goggles to Choose from!

There is no shortage of VR goggles in the market. But not all can go with the Mavic air 2 fpv. Very few goggles are compatible with this incredible drone.

Here, you’ll find 3 of the best selections in the market. They have their unique features and some drawbacks. 

For your ease we’ve compiled all of them. Check these out:

So, try to keep up because here goes nothing!

Option 1: DJI Goggles

This product is the base variant of DJI FPV Goggles. It is a premium-quality VR headset with a soft headband to offer an immersive feeling.

The goggles have an 85-degree Full HD+ screen. While the headset is quite heavy with 495g weight, the headband provides a soft cushion. So, you won’t have any issue wearing the device.

The best thing about these goggles is the minimal latency. With the DJI goggles compatibility with Mavic Air 2, you won’t notice that much video lag. That way, flying your drone will feel as instantaneous as it gets.

Now, let’s come to the battery. You might think it won’t have a large battery because of the VR tech. Well, guess what? It offers a hefty 9440 mAh capacity which can last up to 6 hours! Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to finish the juice in a single session.

However, it does have some minor drawbacks. The goggles don’t offer any IP rating or heat resistance. So, try to avoid water or any hot area while flying.

Now that you know the features, you might wonder about the pairing process. Don’t worry about that because you’ll find it soon enough.

Pairing Process

Before pairing, check whether there are any problems with your Mavic Air 2. If there is no issue, continue with the pairing process.

First, download the latest firmware of the app if you don’t have it. Insert the micro-USB cable into your goggles.

Now, pair your goggles with your Mavic Air controller. If you don’t see any connection yet, it’s possible your phone or tablet is connected. Disable that connection and try again.

After that, you’ll see the goggles are ready for flight. You can now use the goggles to control your Air 2 as much as you want. 

One last thing. It’s very easy to get lost in the immersive experience. So, make sure to keep yourself safe from any collision or injury from the drone.

Option 2: DJI Goggles Racing Edition

As the name suggests, this bad boy is made with racing enthusiasts in mind. While the base DJI goggles are already pretty good, DJI goggles RE takes it up a notch.

Before talking about the differentiators, let’s go through the common elements of these two. Both have similar weight and build. Also, they offer similar screen sizes. However, the game changes when it comes to transmission and battery.

Source: bhphotovideo.com

The racing edition has additional 5.8GHz band support that ensures more safety while flying. Also, you get a bigger 9440 mAh battery and an extra micro-SD card slot. 

The only drawback of this device is the price. As you probably have guessed, this costs more than the original goggles. So, think about all the factors before making a decision.

Now that you are clear about its features, it’s time to pair your devices!

Pairing Process

As it’s an official DJI product, it does not require any tough instructions for pairing. But that does not mean it will connect on its own.

First, check if your phone or tablet is compatible with the DJI app. Because there might be a compatibility issue with your mobile device.

When you’re done with the check, update the app’s firmware. It’s better to install the latest version to get better transmission and connectivity. 

If you want to use your PC, then get the DJI Assistant app and do the same. 

After that, switch on your goggles and connect Mavic air 2 to DJI goggles. Use the linking button for precise connection. It may take a few seconds to sync.

Finally, put on your goggles to check if the pairing is complete. Now what? Well, go out there and have some fun with your drone!

Option 3: VeeR Falcon Headset

While this is not an official DJI product, it is still usable with some hacks. 

This VR headset can connect with your Android or iOS phone seamlessly with Bluetooth connectivity. It is also lighter than the other two DJI goggles with 430g of weight. The FoV is also great with a wide 90-degree view.

However, it does not offer a solid build quality which is a bummer. So, you will get a premium feel when you put on the headset.

Source: dontwasteyourmoney.com

Because of the build quality, it undercuts the others by a large margin in price. This headset is the cheapest of these 3 goggles.

Now, let’s get into the pairing process.

Pairing Process

As mentioned before, the third-party VR sets require additional accessories. So, you’ll need a USB cable and Litchi app.

First, you’ll need to install the app and go through the homepage. Then, use the USB cable to connect your headset to the controller.

After that, you’ll have to connect your headset with your phone via Litchi app. Once the devices are connected, you can enjoy all the VR features on the goggles.

While this hack can allow you to enjoy VR responses, it’s not exactly the same. So, it’s better to pick the other two.

So, which one do you prefer the most?


Is Mavic Air 2 Worth it?

Mavic Air 2 has one of the best prices for its amazing features. Its superwide 48MP camera, slim & portable design makes it a worthy successor. Not only that, but it also provides a buttery smooth gimbal with a top-class battery. So, it’s easy to recommend who wants a premium drone at an affordable price.

Do DJI Goggles Work With Every Drone?

No, these badass goggles do not support every drone or quadcopter out there. As it is a DJI product, it only supports a range of the manufacturer’s drones. Spark, Mavic 2 series, Phantom 4 Series, and Inspire 2 are compatible with the fpv goggles. Apart from those, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro series, Mavic Pro series is supported with the device.

Is DJI Google Pairing Process Hard?

No, the pairing process is not that hard once you know the instructions. If you have the DJI Fly app installed and running, it’s just a matter of seconds. All you need is the USB cable to connect your VR goggles with your remote receiver. After that, the devices will automatically pair.


This concludes the discussion of what goggles work with mavic air 2. This guide will surely help you to decide wisely. 

One last suggestion. Try to avoid crowds while wearing VR goggles.

Good luck with your flying sessions!